We Play The Spicy Gummy Challenge

We Play The Spicy Gummy Challenge

100 thoughts on “We Play The Spicy Gummy Challenge”

  1. Im very confused, link asked if chase and rhett were familiar with hot ones, and they said they've heard of it. I cant tell if they are being sarcastic or not because rhett and link have been on hot ones before, so idk.

  2. The hottest tabasco is the Tabasco Scorpion sauce. And it falls around 50 000 scoville units.
    The original Tabasco red sauce falls around 2 500 – 3 000 scoville units.

  3. tabasco is DEFINITELY the hottest of those 3 sauces. by taste and by the pepper. tabasco peppers are (while not that hot) the hottest of the 3 of how those sauces are made. wtf.

  4. I liked this 25 seconds in just because I'm so excited to see you guys supporting Music In Our Schools Month! I teach k-5 music in New Mexico . <3

  5. i like how everyone says sriracha wrong. it has an r right after the s but nobody pronounces it 😆.
    and yeah i said it wrong for years till i actually looked it up.

  6. I really enjoy how Rhett & Link are getting a little looser with what they say on the show. It makes their conversations much more genuine when they don't have to trip up over accidentally saying something innapropriate

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