Watching Our WORST Videos (what were we thinking?)

Watching Our WORST Videos (what were we thinking?)

100 thoughts on “Watching Our WORST Videos (what were we thinking?)”

  1. Wow I've been watching these videos since the inception of Seriously Super Stupid Sleepover and Put It In My Mouth. Where has my life gone?

  2. Somehow I'm just now realizing that Noah and Keith aren't in all the new Smosh videos 😣 What happened?? I miss them!

  3. props to courtney for being the only correct person in the pie eating challeng and actually eating the pie, not wasting it like everyone else. On Thanksgiving, throwing food around , while people starve..

  4. The burp thing was the first Smosh video I had seen in about 5 years. I continued to ignore them until reading Courtney’s diary.

  5. I haven't watched a vid with Keith in for a while for some reason (100% accidentally) and his hair is amazing now!

  6. I miss old Smosh maybe you should get old Ian and Anthony videos people forgot about and say Anthony came back maybe Smosh wouldn’t be dead

  7. I feel seen!! I didn't know there were other people that couldn't burp. It took me years before I could and it wasn't like I even tried for it.. it was just all of a sudden my body decided to allow it lmaoo

  8. I miss you guys all in one room together playing games. (Shayne, kieth, noah, olivia, courtney) I'd love see some new content doing that again 👍🏻💕 Like even a named show on your channel like the 'bored games' or 'put it in my mouth' 🙂

  9. I feel like the thanksgiving episode of put it in my mouth was an accurate representation of how the first thanksgiving went.

  10. one of my favorite moments will forever be when shayne and noah we’re making fun of keith for wanting to name his kids with “K” names

  11. The fact that the editor even noticed the similarity between Keith's Thanksgiving tumble and Franklin's from Charlie Brown Thanksgiving is remarkable. That deserves an award.

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