We Challenged Kids to Stay Completely Still | Don’t You Dare | HiHo Kids

We Challenged Kids to Stay Completely Still | Don’t You Dare | HiHo Kids

– Whoa. – You are not having fun. You are not having fun, correct? – I’m having so much fun. (quick beat music) – [Audrey] Hey, I’m here, I’m here. – [Man] Hi, you guys. – [All] Hi. – [Man] Do you know why you’re here? – ‘Cause we’re doing a game. – Yeah?
– A gameshow. – [Man] We’re gonna have
things to distract you and if you don’t move
for the next five rounds, you win a hoverboard. (screaming) – I need it. – [Man] This is the hoverboard. – Can you teach me? (giggling) – [Man] And just so you guys know, we have your parents
watching from the other room. – Audrey’s taking this really seriously. She’s like started
playing already, she like. – [Man] Are you guys
ready for the first round? – Let me shake it all out. (bell dings) – [Man] Okay, don’t move. (classical music) Don’t move, nobody move. (laughing)
– Oh my gosh. – Right next to them. – [Man] Nobody move, whoa. – My armpits are itching, can I itch them? – [Man] Cavalli, and. (bell dings) All right, the rounds over. You guys can move.
(beeping) – Man, I really wanted to move so I could play with that. (squeals) I’m a ballerina. – [Man] Everybody remember,
you’re gonna stay still. – This is the funnest game in the world. (bell dings) – [Man] The round has now started, guys. (classical music) – Can we go in the bouncy house? – [Man] If you want to lose the round, you can play in the bouncy house. – No, after the film. – [Man] Nope, this is
your only opportunity. Does anybody want to
bounce in the bouncy house? – Me. – [Man] If you want to play in
the bouncy house, you got it. – Okay (giggles). (laughing) – She’s tempting me. – You are not having fun. You are not having fun, correct? – I’m having so much fun. (laughing) You could have fun. – [Man] Does anybody else want to join her and lose the round?
– Me. – [Man] You do? – But I really want the hoverboard. (bell dings) – [Man] All right, we gonna
turn off the bouncy castle. We’re taking it to the dump.
– No. – [Man] You guys can move,
that was the end of the round. – Just so you know, you
lost the hoverboard. – [Girl] I don’t really want a hoverboard. I’m scared anyway. (screaming) – Ow, ow. – Let’s bring out–
– Uh-oh. – [Man] Our next distraction. Nobody move, we’re watching you guys. Any move, don’t move, don’t move. (bell dings)
Ready, it’s started. – [Man And Girl] Oh. (giggling) – Cavalli is gonna freak out. – He doesn’t like dogs?
– Mm-mm. – Oh, hey puppies. Can you actually put them on my lap because that’s– – Sorry, it’s just too much fun. – Here ya puppy, here ya puppy. – I can’t put anything on anybody’s lap. They’re playing with me. – [Man] Anybody wanna
play with the puppies? – Okay, I do. (laughing) – [Girl] You don’t hold her. – No, leave me alone.
(squealing) (laughing)
– Oh my god. – I’ll just sit right here with Baby Blue. Baby Blueberry. – And she still didn’t move. – Baby Blue comes.
(bell dings) – [Man] Okay, you guys, you
guys, the round is over. – High five.
– Yeah. – We might both get the hoverboard. – If we’re patient. (barking) (grunts)
– My god. It’s really disappointing
that you two lost. (bell dings) – [Man] The round has started, don’t move. (classical music) – [Man] All right. – Geronimo. (giggling) – [Man] You guys, what is that? – It’s a pool of candy. – Yummy, yummy candy. – [Man] How are you
guys feeling right now? – Not tempted. Candy is one of my least favorite things. – Candy, candy, candy, candy’s mine. – Really, you guys are
all just making a mess. – Hey, no, I love it. (bell dings) – [Man] The round is over. Audrey and Austin are still in. You guys, guess what, we
only have one more round. (clacking music) (screams)
– Lookit, no candy. – We’re gonna rock it. Unless it’s super tempting. (squeals) – [Man] Okay guys, final round. Audrey, Austin, how you guys doing? – [Both] Good. – [Man] We haven’t started yet. – Okay.
(gasps) – Oh my God. – [Man] Has this been easy? – Will you actually
give us the hoverboard? – [Man] You’re gonna win
a hoverboard at the end. – Are we gonna actually get it? – [Man] Yeah. Let’s begin the round.
(bell dings) Don’t move. Here we go. Go ahead. (screaming) – [Cavalli] Ice cream. – Oh no, Austin’s weakness.
(laughing) (classical music) – Can I have this one? – I want Sour Power. – [Woman] How you guys doing? – Good, I don’t like ice cream. – I love it. – Yes. – [Man] Are you guys
sure you don’t wanna move and come and get ice cream? – I’m sure. I’ll go to enough birthday parties. – Thank you.
– You’re welcome. – Oh no, they have watermelon. – Sour Power.
– I got yummy cookie cream. – Austin, don’t move. – I’m gonna become sick. – I want the bubblegum. – [Woman] Austin, what’s going
through your head right now? – And they lost.
– Yeah, who cares, I can’t even ride it. (laughing) – Austin. – Watermelon and straw,
watermelon and Spongebob. – [Man] Oh boy. – I want this one, this one, this one. – Want one?
– No, I want watermelon. – [Austin] Spongebob. – [Girl] This one, this one, this one. (bell dings) – [Man] Audrey, the round
is over, you won, Audrey. – Yay. – [Man] Yay. Should Audrey get ice cream? – Yes. I don’t even know how to go on a hoverboard, so it’s fine. – [Man] Audrey, you won. – Winner, winner, chicken
dinner, in your face. – Whoo hoo girlfriend,
you got you a hoverboard. – [Man] Audrey? – Yeah? – [Man] Well? – Well, I won. – [Man] All right, you won a hoverboard. – Whee, how will I learn to ride it? – [Man] Well, you’re gonna have to learn. (whines)
(laughing) Are you regretting winning? – Kind of. – I’ll ride it, I’ll
ride it, I’ll ride it. – No. (screaming) (bells chiming music) – I’m in heaven. (giggling)

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  1. audrey looks like that one girl in your school who's a perfectionist, genius and not a rule breaker. Like Harriet Bentley in Wild Child. I love her tho, she deserved the hoverboard LMAOOOO

  2. In an attempt to be diverse, you seem to have excluded a white boy? I'm all about equality, so let's actually be equal. Non of this fake garbage. Either represent everyone, or represent noone.

  3. ÜnîcørnAngêł ŸT

    I don’t really like Audrey’s attitude. Shes pretty sassy and she told austin “Don’t move” .-. Not hating 🙂

  4. Audrey likes Austin.
    In the beginning she wanted to sit next to him.
    Then she was so happy about him and her making it.
    Then she sat next to him.
    Also her face when he left.

    I don’t mean to tease I’m just saying my opinion

  5. Fun With James- Slime, Crafts, Fun!

    I’m not gonna get a dog
    I’m not sick
    I’m not gonna beg for anything,

    But could I maybe have a subscriber or even like a view on one of my vids? It would mean a lo

  6. everything wrong with MUKBANGS

    Audrey knew all the kids weaknesses from the start
    Audrey: I am going to win 5.3% chance calivanni might win and a 4.59 chance Austin might win calivanni is scared of dogs and Austin loves ice cream thowe other 2 girls are noobs they'll be out in a pinch of a second now the real challenge is if I can be sassy enough and resist from those

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