Water Bottle Flip 3 | Dude Perfect

Water Bottle Flip 3 | Dude Perfect

Some people have said water
bottle flips are dead. At the same time,
it’s very difficult to ignore a quarter of a billion
views on Water Bottle Flip Two. So welcome to
Water Bottle Three. Let’s go! Here we go! Dude Perfect. I got two bottles, two beams. This is the double flip. Let’s go! Woo! Woo! Let’s go! Let’s go! Cool guys don’t look back at
explosions or bottle flips. Let’s go, baby! Let’s go, baby! Boom! Let’s get slinky with it. Bang! What’s up, guys? Time for a moving shot. This is the on-the-move
bottle flip. What do we do to finish
up every trick shot? We do another trick shot. That’s right. Oh! Oh! What’s up, guys? Ty, the giveaway guy. What you’re currently watching
is a moderately impressive, no-look pour of our brand
new sports nutrition product, TruLabs. Got an incredible giveaway
for you guys today. We call it the
platinum prize pack. All you gotta do, text ENERGY to
our Dude Perfect phone number. And you can win a Dude
Perfect signed basketball plus some energy, some
rehydrate, some sleep, and protein. Everything you need
to nearly guarantee yourself to become a
professional athlete. Don’t promise the pro part. [LAUGHS] OK. We got the two-story
bottle flip bouncer. Here we go. Yes! Woo! Yeah! Let’s go! We’re giving 10 prize
packs away, so text quick. I’m just kidding. You don’t really
have to, but you don’t want to miss the boat. The boat will leave
at some point. If you’re watching this in
2024, it’s probably too late. The ship’s left. It’ll be sooner than that,
but no one knows when. Like a thief in the night,
that’s when we’ll give it away. Check it out. I just put the smallest cup
I could find on a bottle. This is the tiny
cup bottle flip. It’s a little bright in here. So we want to do a
water bottle flip. And we’ve done one
up on that railing. Yeah! But we haven’t done
one on that railing. That is twice as high. Guys had some crazy ideas, but
this one might top the list. Hey, Tim. Tell them what shot this is. This is the super
high skinny rail flip. Let’s go! Let’s go! Yeah! Thanks for watching, guys. Big DP announcement
coming in hot. Click here to check out our
brand new sports nutrition company TruLabs. Cannot wait for you guys
to try out these products. They will help you perform,
recover, and sleep. Use the code DUDE15 on your
first order for 15% off. Can’t wait to hear
what you guys think. Click the link in the bio
for tour tickets for 2020. Can’t wait to see
guys out on the road. And, as always, make
sure you subscribe. Signing off for now. Pound it. Noggin. See ya.

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