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(upbeat rock music) Hello and welcome to Game the Game. I’m your host Becca Scott and today we are playing Western Legends. Before I introduce you to my guests, let me show you how to play. We’re pannin’ for gold, arresting criminals and robbin’ folks. That’s right, it’s Western Legends from Colossal Games. (upbeat music) This sandbox western adventure pits two to six players against one another in a competition to collect Legendary points, aimin’ to become the most notorious varmint ’round these here parts. Legendary points can be earned by exchanging cash and gold, advancing your reputation as a Marshal or a Wanted criminal, or just by drinkin’ and partyin’. Setup begins with the game board placed center and the General Store stand nearby. Fill the General Store stand with the item cards, which the players can purchase during the game. Place the money cards on the board, then separately shuffle and place the fight cards, poker cards and story cards. The story cards should be placed in two approximately even decks, both face down. Each player chooses a color, taking the matching story discs, scoring cubes, and player board. Next, they select their character by drawing two character cards, choosing one to keep and discarding the other to the box. Each card contains an infamous figure from the Old West, along with a unique legendary ability granted to them after they have five or more Legendary points. I wanna play Bloody, Bloody Rifle, Knife, what’s his name, that’s not it. Bloody Knife, his name is Bloody Knife. On the back of each card is a short bio of the character and the starting location of the character mini, which they can now place. The bottom of the back of the card also contains the character’s starting poker cards, which they draw from the poker deck to form their hand. Starting equipment, in the form of item cards, that go on their player board, which also has spaces for weapons, items, mounts, and a track for wounds. Each player places a wound token on the zero space of their board to start. Finally, some characters have either a Wanted or a Marshal rating, which they should mark on the respective track with a scoring cube. We’ll get into the details of these tracks shortly. The player with the highest Wanted rating takes the first player token and will have it for the entirety of the game. Next, populate the board with tokens and characters. Add the cattle tokens to their respective ranges by color with their rewards side face down. Place the prospecting dice and supply of gold nuggets on the bottom right near the poker cards. Add the sheriff to his office and place one bandit mini on each bandit hideout location that does not already contain a player mini. Lastly, each player puts their story discs near the story cards and their scoring cube on the zero space of the track. Depending on your intended game length, set the end of game marker on the desired space. 15 for a short game, 20 for average, or 25 if you’re ambitious. Now, once a player reaches the marker, the end of game is triggered. Game play is divided into turns, each of which is comprised of three phases: start of turn, action phase, and end of turn. During the start of turn, the active player chooses a weapon and a mount for the turn, as well as one benefit. Gain $20, draw two poker cards or gain $10 and draw one poker card. The choices are limitless, except they’re limited to those three options, know what I mean? Next, in the action phase, the active player may take three actions. The multitude of actions players take provide various penalties and rewards throughout the game. Beyond the coveted Legendary points, players may also earn Marshal points and Wanted points. Marshal points go to the players who try and keep the peace. Earning Marshal points can occur by arresting a Wanted player, wrangling cattle, to feeding bandits and more. And Wanted points go to the ruthless, unlawful dirty dogs that commit crimes, like bank robbin’, player robbin’, cattle rustlin’, and more. Players can only earn one type of points at a time. Wanted players cannot gain Marshal points, but Marshals can choose to forfeit their Marshal points and turn to a life of crime at any time. As players earn points, they move their score cube along the respective track, gaining rewards as they progress. Wanted points provide Legendary points at the end of each turn, depending on the row the player’s in. And Marshal points provide points only at the end of the game but have more immediate rewards on the track. Actions include: move, a player can move their character up to their maximum movement with a single move action. Players without a mount have a movement of two and players with a mount may move the mount’s movement value. Any of the spaces in the game can be traversed except the red lined mesas in the middle. The thicker black lines denote the borders of the two towns, Dark Rock and Red Falls. There’s a feud goin’ on between ’em. Not really, that’s my flavor text. Use an action card: poker cards, items, and some character abilities contain action options unique to that card. Items and character cards are simply declared and carried out. The same applies to poker cards but these are discarded after. Location actions allow a player to access various abilities in the game, provided they are in that space. Or, in the case of the General Store and Saloon, in one of the neighboring spaces. We’ve got the General Store, where players can spend their cash to buy weapons, mounts, and item cards, some with actions, others with passive benefits. The Saloon, where players can pay $10 to ante into a poker game with the other players in town. If no one is in town, or if they don’t wish to play, the person to the right of the active player takes on the role of the house, and plays the best five card hand after a communal three card flop is dealt. The Saloon also adds $50 to sweeten the pot. The Mine, where players can roll the prospectin’ dice to potentially gain gold nuggets or cash. The Bank, where players can trade their gold nuggets for cash and LP. The Doctor’s Office, where a player can heal their wounds for $10. The Cabaret, where players can party their way to Legendary Status and gain one LP for each $30 they spend. And the Ranch spaces, where players can acquire a cattle token. Marshal or neutral players may wrangle the cattle at a railroad space, earning a Marshal Point and the reward on the back of the cattle token. Players can rustle the cattle by delivering it to the opposing Ranch, earning a Wanted point and the reward on the back of the token. Additionally, at any location, a player can spend an action to work, earning a flat $10. But who wants to work when you can rustle and wrangle, y’know? Fight allows the active player to fight another player. Fights are broken into four simple steps: declaration, reveal, reaction, and reward. The one D and three Rs, as they say. In declaration, the active player declares who they are targeting and what type of fight. Arrest, for a Marshal-based character to apprehend a Wanted character. Duel, for any player to earn two Legendary points by defeating the other player. Rob, for any character to steal from another player. Once declared, the active character then chooses a poker card from their hand and places it face down on the table. The targeted player now chooses to fight or decline. If they decline, the active player automatically wins and play skips to the reward phase. If they fight, they also play one poker card from their hand, face down. In reveal, both players flip their cards and resolve any Bonus effects from other cards. In reaction, players may now use Reaction abilities on poker cards in their hand, which may modify the effect of the played cards. Starting with the active player, each combatant alternates playing Reactions until both decline to play. In reward, the player with the higher total value after all modifiers wins the battle. The active player wins all ties. The loser gains a wound, moving their wound token one space and decreasing their hand limit. Then they get to draw one poker card. If the active player wins, they gain a reward based on the fight type. An Arrest places the Wanted player in the Sheriff’s Office, losing all their Wanted points, cattle, and half their cash and gold, rounded up. The arresting player then gains a Marshal Point. A Duel provides the active player with two Legendary points. Rob gives the active player a Wanted Point and they may steal either half the victim’s gold or cash, along with a cattle token, if they have one. After the fight, the poker cards are discarded. A player can only fight the same player once each turn. And that’s the actions. In the end of turn phase, players first resolve story cards. As players explore, adventure, and party, they may accomplish the objectives listed on the story cards. If they do, they can place a story disc on the empty spaces on the back of the card. Once the requisite spaces are filled, depending on the number of players in the game, the story card is completed and the triggering player reads the text on the back, which usually provides a benefit to the participating players and spawns more bandits on the board. Additionally, some story cards allow the triggering player to move the Sheriff. After story cards are resolved, the active player discards down to their maximum hand size. Five, minus one card per wound they have. If they are Wanted, they now gain points based on their row. The turn passes clockwise. Let’s talk NPCs: the Sheriff, bandit, and Bank Guard. If a player is in the same space as the Sheriff, and they’re wanted, or in the same space as a bandit, or if they try to stick up the Bank, they have to fight the NPC. The player to the right of the active player draws fight cards depending on the NPC type. Two for a bandit, three for a Bank Guard, and four for the Sheriff. Just like player fights, both sides put down one card, reveal, and the active player may react to modify the fight before the outcome is calculated. Once the end of game is triggered by a player reaching the marker on the score track, each player, including the trigger woman, finishes the round so everyone has had an equal amount of turns. Then, starting with the first player, everyone gets one more turn before the final scores are calculated. In addition to their points on the track, players gain LP for upgraded mounts or weapons. One LP for every $60 in their l’il satchel, three LP for the most Wanted player, endgame points for the Marshal track, and minus one LP for each wound. ‘Cause you’re bleeding as you take your prize. Add up all them points and the highest score is the winner. And that’s the base game of Western Legends. I’m Becca Scott and hoo, this game’s a doozy. You can watch me and my friends play this game, and other doozies of games, on Game the Game, right here on Geek and Sundry, we’ll see ya there. (upbeat music) Welcome back! Let me introduce my beautiful guests to you. We’ve got Gina DeVivo. Hello! I’m here to have fun. Gina is a host on Geek and Sundry, you can find her on Callisto 6 and Weave Society. Yes, with you.
With me! Sittin’ right next to me, we have Mica Burton. Hi, that’s me!
Yes, glad you’re here. Thank you, I’m happy to be here. You are an esports host and a cosplayer. I am, I am.
And lemme introduce our last beautiful, wonderful, last but not least guest, Jordan Pridgen!
Hi everybody! I’m Jordan Pridgen.
And Jordan is a role player —
Yup, and a — And a sketch comedian, for a second, role player didn’t sound right, I was like RPG player, a role playing game player? Sure, RPGist?
A TRPGGer. RPG entertainer.
What was the T? Tabletop.
This is Western Legends and if you are learning this game at home, you already know how to set it up, little bit about game play. You guys know ’cause we played a practice beginnings of some rounds. Um, and I would like us all to introduce our characters. Jordan, you can go first ’cause you got introduced last. Alright, the character I’m playing today is Calamity Jane, who has the special ability at five Legend points where your hand size is increased by one and after you contribute to a story card, draw one poker card. We don’t care about all that, I want you to dramatically read your flavor text. Martha Jane Canary, better known as “Calamity Jane,” was an American frontierswoman and scout. She claimed to have earned this nickname during one of many purported fights against Native Americans. Her penchant for dressing in men’s clothin’ defied all contemporary expectations of what women were at the time. After the death of her acquaintance Wild Bill Hickok, she became a storyteller for Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show. Mica.
Yes. Who ya’ playin’?
I’m playing as Billy the Kid and you said dramatically, so I want the lights to dim. (gasps)
Billy the Kid. I don’t know if we can do that in post. We can’t do that, no we can’t, then I want, uh — Ooh, sepia.
Yeah, I want sepia tone and I want that like weird, scratchy film thing going over and uh Billy the Kid was one of the greatest outlaws in the American Wild West. His first arrest took place when he was just 16. Two months later, he was caught stealing again, a sentence he escaped by way of fleeing just two days later. That’s, that’s impressive. After joining the Regulators, a notorious group of rustlers in the Arizona Territory, he took part in the Lincoln County War. This led to his capture and conviction of murder, wherein he escaped death once more. Even decades after his death, legends circulated that Billy was alive and well, with numerous men claiming to be the famous outlaw. So apparently, Billy the Kid is still alive and well with us, to this day. Actually, spoiler alert, I am Billy the Kid. (gasps)
What? I never would have guessed it. I know, I look good for my age, right? You look excellent.
Yeah. Alright well, hello, I am “Doc” Holliday. John Henry “Doc” Holliday was an American gambler, gunfighter, and dentist. Despite being diagnosed with consumption, the very illness that claimed his mother. Ugh, sad, right in my gut. He went west for the dry air and promise of adventure. Along the way, he befriended Wyatt Earp. He is best known for his role as the deputy marshal in the events leading up to and following the Gunfight at the O.K. Corral. I’m playin’ as Bass Reeves. Me, I’m just a sheriff, simple sheriff. Oh, Bass Reeves was the first African American deputy U.S. Marshal West of the Mississippi River. During his long career, he was credited with arresting more than 3,000 felons. Woo.
In his 32 years as a federal peace officer, Reeves brought in some of the most dangerous criminals of the time, including his own son? (gasping)
How could I? Oh no.
That’s sad. He is credited as one of the best lawmen in U.S. history. But he couldn’t bring in Billy the Kid, so how good is he really? (laughs)
Ooh. Maybe his son was Billy the Kid. (gasping)
We’re just really butchering history right now. (laughter)
Yeah. Yeah, there’s no doubt about this. Well I can’t wait because once I’ve got five Legendary Points, then my special ability triggers and at the start of my turn, I draw an extra poker card. Oh.
It’s pretty sweet. Neat.
I said we didn’t care about your ability, but we do care. Oh yeah.
Do you guys wanna throw out your abilities?
Oh yeah. Okay well, after I end a move action in a space with one or more players, a player of my choice in that space must give me $10 or one poker card. You just stick us up.
Yup. Nothing we can do about it. Also probably gonna insult your shoes or somethin’. No!
Yeah. What’s wrong with my shoes? I got great boots.
Too late. Do you like my mustache at least? Mmm, debatable.
Hey, I’ll take it. You’ll take debatable. I’ll take, I’ll take debatable ’cause that means you’re still thinkin’ about it. That’s true, there’s always a chance it could go up from here.
It’s true. Yeah, I’m all smiles, I’m all smiles because after I gain any number of wounds, I draw a poker card, and wounds do not reduce my hand size because I start in the hospital. I’ve already been shot and the game hasn’t even started. I think it’s ’bout time we start gamin’ this game, so Mica.
Yes. You start Wanted.
I do. And that means you are the first player. It does, so I’m gonna take $20 and start my turn. Brilliant.
And I’m going to move one space for my first action, I’m going to take this cow for my second action, I’m going to name her Bessie. And then I’m going to move.
Mooooove. Yup.
Two more spaces. That’s right.
And I, and my turn. Party’s over.
Do I gain an LP because — Oh my goodness.
I’m on the Wanted track. You are on the Wanted track, which means you are the first to get on the Legendary points track. Because bein’ bad pays —
It does! In this world.
Who wants to be good when you can be bad? Well me, I’m a Marshal and I’m startin’ my turn as a Marshal and that doesn’t get me anything at the end of my turn but I’m gonna come for you. I’m comin’ for you, I can’t allow this in my town. So, first things first, I’m gonna take two poker cards at the beginning of my turn, oh yes, oh yes. Alright, now here’s what’s up, I start next to the Sheriff and I’m gonna go one space and I’m gonna play some poker.
Alright. So anybody in the town could also play poker with me but there’s nobody in the town, so what happens — Sheriff can play poker with you. He could.
(laughs) I’m gonna play, pay my $10 ante, we’re gonna get $50 from the Bank to sweeten the pot, and then I will take one poker card, and then the player to my right is gonna play poker against me, and Mica, you said before that you are not good at poker. I suck at poker.
Alright, well that works out for me.
So, am I playing with my hand?
You set aside your own hand.
Oh, okay. You are just being the poker dealer. Gotcha.
And then our flop is a two, a nine, and an ace. Play your best five card hand by playing two of the cards in your hand. Got this, I got this, alright. Alright, ready?
Yes. Flip on three, one, two, three! I got a pair of fives and ace is a high card. I got a pair of nines.
And ace is a high card so you win.
Yeah, I win, oh my god! I suck at poker and I win!
Yeah. Yeah, yeah, so what happens now? Yeah, I lost $10, it goes all to the Bank. Okay.
But I get to draw a poker card and we discard — All that.
All of these cards. Yup, sad day for me.
These li’l NPCs over here were lookin’ over the cards. Yeah.
That sucks that — They’re waitin’ to swoop in. I was just a random NPC playing with you and I don’t get to keep the pot. So I’ve moved, I’ve played poker, and nothing went great for me, I’m just broke. So, uh, what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna move over to the Bank, get ready to party next turn. Alright, that’s all for me, Jordan, ’tis your turn ’cause I don’t get any end of turn points ’cause I’m not on the Wanted track, so do you want money or cards or a mix of both?
I think I will start out with money for this one. Alright, 20 bucks.
I will take 20 bucks. And, uh, since I’m already on the General Store one to start things out, I’m going to buy a ten-gallon hat, which is, after you win a game of poker, gain one Legend point, after you lose a gain of poker, gain $10.
Ooh. 20 bucks.
20 bucks! Alright.
So you get two actions, right?
Three. Oh, three, yeah, yeah, what am I saying? You get three actions.
But thank you for clarifying.
So I’m going to move over to the poker place.
One, two. One, two, so that’s my move.
Mmmm. Alright, are you gonna play some poker? Yeah, but —
It’s a $10 ante. I would also like to play poker, I am in this town. You sure can.
Okay. So you’ll put $10 in the ante. Okay, there ya go.
Alright, so you guys are just playing against each other, there’s no, uh, house.
Mmhm. You each get one card. Okay.
And then the flop is gonna be jack, three, eight. The cards that are out, it’s unlikely someone’s gonna have a straight or a flush, and by that I mean impossible. Sure.
Alright, three, two, one. Boom.
Bam! Alright, so I had a king and a ten, which is just king high.
Ooh, alright, and I have a cheat card that lets me play this at any value so I have jack pair with ace high. Alright, so yeah, twos are wild in this poker game. Mmhm.
Now you could’ve also done a pair of aces.
I could have. But who cares?
So, if you have no cards in your hand and you start gambling, you draw a card, can you play a four card hand? You sure can.
You’ll lose. You’re just at a little bit of a handicap. Probably, unless you have an ace and they have a pair of twos, would that still beat it? A pair of twos, in this game, twos are wild. Oh, a pair of threes.
Yeah. Sure.
Uh, no, a high card would not beat that, but you could still have a pair. You could still have fun.
Okay, well. You could still play the game. Alright.
Because I lost the game of poker, I gain $10. Hey, that’s a pretty good consolation, and I believe if you lose at poker on your turn, you get to draw a poker card.
Ooh, right. Ooh, that’s a nice consolation prize. Goody, goody.
Yeah, alright, so that was your third move and if you’re on the Wanted track, you gain LP but you are not. Mm-mm.
If you either spend $80 in town or you gain two LP from a single action, didn’t do that.
Didn’t do it. Nope, nobody did that, alright. I was hopin’ to do that, if I had won the poker game, I could have, but I didn’t. Couldn’t, alright.
Rest in peace. Okay.
Gina. So it’s me.
Yeah. Maybe, yeah, I’m gonna take the 20. Take that 20.
And I’m gonna go shopping. Oh my goodness.
Ooh. Ooh.
I know! Uh, one, two!
Beautiful, I’m gonna shop. Would you please hand me the General Store? (making train noises] ‘Cause I have two, four, six, eight, ten, this is all of my money, I have hit max wallet, Oh my gosh.
So I am going to buy me a mustang and I’m going to immediately upgrade that mustang, hello Buckshot, you’re my friend. So now I get to ride Buckshot and I can move five spaces. Oh my gosh, you guys, we have to take Gina down, she’s rushing it. I think we all agree on that. Yeah.
That’s fair. We all gotta try and rob ‘er. She just paid $50 to name her horse. I’d pay $50 to name a horse. Okay, so there’s —
Not even have it, just name it.
A hundred dollars, thank you, please and thank you. Um, and then I’m gonna spent my last 20 on a ten-gallon hat. Yours looked so lovely at the poker table. They’re nice hats right?
I wanna have my own. They’re excellent hats.
Um, so that is my money, I can no longer be robbed for, you know, material goods unless you wanna steal my horse and hat. And your dignity.
And, oh-ho, ho. This is true.
Very true. And then you’re gonna go, ho-ho, you assume I have any. That is also true.
See, you’re right near the poker tables.
I am near the poker tables, I don’t —
Or you’re, um. Have any money, though. You could also, at any location, spend an action just to gain $10. Sure, yeah yeah yeah, why not? Grab that ten bucks
I bought a buncha stuff at the store, might as well earn some cash. You actually spent $80 so now that your turn is over — Yes.
In your end phase, we will check the story cards. You spent more than $80 in town with a single action. I did.
So yellow is gonna place a story disc right there. And then, did you gain two or more LP? Not yet.
I don’t believe I have. Nope, yeah, nope.
That is your turn. (gasping) That’s me, I am going to first move two spaces. And then —
Ooh, mining. Oh, but first I’m going to take one poker card and one ten dolla, I forgot about that at the beginning of the turn. And now that I’m in the mining space, I’mma go a’mining. (dice clattering) Ah, two gold nuggets!
Nice! So I’m gonna take, I’m gonna take those nugs. Take those nugs.
Now I have nugs. And now I have one move left, one, two, ah ha, I just, I just wanna be a worse person, I’m so close to dropping off Bessie and then after I drop off Bessie, I’ll get another Wanted track point, right? Yeah.
Sweet. So you’re just chillin’.
I’m just, I’m — Alright.
You know, it’s been a long journey, I’m right outside the corral, I’m just gonna take a nap.
Man. Because you’re on that Wanted track, so you’re gonna go up one LP, now you’re at two, nobody else has any yet. Look at that, I’m just a bad man. Yeah, and because we’re playing a quick game, first to 15 LP.
Game. Triggers the end game, yes.
Yes. True.
Now it’s my turn. Bass Reeves has a real tough life, y’all. All he wants to do —
Being good is bad. It is, I’m on that Marshal track and I just have no money, no gold, life is hard, so. I’m gonna take $10 and one card, can’t do anything at the Bank because I have nothin’ to turn in, nothin’ to deposit, so. I’m gonna move and I’m gon’ play a little poker, $10. Nobody’s in town with me so nobody can play. Alright, I will take my hand. Just running your own game over there. And is it —
Oh, uh, I yeah, three. Technically, I grab one.
Right, yeah, so you take one, so.
Okay. And then you get four —
Four cards. As the house dealer.
Yis. And then we’ll do a flop of three. So we got a nine, a nine,
Oooh. And a Queen.
Man, if somebody’s got a nine.
Oh. Uh oh, you were ready with that hand. Okay, three, two, one.
Pair of kings. Come on!
Ohhhhh. Oh.
Two pair. Which is better than your pair of queens. That’s correct.
Yeah! Mm mm, I lost at poker again, I got nothin’ in this world. Guys, I should go to Vegas. (laughter)
I got nothin’ on this whole turn.
You get to draw one poker card.
Ugh, thank god. So you didn’t lose everything. I did, though.
Now, if you had a hat. A cool hat like, uh.
Those two cool cats over there.
Yeah. Okay, my third action is just $30, I just need somethin’. Oh nice.
I played a payday card.
That’s fair, that’s fair.
Okay, I have $30 to my name, Bass Reeves, don’t let it be said that I never did nothin’ for ya, that’s my turn. Alright, well, for my turn, I’m gonna take the two poker cards to start things out, and since Calamity Jane has just come to town, bought a hat, and started gambling, I’m just gonna, you know, keep to what I know. What a good life.
Mmhm, mmhm, yeah. And I just keep gambling.
Oh hello, again. Uhhhh.
I see you’re still in town.
Yep, yep. Although, actually this card — It’s a friendly poker town.
Might change things. How ya doin’, you look lovely today. (laughter)
You’re glowing! Ah, you know what, I’m just gonna do it, I’m going to, uh Gamble.
I’m going to play poker. $10 ante, anybody else like to play some poker? Well, I, ugh, maybe, yeah, why not? $10 ante, please.
You’re my friend. Okay.
One card to each poker player.
I’ll try and take your money.
Thank you. Three card flop, oh, I see, you hesitated ’cause you only had one card in your hand — I did.
To start, so you’re just playin’ the two in your hand. I’m just playin’ the two in my hand. We’ve got queen, four, ten. Okay.
Three, two, one. Boom.
Oh boy. On the board.
Whatcha got? Ugh!
I got a ten and a queen, making me two pair. Two pair beats —
I only had a pair. A pair.
Queen high, bummer. Looks like, did you, um.
It’s the pressure. Oh, well that’s okay, because I gain, I lost at poker, and I have this lovely hat.
So you get $10. I get $10 and an LP.
And I get — Uh, nope, nope, only if you win. No, if you lose with the hat — No, if I lose!
You gain $10 — Oh no no no.
You don’t get an LP. You’re right, I don’t get an LP, if I win, I get an LP. But you get two, ’cause you have a hat as well. Yes, I get two.
Alright, ’cause in the saloon —
And I get the money, right?
Here’s $70. Money, ha ha!
And two LP with your ten-gallon hat for the purple. Right, so for my second action, I’m going to play this Living Legend and gain one Wanted point. (gasps) You’re becoming bad. Mmhm, then I will react to that by playing Reputation to gain a second Wanted point. You actually, after you gain any number of Wanted points, play this card to gain one LP. Oh, LP, alright.
Hey. I could just read the cards, haha. You’re doing great, your Reaction card was not an action, so you have one more action. Okay, well I don’t have any cards to play poker with anymore, so I will just move to the General Store. Uh, this spot right here or you wanna move a little lower down, depending on where you go next? Uh, I will, I’ll stay right where I am. Okay, perfect, now, couple things are gonna happen at the end of your turn. Yup.
First of all, story cards. You gained two or more LP from a single action and then, you are now on the Wanted track, so you’re gonna gain one LP.
Yeah, up to four! Nice.
Look at you go. A little too fast, some might say. Uh, so now, passes to Gina.
To me, okay, well I’m gonna take two poker cards ’cause I’m runnin’ low. Okay, sure, yes, okay, I am going to move. So now, because I have Buckshot, I can move five, so I’m gonna go one, two, three, I’m gonna go over to this little miner and I’m gonna try to find some gold nuggets. Gold in them there hills. Two gold nuggets.
Beautiful, two gold nuggets, and then, let’s see, I’m gonna go to the Bank, hello Bank, and then um — That was your third action, my friend. That’s third?
Ya moved, ya mined, ya moved.
Ah, okay. Alright.
Then I am — But now you’re set to go.
I’m chillin’ in the Bank. Yeah.
Now it’s my turn. It’s your turn.
It’s my turn. I am going to take 20 doll hairs and first action is I’m gonna move and subsequently deposit Bessie, goodbye Bessie. I also won roll prospecting die and gain the result. If you roll gravel, I draw a poker card. So I’m gonna put Bessie —
Cool. In her new space, roll prospecting die, I get a nug. One nug, some sweet nug.
That’s, that, I’m one nug away from being nugged out. This is where the bank is, correct? Mmhm.
Okay, um. And that didn’t take an action to deposit that cattle.
Right. That was just kind of a one move. ‘Cause you already took the action to pick up the cattle. Exactly, exactly, but I am going to raise the — Heavy cattle.
Lift the cattle up. Lift the cattle up.
Raising cattle? I get it. I am going to go one, two over here to the General Store. Because I’m on the edge of town, on the outskirts of town here, and I wanna buy stuff.
Uh oh, well here you go. You don’t have more than —
The store is at your disposal.
Hm? You don’t have more than $80 to spend, do ya? No.
Just curious. No I don’t, but I do want this ten-gallon hat because everybody else has this ten-gallon hat and I’ve been like hearing whispers — It’s a cool hat, right? Even though I’m at a different town, I’ve heard stories of this ten-gallon hat. It’s a sweet hat.
It’s a sweet hat. Mmhm.
So I’m gonna get this ten gallon hat for 20 bucks, thank you, General Store keeper. Of course, come again.
(laughter) And so ends my turn.
Alright, so. At the end of your turn, you’re gonna gain one LP from your Wanted track.
That I am. And are you at your five card hand limit, or? I have three, so I am not.
Good to go. I’m good.
Let’s see. You did not gain more than two LP or spend more than $80. No I did not.
Okay, cool. Fiscally responsible.
I’m glad I’m totally across town from you, Becca, as the person who could come arrest me right now.
Yeah, here’s the thing. I am a Marshal, it’s just I’ve lost at poker so much that life has no meaning anymore so I’m gonna draw more poker cards.
(laughs) And now I’m gonna move over to this here Bank Ohh.
And I’mma pull a heist! (gasping) Three fight cards to the person to my right for the guard. Oh my, the Marshal’s gone astray. I don’t care anymore! I’m just a witness in the Bank, take what ya need. You’re just like mm, nah, don’t touch me, I’m just here —
Ya beat me to it, ha ha! As you’re pulling out your rifle, you slowly put it back down.
Whoa. Tryna rob a Bank and someone robs the Bank. Go ahead.
You go for it. I can wait.
(laughter) Hold that, before we do that, pause on that. Reaction: after you end a move action in a space with another player, play this card from your hand to give another player in your space one wound, look at that player’s hand.
Whoa. Oh but wounds don’t even hurt you. What? Too bad, does nothing to me, I got shot, I been shot twice in a row now, so that was just, that was just for shits and giggles. Oh wait, did you shoot me too?
Mm mm. I didn’t get a wound in the end? No. No, we played poker. You don’t even look at your hands. I mean, I’m still —
Even though it affects nothing.
I still got two bullet holes in me.
‘Cause you started off —
I just came to rob a bank, why you shooting me?
I don’t know! You can see my whole hand.
I, I’m just peekin’ in your pockets as I heist this bank. Rude, so rude.
I like to imagine this drunk Sheriff wanders in, just sees you, shoots you, and then robs the bank. (laughs) Shoots a poor dentist.
It’s like, alright, one last act for good before I rob this bank. And now I know not to fight ya. (laughs) Please don’t, because wink wink, I am also lethal. The lethalest dentist.
Alright. Bank guard, fight me.
Yes. Three, two, one.
Ooh. The other player in this fight gains one wound, I’ll take it.
So you — And I win.
But you win. I win ’cause I played a king against your eight that gave me a wound. Yes.
So uh. You robbed a bank.
I robbed a bank. Wow.
I’m gonna get $80. Well done.
Thank you. Welcome to crime.
I’m turning to a life of crime.
You just go straight to three.
Yeah. I also get to do the actions above, so I get to draw an extra poker card and uh, I have money now, crime pays! Okay, so I moved and then I heisted, so now I think I’m gonna get ready to shop. Shop ’til ya drop.
Shop ’til I drop. And I’ll just, uh, chill. Now that I am bad, though, I get to gain my very first LP.
That’s me. Congratulations!
That’s me. Oh, you’re yellow, I’m red, I’m red. That’s my turn, Jordan Pridgen. Alright, well I’m going to start things off, I think I have, oh, yeah, 80.
That’s a lot of money. Moneys, moneys, 80 moneys, um. But no cards?
I ain’t got any cards, I did not get any cards. I could really go for broke, because if I get one card and $10, I would have enough to also gamble with that one card and potentially add one to both of these tracks. But that’s pretty ambitious, I’m gonna try it. So gimme one of each.
(laughter) That’s pretty ambitious, let’s go for it. Yeah, yeah, why not?
Livin’ on the edge. Hmm, well, alright, uh, so the first thing I will do is because I’m already on the General Store, I’m just going to shop, uh, could I get the — Here you are.
The General Store. Ding ding, welcome.
Oh goody. Um, I’m going to, uh, spend 50 to buy myself a mustang. Oh.
That’s a nice horse. I’ve gotta spend 30, I will buy myself a shotgun. And this shotgun, after you win a fight, draw one poker card.
Alright. Okay.
So you have spent $80 or more in town with a single action, I’m placing your second story disc on this card. Oh goody.
Now, little caveat: if you do the other story card — I’d have to move it over.
You could, mmhm. And then you, yourself would reap the benefits of that card and no one else.
I would double reap it. Ooh.
Dub-reap, as they say.
Um, so, let’s see because I’m going to jump over and super, um, riskily, I will make, use my move to move over to gambling and just, you know, keep doing what I do, which is shoppin’ and gamblin’. Yep.
Shoppin’ and gamblin’. Okay.
Um, and let’s play a hand of poker.
Here’s one card for you. Alright.
$10 ante. I’m going to pre-emptively shuffle these. Good idea.
Yeah. Thank you, we’ve got $50 in the pot, and now, player to your right is me, I’m the house, so. You know, I’m not gonna get much choice here. I’m setting my cards aside, I need four cards for the dealer, and three cards for the flop. We’ve got a queen, a queen.
Ohhh. And a seven.
Ho boy, I needed it not to be those cards. (laughter) Alright, ready, three, two, one, flip. Bwam.
Okay, uh, I’ve got pair of queens, nine high. I’ve got a jack and an eight, which means I have nothing. You, you have pair of queens, jack high. Pair of queens, jack high.
So they win. Oh, that does beat it!
Yeah, great job. Alright, I forgot that the queens were already a pair there.
Yeah. You did it!
Everything worked out for Calamity Jane.
Alright, so. Less calamity than I expected. You get your ante back, and 50 bucks. Nice.
And I gain two Legend Points.
Ohhh. Uh oh, you’ve unlocked your special ability. I’ve got my hat, um, so then I will, I think, put my card over here. So you’re moving your story disc to gain two or more LP from a single action.
The reason I’m doing that is because, uh, my special ability is after I contribute to a story card, I draw one poker card, so because I’ve unlocked, I’m five or more, and I contributed to that story card, I should be able to draw a poker card, right? Yes, alright, so, if you would, please. Let’s find out.
Read this card. So drunken debauchery: there’s a reason them boys out in the mesa call whiskey firewater. Drink enough of it and you’ll find yourself in a heated situation. Players that contributed to this gain one whiskey. Move the Sheriff to the Cabaret in Red Falls and spawn bandits A and B. Alright, I’m gonna spawn an A bandit, can you pass me that bandit with the gray? And I get a whiskey.
Nice. Alright, um, so you can’t have that many items. No, I can’t.
So you have to discard something or if you have something that has an ability for you to use it. So what I think I’m gonna do is discard my revolver, since I have a better gun available. Sounds good, yeah, you moved your shotgun into your weapon holster and now you have a whiskey, what does that whiskey do? Whiskey: after you gain this, lose one wound. After you end a move action in a space with another player, you may discard this to give another player in your space one wound. So it heals me and then I can use it aggressively on someone else. Smash whiskey bottle on their head. Now, one more thing happens on your turn, which is, you are on the Wanted track, so you get an additional LP.
Oh my goodness. So now Jordan is at seven LP, we need to go rob him and take his stuff. Yeah, can we rob him of LP, though? Um, no.
Aww. Your LPs are always there.
Womp womp. The only way they go down is at the end of the game, you get minus one LP for any wound you have. Alright, so I am already at the Bank, um, how many, does it cost multiple actions to deposit gold, like, if I deposited both my nuggets, is that two actions? You can do it as many times as you like, but each time that you are able to deposit a gold nugget, you’ll get $20 and an LP.
Okay. Well then I would like to deposit two nuggets please. Oh, two nuggets to the bank. There you go.
Alright, that’s 40 bucks.
I’ll take $40, thank you very much.
And yellow on the Legendary track.
Yay! Now you have gained two or more LP from a single action so place your story token there, story disc. Okay, beautiful, I can rob him at the same time, right? You can now heist at the exact bank you just deposited.
I would like to give the bank money, and then take it back. (laughter) It’s a trick, it’s a dirty trick. No!
Yes. But you just deposited!
It doesn’t matter, I want it back now and I know you’ve got red tape. You gave her the gold nuggets and the guy’s like, “Well, I’ll open up the big vault for that one.” He opens it up and then you’re like, “Oh, by the way.”
There we go. Wait a minute.
What? Now listen to me, I know this — Too late!
Seems like the right idea right now, but look, look at the world we’re livin’ in, everybody’s on the Wanted track, and you are the only one who’s still neutral, and if you are on the Marshal track, then you could arrest all of us, and that’s the only way to take down that outlaw Calamity Jane.
But we’re friends! I thought we were gambling buddies. We’re gambling buddies. Yup, we’re friends.
Oh, you want me to turn on my friends, bank teller I met today? (laughter) Do you wanna win the game? Oh, I, I, the game of life, I do. This game of life.
But, but I. Here, in this vault.
Oh, but that vault is so shiny, okay, ya may have won this time. (gasping)
Praise the heavens. Don’t let it go to your head, I’ll probably be back tomorrow.
Well. I’m just a lowly bank guard.
Okay. There’s a, there’s a criminal hub. Jordan’s way over there in Red Falls. Okay, one, two, three, four — (gasping) Five, thank goodness for Buckshot. Your crime —
My crime-any ways. Your crime has caught up with you. You’ve, you’ve crimed too much. Too much crime.
It is time for the crime to end.
Oh man. This is our first player v player fight. Fight fight fight fight fight. I’m sorry I gotta arrest you, it’s been a pleasure. Alright.
Playin’ cards with you. Yeah, yeah.
The calamity has finally happened.
So you’re being arrested.
Hmm. You got one card to play? Just got the one, so there’s not much decision to be made here. Okay.
Alright. And does your gun do anything special? After I win a fight, draw one poker card, but I think that’s a little, uh, jumpin’ the gun, there. He doesn’t have a great card, is what it sounds like.
Oh, okay. Three, two, one.
Bwam. Jack versus four.
All I had was a four. What does it say?
It says Manhunt: As an action, I could have moved the Sheriff up to three spaces, if you’re a Marshal or a Wanted player, I would gain one LP, but I weren’t. You weren’t.
Well, I have a bonus ’cause I am bulletproof, so if this card is played in a fight, I cancel any wounds I would have gained, which I don’t, but I also lose a wound. Excellent.
Thank goodness. Yeah, there you go.
I healed my earlier gunshot. It just, I just needed to walk it off. It all worked out.
So, some awesome stuff happens.
And then, um. You’re gonna gain one Marshal point and that’s 20 bucks for you right there. Yes it is, great.
Alright, then. And then —
The arrested player goes to the Sheriff’s Office with the Sheriff, then you lose all Wanted points, all cattle, half your money and gold nuggets, rounded up. Well I’ve got 60 money, 60 dollars, so I lose 30. Ouch.
I’ll be back. I still got seven pointy points. And, but you’re no longer Wanted, so that’s nice.
Aww. You can’t be arrested. There, I solved your problems. Everything worked out.
Okay, did I get LP for that? No, but you’re now on the side of good and you got a Marshal point, which got you $20. Marshal point.
If you get two more Marshal points, you get two LP. Got it, okay, but that was my three actions, correct? So you —
Or do I still have one? You, you —
I deposited, I moved,
You moved and you fought
And I arrested. That’s three.
Good day, good day. Beautiful, great day, you know what, thank you Buckshot. I am going to move into the Bank. Wait.
What? Take your money or cards.
I am going to take one card and one $10 bill, I am going to deposit all three of my nugs, which means I get three LP. And you’re blue?
I am blue, and $60. Yeah, and —
20, 40, 60. You’ve unlocked Billy the Kid’s power. Billy the Kid’s power.
Nice. After you end a move or action in a place with one or more players, a player of your choice in that space must gimme money or gimme a poker card. I wanna stay away from you. Yes, please stay away from me. Oh my goodness.
I get a story disc for the two more LP.
You do. Yes.
Nice. Let’s unlock this.
Yes. Okay, so we’ll do that at the end of the turn.
By the end of the turn. I would like to, uh, now that I’ve deposited gold nuggets, I’m gonna be a teller for a day. Nice.
Yeah. It’s a volunteer system.
Yeah, it’s a volunteer system, so I’m gonna just take ten dollaroonies. Sweet.
And I’m gonna make sure I’m not over the limit.
[Becca] Now what they don’t know is that you’re wanted, so you’re gonna get an LP for the end of your turn, and we’ll resolve that story card. She’s caught up to me I guess we should technically do it at the end of, ah, but story card first.
Yes. Ya wanna read that blood money? Yes, blood money: revenge is a vocation, same as herdin’ steer or sweepin’ the saloon floor. Everyone has an enemy and even good men are willin’ to spill blood for the right reasons, that is true. Players that contributed to this gain 30 bucks or they may gain one wound to gain $50 instead and we spawn bandits B and C.
Ooh. So that was Gina and Mica, so we spawn bandits, but all the bandit hideouts are full, so don’t worry about that. I’m also at max money. Ah, so you can’t take the money. No, but Gina gets 30 bucks. I get 30?
Yes. Can you, do you have room?
Yes, I do. Alright.
I could use some cash.
I also get to move the Sheriff.
He’s in his Sheriff hidey hole.
Well, I think, in the spirit of friendship, I’m going to move the Sheriff out of town so it’s good for the both of us because if you screw me down the line later on, I’ll remember that.
You get one- One, two
You get one. You get one freebie from me.
There we go. It’s my turn and here’s what’s happenin’. I’ve got one, two, three, four, five. $110 so I’ll take a ten and a card and I’m gonna shop, I finally get to shop. (laughter)
Shopping. Just so happy when they finally let her shop. Um, thank you, I’m gonna pay $100 for a mustang. Ooh, whoa.
Comin’ in upgraded, please. Yes.
One mustang. I know, I get to move around.
Boom. What’s your horse name? Well, she’s, this precious little baby is Dancer. Dancer!
(gasping) She had a sister named Prancer, but she died. Oh.
Oh, I gotta get me one of them ten-gallon hats.
Yes. Ten-gallon.
The ten-gallon hats. It is the fad.
They are all the rage. We are all wearing them now. Everyone has a ten-gallon hat. Okay, well now I can’t afford to go play a game of poker but I do need to get the heck away from that Sheriff, so since I’m on my wild Dancer, I’m gonna go mining down in the south in Spike’s View. Prospectin’ is my third action. (dice clattering) Oh, and I spent more than $80 in a single turn. I finally get on this story card. Nice.
Okay, I’m gonna take $10 and a gold, one gold, please. I had a turn that was lucrative. So, when I was arrested.
Yes. That still counted as losing a fight, right? So do I also gain one wound and draw a poker card? ‘Cause I have all the bad stuff done. You sure did, you were arrested. So you get a poker card and take that wound.
Alright. Thank you for remembering that. So my turn has ended and I am Wanted, so I’m gonna take one LP.
You gotta resolve the —
Oh yes, this technically happens first, but it’s for me and Gina. Yes.
So, do you mind if I read? Please do.
Harsh times: there’s good in some folks, while others are just plain rotten. But in a world this close-fisted, ya gotta be one or t’other if you’re wantin’ to survive. Players that contributed gain $10. Oh!
Are you maxed out? No.
Oh great, here’s $10. Players that did not contribute to this discard one poker card —
No! Or gain one wound.
I’ll take the wound. Dang.
Oof. I will discard this poker card. Alright, now spawn bandits A and C but all the bandit spots are full and, um, I get to move the Sheriff up to three spaces. I’m not Wanted.
Oh, you’re not Wanted. Nope, I’m off.
Oh, and we have a truce right now.
Yeah. So.
So you don’t technically have to move him.
Yeah. I could just go even farther away. Yep, there you go.
Although, that’s not really that far from anything. Stinkin’ Sheriff, it’s hard to be bad, y’know? Yeah, always on the run.
I guess I moved it closer to the —
It’s okay, I have a plan.
Okay, great. Alright, my turn.
Mmhm. I am going to take two poker cards, start things off. Yippee, I’m gonna use an action, Instincts, to draw three poker cards.
Nicely done. Now I’m gonna have to — You both immediately check your hand for action cards.
So I have two wounds, so I can only have three cards, but I don’t have to discard down until end of turn, right? That’s correct, but Calamity Jane, isn’t your ability to hold —
Yes, so I actually have four because, I, yeah, my hand size increased by one. Thank you for helping me remember that. You’re welcome.
That’s great. Um, and I am going to move, after that, to poker place. Poker.
Because, you know what? I have a very strict set of things that I spend my time doing and poker is one of them. Yep. Poker, shopping, poker, jail. Yep.
(laughter) Poker, shopping, poker, jail. Yup, and then you get outta jail, you go shoppin’, play some poker. And now I’m on the poker stage of things. Ah, I see, I see, well I would also like to get in on this game since I am in town. Yeah.
Yes, let’s do it. I’m putting 50 into the pot. Wrong town.
You hear whispers of a poker game across town and you’re like. Is that my poker buddy playin’ poker? Alright, one for active player. I’m all the way over here now. One for other poker player, and Gina — Sorry I arrested you. Oh, there is no house, actually, so. We’ve got six, an eight, and a three. Alright.
I’m ready when you are. I played mine.
Alright, ready? Mmhm.
One, two, three. So I’m turning this into an eight. (gasps) You got a cheat card. So I’ve got two pair.
Ugh, well I’ve just got one pair, pair of fives.
Pair of fives, alright. Well.
Looks like Mica wins, you get the whole pot.
And because I have this, I get one LP.
Nice. There you go, you’re at eight, you’ve taken the lead.
Um, I have to sort out my money because I have, I’m just too rich. Uh oh. $10 because you’ve got a ten-gallon hat. I get it back, and there’s those. Ten-gallon hat means you put your ante inside your hat. 20, 40, 60, 80, 100, 120, I’mma give back all this. I don’t know if you shoulda played poker. Yeah.
You did steal it from Jordan so that’s a smart move.
It’s true. Yep.
And I got an LP for it. Yes, good point.
So. So worth it. Okay, so.
Mmhm. You moved and you pokered, so do you have one more action, oh, no.
I moved and pokered and also used that one to draw extra poker cards. You did, so your turn is ended, you’re not on the Wanted track.
Mm mm. You’re, you’ve reformed.
I have. You’re neutral Jane.
Yep. Now both of our story cards right now are gain two or more LP from a single action. And I didn’t do either of ’em. We need to get those outta there, we need to mix it up more.
I know. Okay.
It’s hard to get two LP in one action.
Yeah. Well.
One turn, sure, but. I was tryin’.
I know. It’s just, it’s difficult.
It is. Alright, Gina.
Yes. Money or cards?
Um, I’m going with cards. I’ve got plenty of money, okay, sure, um. I’m gonna gamble, I’m right at the poker table, I’m just gonna do that.
Excellent. Um, so, the house is puttin’ in, ante up. Who plays as the poker? Uh, Jordan will.
Jordan. But you get one.
Yes. Jordan gets four, set your hand aside, if you would.
Alright, set aside. This is, you are the house dealer. King.
Yes. Queen.
Oh, Jack? Ace.
Oh. House has chosen its two cards. I’ll discard for ya.
I have a different hand and I don’t wanna play it.
‘Cause can do cool things?
‘Cause I can do cool things with the card actions, so.
Yup, that’s the tough part.
It’s hard. You ready?
Three, two, one. Wa-pssh.
Boom. So, ah, ha ha ha.
So a pair of queens beats a pair of ten, oh, you’ve got three of a kind. No, I’ve got three of a kind. I was gonna do two pair, ace and queens, but it doesn’t. Three of a kind is better than two — Better, yeah, so.
Alright, well done. Nicely done.
Thank you very much. If this card is played in a game of poker, you may treat it as anything, if it’s, mm, no, mm mm mm. And that means nothing to a dealer, they don’t get no money. Nope.
I will take this money and I will take my LP point. You get two LPs because you won during your turn playing poker and you’ve got a ten-gallon hat. (gasping)
Which means you can put one on both of those, right? Pew pew pew pew pew pew pew. Um, say let’s, I wanna get these cards outta here. I do too.
Yeah. So I’m gonna say house rule that you get to put it down twice ’cause they’re the same goal. Question: house rule, can I put them down on the same card to get rid of it? Good question.
Yes. But I’m gonna say no because if only one of the cards was there, you couldn’t place two discs on it. But we wanna get these cards movin’. Sure.
Yes, we do. Okay.
I wanna see what else is in there, y’know? I do too, yes, so I’m all about that. Okay, so that was one action, I’m gonna take another action, I’m gonna play Living Legend so I gain one Marshal point. (gasps) 20 bucks.
Ooh. 20 bucks, great, um, I probably reached my limit, lemme check, two, four, I definitely reached my limit. Two, four, six, eight, ten, yes, I’m gonna have to give money back, that’s fine, I will do that at the end. Do you wanna keep that? ‘Cause it is good to get a Marshal point, you’re closer to LP here.
It’s true. I’m gonna do it again as my third action. You’re insane.
Oh my god. And I’m gonna gain another Marshal point. (gasps) Two LP.
Two LP, please. Look at you go.
Oh my gosh. Thank you.
And another 20 bucks that you can’t keep. That I can’t keep, that’s cool. But now your power is unlocked. Exactly.
So, you gotta discard down to a $120.
I do, which is fine. I believe that’s the end of my turn, I am now a super Marshal, and I’m far too rich, and I’m gonna, I’m gonna give some money to charity. Sure.
Beautiful, that’s so nice. Yeah.
We love that here. Alright, is that the end of your turn? It is.
That is the end of my turn. ‘Tis my turn now, I am going to move twice, I’m going to —
Ooh, you get a bonus for your start of your turn, do you want money or cards? Oh, right, I want cards ’cause I can’t take money. Great, and General Store is comin’ to you. General store, alright, I have been plannin’ this for awhile, I’m spendin’ 100 bucks and I now own Pilgrim. Pilgrim.
Hi Pilgrim. Hey.
20, 40, 60, 80. Pilgrim and Dancer grew up together. 100 going to the store. And I am going to take good ol’ trusty Pilgrim, we’re gonna move, I can move five spaces now. Yeah, oh —
One, two. May I make a suggestion before you do? Yes, please.
You can upgrade your revolver for 20 bucks.
Oh my god, could I? Now it’s Justice.
Now it’s Justice. You know what, Pilgrim and Justice go together. I’m gonna upgrade my revolver.
Just remember this. Us outlaws stick together.
The Justice Pilgrim Yeah, us outlaws do stick together. I’m gonna go one, two, three, four, five. That’s the closest I can get to the mining spot. Yeah.
Yeah. Still one away.
Still one away, so. I’m preparin’ to go, to go a-minin’. Out of town, far away from that nasty old Sheriff. There you go.
It’s good. It’s a good spot to be.
That Sheriff’s no good. Sheriff is no good.
Dirty rotten Sheriff. Dirty rotten Sheriff.
Well you get an LP for being Wanted.
I do. And did you, before that happened, did you gain two or more LP? No, you just went shopping and moved. No, I went shopping.
Okay, great. But I gained a new best friend named Pilgrim. That means the world.
Mmhm mmhm mmhm. I’m starting in the mine, so I might as well. So I’m gonna mine, I’m gonna move, and I’m gonna poker. So I’m gonna take, I’m gonna take $10 and a card. I don’t know if that was a good idea, but whatever. And now we’re gonna do some minin’. (dice clattering) Two gold pieces, alright, and I’m gonna move on Dancer here, one, two, three, and I’m going to play poker. Who wants to play?
Well, since there’s two things I do and one of them is poker. (laughter) There you go, spoken for ya. Alright, we put the pot in, I’ll take my card first, I’ll give you a card, and then three for the fla fla floppity flop, uh oh, pair of kings and a nine. P king nine, well I got my cards. (laughs)
Three two one, flip. Pair, three of a kind.
Two pair. Oooh.
You beat me. Excellent.
I still gain $10 ’cause I lost at poker.
Alright. Wouldn’t that be nice if that’s how that worked in the real world?
Yeah, right? Ya lost, but here’s ten bucks. I like your hat, here’s ten bucks back. Alright, I’m gonna take the pot and I also am wearing a ten-gallon hat, so I get two LP ’cause it was my turn, finally, and I played Lady Luck so I either get a poker card or $30. One, two, three, four, five, I’ve got five cards, so I’m gonna take $30.
Nice. How much money you got?
Uh, not quite that much. Oh, you got a lotta tens. Yeah, a lotta tens, I should probably trade in. 60, 80, 100, 10, okay, still okay. I gained two LPs in one turn, so I’m gonna put it here on the right and trigger that. Alright, so I gained two or more LP, I took my $30 from Lady Luck, and so now I’m going to, um take my story card and Gina, you’re doing it with me. Oh, I am.
Will you read it ’cause I read the last one.
I would love to, okay. Bad luck, them Clayton boys are, one just as close-fisted as the next and all of them happier than a buzzard to see the light go out in a man’s eyes. So players that contributed to this draw one poker card. Bam.
Um, they must fight the Clayton gang, which draws three fight cards. Players that win draw two poker cards in addition to any other penalty or reward. So.
Okay, so. I’ll be one Clayton brother. Yes.
Jordan’ll be the other? So technically the person to your right does it. You said they draw three or four? They draw three fight cards. Alright, do you wanna draw three, and you’ll be fighting against me.
Okay. As a Clayton brother, not you. Gotcha.
And you’ll be fighting against Gina.
Alright. The Claytons are out to gitchu. And since you were the player that triggered this, you move the Sheriff up to three spaces. We’ll think about that, we’ll think about that, okay. Boom.
Okay. How about we resolve first ’cause Gina’s still deciding. Alright.
Flip on the count of three. One, two, three, oh I beat you. You do, but you still gain one wound. Oh, I get a wound.
You get a wound. Hmm, I wonder if I have a Reaction that helps me. Nope.
Bummer. Nope, alright.
And then, it goes, did it say anything else, just a wound? That was just, and it said if you were fighting a bandit, but you’re not fighting a bandit. I’m not fighting a bandit, alright. You’re fighting the Clayton brothers. So, and your card is right there, ready? Alright, reveal.
Reveal. Boom, ace, but it says the other player in this fight gains one LP, one Marshal point, or one Wanted point. I’ll take a Marshal point.
$30 for you, but I don’t think you can take it. But then you also take a wound for losing the fight and get to draw a poker card for losing a fight. Ooh, I’ll take a poker card for losing my fight. Hoo boy.
No, I won. I’m sorry, that’s yours.
Thank you. Since I have unlocked my “Doc” Holliday special ability by reaching level five, after I gain any number of wounds, I get to draw another poker card. Nice.
So I get to take two now, which is great.
There you go. Everything worked out. Yeah.
That made my hand limit go down so I have to discard two cards. There you have it.
Okay. Alright.
That’s it. And the new story card is end your turn at a location outside of town. Oh that’s gonna be easy, that’s gonna be quick. Well I’m gonna start things out by getting two action cards, I mean, yeah, cards. Poker.
Yeah, poker cards, ha ha. I know how this game works. I’m going to, as my first action, discard this provisions card, which will just go back there, which heals one of my wounds and lets me draw a card, right? Yes, that’s exactly right, so gimme one more poker card. Ooh.
Here you go. So much poker.
Thank you. Then, I am gonna do one of the two things I do, and play poker ’cause I’m already there, so. Throw it in the pot. There’s ten, who else is in with me? I’m gonna play some poker.
What town are you it? Dang it.
Right here. $10.
Just me versus Becca. There’s the pot.
In the wrong town. Ready, we got eight. Oh, I’m sorry, I forgot to give us our cards. I’ll just keep doing the flop for now. Sorry ’bout that.
Mm, bwam. Uh one, two, three, reveal. Boom, ah, I got two pair. I also got two pair. But I got uh —
But mine are jacks and eights and yours are —
Queens and eights. Queens and eights, so. I will take this here money, but — That’s gonna win.
I’m maxed out on money, I think.
So those go away. Yes, they do.
I just threw away $60 ’cause I love charity. And I’ve just got one action left. I’m sorry, I won a game of poker, I will take one LP. But you gave a hat.
Just one. Not if it’s not my turn.
Oh. Mmhm, do you, did you get your $10 from playin’ poker? Gimme ten.
And losin’ poker gets ya a card.
Yep. You got it.
Uh, I did not. Oh, one card, for losing at poker. Gimme one card for losing at poker. Then I will use my final action to move. In fact, I will move, uh, I’m here, and I’m gonna move to this bandit. You get to automatically fight, it doesn’t take an action. Yup.
And you’re not even good or bad, so you can definitely fight a bandit, so. Person to your right, that’s me, I’m gonna draw two cards for this bandit, okay. Bam.
Three, two, one, flip, ya killed it.
Ace, the other player in this fight gains one wound, so I gain a wound, puttin’ me to two wounds.
Well, if you win against the bandit, then you get an LP or a Marshal point. So are you gonna be on the side of the law or do you just want those straight points? I will take a Marshal point. Good choice, be righteous. So I got a thing.
$20. Alright, after I win a fight, I draw one poker card. What?
Great. Hurray, and then I will end my turn. I have to discard down, well the first thing I get to do is put, so I end my turn outside of town, which puts this here.
You sure did. And then I get to draw one poker card. Oh my gosh.
‘Cause you placed on a story card.
But I’m gonna have to discard down to just four, so this guy’s gotta pick what I want, hmm. Um should we have Gina start her turn as you decide what to discard? Yup, go ahead.
Alright, at the start of my turn, I am maxed out on money, so I will take my poker cards. Okay.
I don’t care so much about the money, I want, I wanna, it’s for pride at this point. Gotcha.
So I’m playing poker. So I’m throwin’ in, I can’t leave the table, it’s too, too much, I’ve had a rough day, I arrested my friend. You’re the only one in town that even is still playin’ poker. It’s true.
Here’s one extra card. Thank you.
And then four for the person to your right, which is Jordan, who’s gonna play as the house, if you would set aside your hand please.
Let’s do it. Poker time, we got a king, we got a four, we got a jack.
Alright. Sorry.
Ready? I am ready. I have two pair four and a cheat, so I’m doing a king, so a king and a four. The house has just a pair of fours and ace high, and that’s it.
Alright, you’ve won this game.
Great. Nice.
Beautiful. Here you go, charity.
Alright. Keep your money —
And. I don’t need it.
Two LP. I’ll take my ten back, though. And here’s the rest of the house’s. Alright.
I’ll take that LP, that was one action, thank you very much. Oh, which means that you put a chip on a story. Two LP in one turn, you have activated the game two or more LP from a single action, you’re the only person on that story card. Okay, I’m gonna leave town for a minute. One, two, oh hey, bandit, I’mma fight you. (gasping) Okay, that’s Jordan again.
Alright. You get two bandit cards. Don’t give her LP, whatever you do. What are your wounds at?
Uh, two, two wounds. Um, alright, are you ready?
Mmhm. Three, two, one.
Ooh, Gina you win with that fools gold.
I win. Yep.
What happens to me now?
So I did a five which, and this one says, the other player in this fight gains one wound. If that player defeats a bandit in this fight, they may not choose to gain Marshal points, which you probably were not gonna choose anyway? Yeah, she was.
Oh, you were. Absolutely she was.
Well, you can’t. What were you doing to me? You could either, so you’ve won, but you can only gain LP and not a Marshal point. Typically, you’d have the choice. Okay, sure, give me the LP. But you also ended your turn outside of town, so you unlocked both story cards, oh no, you can’t. It’s your choice.
Oh. Do you want, which one would you like to unlock? I think I wanna take the one that’s just for me. I think that’s a good idea. I’m gonna be, I’m gonna be selfish. I didn’t get a Marshal point even though I arrested a bandit, it’s a rough day, so I’m gonna rub some dirt on it. Gettin’ shot’s just somethin’ that happens, same as gettin’ married or catchin’ a fever. So players that contributed to this, me, I. Uh oh.
Oh, do you get a wound? Yeah, so I literally can’t be shot further. Gain a wound and I get a poker card, congratulations. I can still play poker with four bullet holes in me. But you know what, you chose well choosing “Doc” Holiday as your character because your hand limit is never affected. All you gotta do is before the end of the game, stop by your own doctor’s office. This is true.
Sew yourself up. This is why I can just keep walkin’ around. I just carry a suture and couple of napkins. Yeah, now there’s nothing to be afraid of. You’ve already got tuberculosis, nothing else is that bad. Consumption.
That’s — Is that the same thing?
I don’t know. So the good thing is —
Yes? Is that after I gained this wound, because I have definitely more than one wound, I get to have an LP, so, you know. That worked out.
They shoot me and — Oh, she’s gone ahead. There you go.
Beautiful. And now I get to movet he Sheriff three spaces. Oh, I forgot to ever do that when I had the chance. Yup.
It’s fine. So I’m gonna go one, two, three, I’m comin’. Really shoulda moved him when I had the chance. You should’ve.
Okay. Um, and I believe that that is the end of my turn. With my first move, I am going to. The Sheriff moving threw a wrench in my plan, so I am going to go one, two, three. The Sheriff has to be in my space to arrest me, right? That’s correct, yes.
Okay. So that was my first action.
So you’re moving to the bank.
I’m robbing it. (gasping)
Pew pew pew, put ’em up. I admire that.
Who am I fighting? Oh, you gotta fire the bank guard. So the player to the right draws three fight cards, that’s gonna be Gina, here you go. Great.
And then you gotta play a card to fight her. But if you win, you get $80 and three Wanted points. Kay, I’m ready.
Ready? Yes.
One, two, three. Bing, Mica wins.
I do. Mica wins, but the other player in this fight gains a wound and loses one LP. Well I don’t get a wound. But I guess you still lose the LP. But I’do lose the LP.
So you played the card Bulletproof —
Yes. Which says cancel any wounds, and heal one wound, but you didn’t have any. But I didn’t have any. And then —
So, lose an LP. Which is —
Harsh. Insubordinate and churlish, is what it is. And, but I do gain three Wanted points. You gain one wanted point, oh, ’cause you won. I won.
You’re right. You get, you win, yeah.
Ha ha! You get three Wanted points, draw one card for your Wanted points, another card for robbin’, oh sorry, no. Just the one card for the Wanted points and 80 bucks. And 80 bucks, which is a good thing, I needed that. So farewell, you dirty rotten town. Did you take 60?
I did. You need more money.
I need more money, wow. If only I got to hear that every day. And then I’m gonna move one, two, three, four and I’m just gonna wait in ye olde prospector’s garden, that’s what I’m callin’ it. Yep, prospector’s garden. Yep
In a prospector’s garden, in the dirt.
In the dirt, yup. You know, it’s amazing, you’ve moved up on your row in the Wanted track, so you get two LP, so. Look at that, I have made up for lost LP. Mmhm.
And you ended your turn outside of town.
I did. So technically, that would have triggered before the Wanted track went up, so. Right.
You are blue. Yes.
So blue and purple, that’s Jordan and Mica.
That’s us. You get to do that story.
I do. War party: in the deep shadow of night, the cries of the war party carry across the flat land like the voices of ghosts, ooh. They seem to come from every direction at once. As you reach for your iron, the long shadows break the dark. There’s a dozen of them, or more, and just one of you. Well, technically, there’s two of us because we both are on this card. Players that contribute to this draw one card. They must fight the war party, which draws three fight cards. Players that win gain one LP in addition to any other penalties or rewards. Alright.
So we each get a card. And are we having individual war parties fighting us? We will, yes, so Gina you’re gonna fight against Mica and I will fight against Jordan. Hello, war party.
I’ve chosen mine. Alright, let’s fight, three, two, one. Boom, ace.
Nine. So the other player in this fight discards one poker card or loses $10. I am gonna choose to lose $10. Alright.
Alright, ready? Yep.
Three, two, one. Bam.
I win. You do.
And the other player in this fight gains one wound. Kay, so I’ll take a wound, and I will discard a poker card. Um, alright, but I win an LP, we both do. Yeah.
And I believe because this discarded.
Oh yes. You get to take another card. And then I take a card.
Hoo hoo. Wonderful.
Nice. Alright, so, the story card said gain an LP if you win? Yes.
Nice, alright. So that’s blue and purple.
Hurray! Hurray!
Makin’ progress again. Thanks, war party.
(laughter) Thanks for letting us kill you. War, what is it good for? That. It’s good for LP is what it’s good for. Love war.
Yeah. At the start of my turn, I draw one poker card, so I’m gonna do that before I decide what to take. Excellent, what I am doing involves, I can’t take money, I’m taking poker cards. And then I’m running away from the Sheriff on Dancer. One, two, three, four, five, okay. My first action is to move and I’ve gone to the Cabaret. Oooh.
Mmmm. Here, I’m gonna drop a-all my money. Dropping $120 at the Cabaret.
[Mica, Gina & Jordan] Whoa. Well, you know, it’s real nice people that work here, and I just, I like it a lot, I want them to welcome me back and know my name next time I come in. So that was four LP for every 30, one for every $30. And I am red, so that’s one, two, three, four. What?
Hoo. Finally, I did somethin’ right in this world. So I moved, I reveled, and now for my final action. It’s so hard for a bandit to get to the bank. I’m just gonna move again to set myself up for some poker in the future. Nicely done.
‘Cause I like poker. I’m on the Wanted track, and that means I get one additional LP. Well, also important. You gain two LP because each time you paid 60, you got an LP, right? Oh my gosh, you are so right. Look at that.
So that is both of those.
Yep, that is our house rule. Man, that just keeps poppin’ up, doesn’t it? Mmhm.
It does. That must be the most common. Yeah.
There’s only a handful of story card options, but the text on the other side. They’re all different.
That’s what’s different. Bag, bag of worms.
Alright. For my turn, I’m gonna start out by gettin’ my two poker cards, please. Like I do.
Oops, two. Gimme those two poker cards.
Nicely done. Perfect, I’m glad I have this worked out. I’m going to play Determination as one action to gain two actions, which puts me at a total of four actions. And I will move one and then I’m gonna mine, which is just roll these.
(dice clattering) And I get —
Ugh, one nugget. I get one nugget and a nothin’ but gravel. Aww.
So that’s one nugget. And then I’m going to, so I still have — Two.
Two. And I can move one, two, three, four. (gasping)
‘Cause I got a horse. And then on my last one, I’m going to Bank, turning in this fool’s gold. Whoa.
And one nugget. Oh ho ho.
So you get two LP and 40 bucks.
Two LP, 40 bucks. Here you go.
Ooh, we are in a tight race here.
Yeah. And I contributed to both of these. You gained two or more LP from a single action. So I can put those there. Do both of them trigger now?
They have to. Hm.
Interesting. I triggered two of these.
You did. So I can draw two poker cards. Okay.
‘Cause that’s my thing. Mm, that is your thing, alright. And then, we just gotta do ’em both. Yep.
And it’s you and me. So how ’bout you read one and then I’ll read one? Okay, the law: a Marshal’s badge is more than a piece of metal, it’s an oath to keep the peace and uphold the law in a place where the lawless roam like packs of mad dogs. Players that contributed to this gain one Marshal point. Wanted players may pay $10 to gain a Marshal point this way. And it spawns bandits A, and the player who triggered this moves the Sheriff up to six spaces. So I’m going to gain a Marshal point, which, ba-boink. Here’s 20.
That gets me $20. Alright, so Jordan, technically I have to choose whether to leave my life of crime and go to the side of good before you move the Sheriff who’s within six spaces of me. Yeah.
But he’s also one, two, three, four, five, six spaces from Mica, we’re both bad. Well, it would be much easier to make decision if one of you wasn’t bad, wouldn’t it? Because I’ll tell ya, if you are bad, I believe if we go back in this, there were a couple times where negotiations went anti-Jordan by way of Becca. I was not involved, I don’t recall. Yes, but think about your life of crime and how close you are to that second Wanted track, which means you get more LP as you go along. Which means that as we’re nearing end game, you can be closer to being the overall winner. You know you’re gonna beat me at that. You know you will, okay, uh, but if I fight the Sheriff and I win, I get nothin’, I just lose everything. And I got a lotta gold nuggets, so you know what? I’ve been thinkin’ a lot about this. And since we did this good, good thing, I think I’m gonna reform my ways. (gasping) I think I wanna be on the side of good, once and for all. I think you made a smart move. (gasps) I can’t afford to become good. Oh my, this —
The first time crime didn’t pay.
This is a metaphor for how the whole system works. Yeah.
If you don’t have any money. You can’t, you might as well go to a life of crime. You can’t be good.
The law, everything’s stacked against you. Everything’s stacked against ya. I guess, keep my life of crime. Okay, well, what was my other option here? Uh, Wanted players, um, just — Sit there and wait for the Sheriff to come to you. Yeah, I will choose not to do that, thank you very much, enjoy your day. That was your choice.
Okay. And then I get to move the Sheriff up to six places. Yes you do.
Well, yeah, technically.
Um. You could.
Maybe he wants to go home ’cause maybe he has dinner waitin’. Alright.
Probably does have dinner. Well, you know what, as much as I do wanna get revenge on you, um, you’re on the second track Wanted. So can I get the Sheriff all the way over to, yeah, I think I can, one, two, three, four, five, yep. You’re goin’ for the baddest of the bad. Yep, Sheriff goin’ to Mica. Alright, fine.
Gotta try and knock her down.
Praise the heavens. Well, so the first thing that happens, is you have to discard a card, because when the Sheriff moves onto the same space as a Wanted player, they have to discard one poker card. Okay.
And then, the player to your right draws four cards and fights as the Sheriff. Okay, so that’s you, so you draw four cards. I do.
Okay, I’ll discard one card. Thank you so much, Becca.
You are so welcome. Oh boy.
It’s tough bein’ bad. You got this.
Alright, ready? Yes.
One, two, three. Pew.
So I won. Yep.
What bad things happen?
Um, I gain a wound. Mmhm.
And that’s it. Alright.
But I still win, so I’m still evil.
Yep. Yeah.
Yeah! The Sheriff goes back to the Sheriff office. Oh, so, leave.
Yep, he’s right over there. You dirty, dirty boy.
He’s too clean. And then, I am fine, nothing happens. Nothin’, nothing happens.
Mmhm, wonderful. Now let’s resolve that second action card, here, or that second card here. One more story card.
Story card. Spoils: tell me ya seen somethin’ sadder in this world than a nice new hat on a dead man. (gasping)
Buzzard food ain’t got no use for hats or guns or nothin’ of the sort. Better most to let the livin’ enjoy the spoils of war. Oh.
Players that contributed to this gain a non-mount, non-weapon item at no cost. Players with a ten-gallon draw one poker card. So we each get a poker card.
Nice. Here you go.
Nice. Here me go, and then we each get somethin’ else that is not a gun or an animal. I am gonna take a whiskey so that I can heal one — I’m sorry, you can only have one of each type. Oh, I can only have one whiskey? Great, in that case I am instead gonna take provisions. When you gain this, draw a poker card. Hmm, well I, I don’t have a whiskey yet, so I could take one whiskey to heal one wound and if in another space, give them a wound. After you gain this, draw a poker card. Discard it to draw a poker card and lose a wound. I’m gonna go for provisions ’cause it’s more expensive. (laughter)
Could I, oops, sorry. Could I get a poker card?
Yes you can. Mmhm.
I will take one as well. There you go.
But mm, let’s see. That was your turn, so I can keep all. Well, was there anything else on the card? I’ve just got a lotta stuff going on. Alright, now we spawn bandits at C. So we got a bandit down south here. Bandit spawn.
So Jordan, you get to move the Sheriff one more time, three spaces. Well, I’m gonna move him towards the middle of town. So, one, two, three.
Alright. I’m movin’ back into town.
Do you want money? Cards? Oh, right, I’ll take cards, one, two. I got plenty of money, okay, great. So I’m gonna move and I’m gonna attempt to arrest you. Me?
You. Young man, young man, you don’t know, I think you have me confused — I don’t.
For someone else. Your face is literally right there on that poster. This poster?
Yeah, that one. This, wait, this wanted poster right here? The one you’re standin’ right next to. You shouldn’ta, you coulda just. It looks nothin’ like me.
It does. Alright, um, so let’s fight. Yes.
Cool. Three, two, one, reveal, it’s a shootout, throw your card away.
Oh, fun! Cancel the results of this fight and initiate a new fight. Okay.
Whoa. Ready, three, two, one.
And I stick ’em up, down two.
Ooh. Oh, but you are down one from my Persuader. Oh!
So. What.
I go down two and I become a queen, but you go down one and you become a jack, okay, so. Bummer, I knew I shoulda upgraded my revolver before I attacked you. That’s what they always say. So even though you sticked em up’d. Sticked em up’d.
I still, I still gotcha.
Okay. So what happens, nothing?
You tried to arrest me and you did not arrest me.
I didn’t. So you take a wound.
I can’t, I am so shot. And draw a power card, uh, poker card, you get a poker card.
Poker card. And I don’t lose anything ’cause I was not arrested. You were not.
So now you’re just standing there awkwardly like, well, okay. Yes, it’s really uncomfortable. I got a, I technically got a wound, it doesn’t do anything, so I draw a card. You know what, I am, I’m done Marshalin’ for the day, I’m sick of being shot. I’m gonna help myself out and I’m gonna move. So um, I’m gonna, I’m gonna heal myself, I’m hurtin’ a li’l bit. Alright, so if you go to the doctor’s office, it’s gonna cost you $10 and you heal all wounds and you draw a poker card for each wound lost. Alright, so next turn, you’ll do that, and now you have to discard down to your hand limit, which is still five for you, correct? Correct.
My turn? Yeah.
Okay, I’m gonna take two poker cards.
Alright. Um, my first action is going to be playing this card, Manhunt, move the Sheriff up to three spaces. If you’re a Marshal or Wanted player, gain one LP. So you are gonna go one, two, three, leave. Somebody’s sent him bad information and — And yeah, sent him towards the hills. Drove him out of town.
Exactly. I’m gonna move one LP.
Somebody’s stealin’ cattle. Second action is going to be, a’minin’ ’cause I’m at old prospector garden. You might as well.
Might as well. Mine as well.
(laughter) Two nugs for me.
Hoo, great. Hello, nugs.
Pretty dank nugs. Dank, dank nugs, I’mma mine again. I say mine again, ooh, $10 and a nug. $10, uno nugget.
Okay. Also remember, if anybody lands in a space with me, you have to give me money.
Uh oh. Oh.
And, or a poker card. Mmhm.
And I think I choose which one I take from you, so. They give it to you.
They give it? Oh. Unless, if it said choose randomly. Alright, so, you are Wanted, and you’re real Wanted, so you get two LP. Man.
Oh. You are one away from ending the game. Oh, I coulda just gone to the bank and deposited my nugs. Well, you know, when you got nugs, what’re you gonna do?
When ya got nugs. Seriously, we have got to take her down, we have gotta get those nugs.
Alright, so. On my turn, I got a lotta poker cards, but you can never have too many poker cards. You can, there’s a hand limit. Okay, that’s a good point, at the start of my turn, I get to draw one for free and then, um, you know, I hate being stuck without money, so I’ll just take a 20. So I’m gonna move one, two, three, four, five. I’m at the bank.
Ooh, nice. That’s my first action, my second action is gonna be to deposit three gold coins for three LP and I’m red, one, two, three.
What? I’ll take, um, 20, 40, 60 bucks. Oh no.
Oh no. Okay, and for my third action, I am going to play Determination: gain two actions. So now I have two actions, I’m going to play provisions. Discard this to draw one poker card and lose one wound, so. Lose a wound, and uh, y’all, I’m gonna rob this bank. (gasping)
Stick up. Okay.
It’s a stick up in here. Oh boy.
And I’m doin’ it right in front of the Marshal. (laughter) Hey, hey. Hey stop! Like, what is the Marshal even doin’? Hey stop!
Just, “No!” I understand you might try and fight me next round, but I gotta live my life, you know? It’s true, live your life.
Okay, so. I am going to, I need the person to my right to draw four, three cards for the bank guard, or is it two? The bank guard gets three fight cards. That is me, I will draw three fight cards. Okay, three, two, one, fight. Oh, you played a two.
But you lose one LP. Oh, oh oh oh.
Oh. Wait, I mean, you’re still gonna gain one LP. And you gain a wound.
Which is still gonna put you at 15.
But she still gains a wound.
Alright. I took a wound and and LP, so. Then, I have discarded my Living Legend. Maybe I didn’t need to play that, ’cause you only played a two.
Heh heh heh heh heh heh. Wasted my best card, but.
Heh heh heh heh heh heh. Here’s what happens, when I robbed that bank, I get $80. Yes you do, there you go.
I can only take 40 of the 80 but you know what, it was worth it, ’cause I robbed a bank and I get three Wanted points. One, two, three, which means I draw two poker cards. Hoof.
And so I just have to discard down, but I did, uh, gain two LP for bein’ so Wanted. Mmhm.
And so, I have triggered the end of game, so. You were first player.
Yes. So I took my turn, and then you guys each get a turn so that we get an equal number of turns. Got it.
Then, we each get another round of turns and the game ends. Ooh.
Oh. So Gina and Jordan get two more turns, Mica and I get one more turn. Okay, so I’m gonna start out by taking my two poker cards. Here you go.
Poker cards. First thing I’m going to do is use an action on Instincts to draw three poker cards.
Okay, three. So there’s that, over there. Pass that down.
That’s my first action. I am going to then fight Becca. Uh, wait, I’m sorry, how are you fighting me? Would you like to duel or are you arresting me? I’m going to arrest you.
Three, two, one. Bwam.
Shootout. I played Living Legend. So if this card is played in a fight, my Shootout, you may immediately cancel the results of that fight and initiate a new fight.
Okay. Three, two, one.
Bwam. You got it.
Uh, so yeah. Mine was king, Determination, so. So me and the Sheriff go to the Sheriff’s hall. Uh, I gain a wound and draw a poker card for losin’ the fight, um, and I have to discard half my money. Sadly, that kinda ruins the rest of my plan because I had to use an extra card I didn’t want to. Well you should never fight a bandit, but I’m no longer a bandit, I’m on the side of good. I get one Marshal point.
Yes. And gain two LP for that, so bwam-bwamp. Oh, I get to draw one poker card ’cause I won a fight and I have a shotgun. Great.
Great. I’ll just move to outside of town, which then lets me trigger this, ending location outside of town. Lets me draw an action card because that’s my thing. And then I will, yeah, that’s the end of my turn. Alright, Gina, second to last turn. So, I’m gonna heal myself.
Alright, so. If you are at the Doctor’s Office, you will pay $10 to lose all your wounds, draw a poker card for each wound lost. One, two, three.
Alright. One, two, three, kay, oh boy, oh boy, okay. As an action, I’m gonna play Determination. Ooh.
So I get two additional actions.
Alright. So now I have three still, correct? Yes.
Um, I’m gonna move out of town, one, two, so that’s one action, so now I’m down to two. So you entered the same space as a bandit and that did not cost an action. Oh it doesn’t.
So you have three left. So you just moved, so now you’ll have two more after this fight. You automatically fight when you enter the same space as a bandit. Uh oh.
Person to the right draws two bandit cards, so, Jordan if you would look at those. Yes.
And you’re gonna need to play a card against this bandit, and if you win, you get one LP or one Marshal point, up to you. I have chosen my card.
You have? Mmhm.
Beautiful. One, two, three, bang.
Bwam, it’s a nine. Nine against queen.
I don’t take any of the effects of your card. And the other player, oh, you don’t take any effects. I’m not even gonna read ’em.
Beautiful. Alright, well done, you fought that bandit and you won. So you choose a Marshal point or an LP. I do, and as a Reaction, I’m gonna use my Reputation. And gain an additional Marshal point? I’m gonna gain an additional, uh, LP point. Oh, so you’re taking a Marshal. So technically, she’s getting both. So I’m taking a Marshal and
For $30. Yes.
And then you’re taking an LP.
No, I wanna choose another Marshal point ’cause I’m — Are you allowed, I believe you — Oh, no you’re right.
Yeah. It’s one Marshal point. Yeah.
That’s okay. It would be awesome if you could get another Marshal point. It would be nice, okay, that’s fine, I’ll take my LP. And I think your money is already maxed out, or maybe you get $10? Uh, I spent ten.
Yeah, so you can get ten. I get ten back.
Technically you get 30 but you have to give 20 back.
Great. And what are the other ways I get Marshal points, just from? Delivering cattle, um, hmm, you could fight somebody bad, but–
Which I’ve done. It’s gonna be real hard to get to Mica. There’s a bandit over there. There’s a bandit over there, if you can go that fast, one, two, three, four, five, six. Mmm.
Ugh, it’s one too far away. What about you, oh no, you’re safe. I’m not bad anymore.
So one, two, three, four, five, six, I can’t get to you. The only bad person is Mica. Yeah, it’s me.
You’re, you’re it. But there’s a bandit right here. One, two, three, four, five, I can get to a bandit. You should get to that bandit. I’mma get to that bandit. It’s a good idea.
Alright. And then you auto-fight, okay, you’re fightin’ another bandit, so we need two more fight cards. Bring ’em on.
Whatchu got, whatchu got. Ready?
Um, uh huh, okay. Alright.
Three, two, one. Pick, flip.
Ooh! It’s a, okay, I’m going to use the, you may immediately cancel this fight and initiate another fight, if you do, the other player draws one poker card. Place this fight card and any others you drew beneath the deck in a random order before drawing new fight cards. Alright.
Okay. So just wanna give another chance. Thank you, bummer.
Yeah, you played your ace. I did.
Alright. The bandit’s ready, the player’s ready. Three, two, one.
It’s a four. The other player in this fight gains one wound and discards one poker card, but you win. Okay.
Alright. And you get to draw another card because it was Instincts. And it was just discarded as my bonus, so I — So you’ll draw two.
Okay, so I gain a wound, which means I draw three cards. Yes.
Because I have that. You have so many cards, ooh, that was four. That was four.
Okay, this bandit is gone and, since you — I could’ve won that but it would have given her one LP, one Marshal point, or one Wanted point, which would have been a net gain anyway. Right, okay, so, you get your choice of one LP or one Marshal point. Uh, I will take the Marshal point, please. Good call, ’cause that’s instant four LP. Ooh.
One, two, three, four, you are now at 15 points. I have one point, one thing left, correct? One move left, yes.
One move. One action.
So I am playing Determination again.
Alright. And, so now I have two turns, correct? So it was your final action, now you play two more actions, yeah. Yes.
And I’m playing another Determination card.
Oh my god. So that brought you down to one and so now you’re at three. I’m at three again.
I’ll keep my fingers up.
I get a new turn. This is insane.
Heh heh heh heh heh. Okay, I’m gonna, as one of my actions, I’m gonna play my final Living Legend, I gain a Marshal point, please. Excellent, so that’s two left after this, and 40 bucks. I get 40 points, who cares? Ooh, this is a huge comeback. Yeah, right?
This is. I’m shaking.
I love that. Um, where am I, okay, I’m here. Okay, so I have two actions left. Um, for that I’m going to, um, we’ll see, I need to get rid of cards, so. I think you should revel. What?
You have so much money. If you go to that Cabaret.
Yes, yes. Okay, sorry.
Yes, that’s what I’m doin’, don’t worry, I’m just doin’ it with a Saddle Up card. Gotcha.
So that I, ’cause I’m gonna have to discard. Um, so I’m automatically going to a place in town, um, I’m going to the Cabaret.
(gasping) I’m going to spend the $120.
Oh, man. So.
You have reveled. My money.
That’s four LP, madame. That is.
And you are a madame at this point.
And that is, that’s. That’s $80 or more in a single action. It is.
It is. So was that the end of the turns? That is the end of the turn. Wow.
Bravo, bravo. Alright.
And I do have to discard. Okay, hoo, that’s okay, just one. And you’re now at 19 LP, I think it’s gonna be real hard, in our final turns, to top that, but give it a go, Mica. Am I, okay, it’s my turn now. Yes.
So I’m gonna draw two poker cards.
Mmhm. Okay okay, um, I’m gonna mine. (dice clattering) So I get 20 bucks and I roll both again, but I can only take 10 bucks, I get 10 bucks. Roll again.
Roll ’em both. And I get nothing, wonderful. Um, and I am going to go one, two, three, four and I’m gonna bank my nugs.
Alright. So that’s, three nugs go in, so I get three LP? Ooh, yeah, one, two, three, and 60 bucks but you can’t take it. I can’t take it, no, um, I am going to oh, okay, I’m going to play my Manhunt card, which is move the Sheriff up to three spaces and I will gain one Wanted, so. Uh, actually, if you gain a Wanted, oh, yeah yeah yeah, you gain an LP, actually. Or I gain an LP, sorry, I gain an LP. Nice.
So I’m going to move him one, two, three, just sit over there. And one LP, to 18.
And then, I have a Reaction: if I gain any number of Marshal or Wanted points on your turn, play this card from your hand. You did not.
You did not. I did not?
You gained an LP because you were Wanted.
Yup. Oh, darn it.
Yeah. I mean, I don’t do that, then. So then, yeah, I end my turn.
Okay. We’re gettin’ down to the wire here. And that’s my last turn.
Yes. Yes, yes that is the last turn. Okay, I’m gonna go quick, I’m gonna draw one because of Bass Reeves, and then I’m gonna draw two on my turn, and then I’m going to move one, two, three, four to the Bank, that’s my first action. I’m not good or bad right now and I don’t like that so I’m gonna rob this bank.
(laughter) So I’m the bank teller. Mmhm.
So I draw three. If you would, the guard gets three cards, yes. Eee, got it.
And then, ready, three Two, one.
Flip. Let’s see, jack versus jack, but I have a Persuader. Huh, huh, I can’t read anymore. After cards are revealed in a fight, decrease the value of a card played against you by one. So yours becomes a ten and the other player in this fight gains $10 is what your card said. Yes.
If I would take any wounds, I do not, I instead lose one wound, okay. There you go.
So that worked out okay for me, uh, and then, I have robbed a bank and I did it well, so I get $80 and three Wanted points. I’m back on the Wanted board, I get a poker card for that. And then I get 80 bucks if I can, but I can only fit 50 of that in my satchel. 20, 40, 50.
Thank you. And then, uh, I would like to use my, I moved, I banked, and then, if I don’t have a king, then that’s it. But I’m going to play a Manhunt, move the Sheriff three spaces. If you’re Wanted, then gain an LP. I don’t care where he goes, he can just move there. And I will gain one LP.
Nicely done. Uh, I wish I would’ve played my Reaction before it was too late last turn, ’cause I’d be one ahead, but I don’t think that would win me the game anyways. Uh, Reaction, after cards are revealed in a fight, too late. Um, lemme just quickly get my LP for being Wanted and I did not spend $80, nor did I end my turn out of town. That’s the end of the road for me, just 17 LP at the end of the day. Well, almost, we’ll, we’ll turn in a few more things, but, Jordan, final turn. Alright, gimme two poker cards, please.
Two pokers. These could, uh, make or break things. Okay, uh, you only get Wanted points if you rob somebody and that doesn’t give you LP, duel does. Um, so the two people who are on the thing with me are both of you guys, right? You’re not on the bank, are you? Oh, you’re right, I stepped out. I was right outside of town.
Mm. Okay, um, in that case, I’m going to move here. That’s, uh.
You got a horse? Yeah, I got a horse, so that’s an easy move. And then I am going to turn in 80 bucks to upgrade my shotgun. 80 bucks.
And my horse. Nice.
Nicely done. Horse.
Three LP right there. Shotgun, that’s three LP, um. For end of game.
I’ve got 20 bucks left and it satisfies one of these, which is to spend 80, which means I get to draw an action card. Alright, poker card.
So, okay, I’m going to mmm, bandit fight, one, two, three. That’s plenty to get there
Then you’ll be playing the bandit, ’cause you’re to the right. Uh oh.
Okay. Alright, ready?
Yup. Three, two, one.
Bwomp. What’s it do?
You beat me, but um, the other player in this fight gains one wound and loses one LP. Damn, I coulda just — What was the meaner option? used the Living Legend. The meaner option was that you cannot choose to gain Marshal points. Alright, well I’m still going to, uh, move the Marshal point up. Alright.
Darn. I thought I could get both.
$30. But instead I got all brought down, so 30 bucks, which is not all that useful. But that’s fine.
Now. And this guy’s dead.
You can choose which story card you’d like to activate because you also ended your turn in a location outside of town. You’re right.
So, will you help Gina or will you do it all your own? I’m going to do it all my own on the hopes that this is some huge boost in, uh, points. Watch it be, like, you get shot, the end. The Widow: he’d been gone for days by the look of it. She bawled and tugged at his shirt nonetheless. Her husband was no saint, a drinker with a penchant for cheating at cards, but he didn’t deserve this. If the widow stayed out here one more night, the coyotes would finish what the heat couldn’t. Players that contributed to this gain one LP. Marshal players that contributed to this may discard one poker card to gain one Marshal point. The player who triggered this moves the Sheriff up to three spaces. So I am going to, uh, discard a card, and I will discard Instincts, which lets me, uh, draw one poker card. Alright, so I gave you 30 bucks and one LP, which puts you over the edge of 60 bucks, which’ll be another LP at the end. Mmhm.
But I think that’s the end of your turn.
I think that’s all that I got to do.
End of the road. All she wrote.
And I get to move the Sheriff three, so I’m gonna move the Sheriff one, two, three, why not, it’s gonna go shopping. Okay.
Aww. Gina, final turn, and then the end of game. Final turn, ho boy, okay, so at the start of my turn, I am taking the money, thank you, money. Okay, and then I will play Manhunt to move the Sheriff up to three spaces and if I am a Marshal, which I am, I gain one LP. (gasping)
And I’m movin’ it into the bank with y’all, one, two, oh hey, you’re arrested. Okay, so now you’re at 20 LP. Mmhm.
Now, you choose which of us you would like to arrest. I would like —
Um, I’m gonna tell ya, based on current Wanted level, it may change based on your decision. Yes.
But, Mica’s gonna beat you currently.
No I won’t. Yes.
Wait, yeah, that doesn’t add at the end of the game, Wanted level’s at the end of your turn. For each, the most Wanted at the end of the game, gets three LP, or one LP if tied. But if you knock her down to zero, then I would be the most Wanted. But she’s still gonna get three LP for being third track Sheriff. Mmhm mmhm mmhm.
Yes. And since she’s one point ahead of me, I leave it to you, just showing you the stacks. I’m so sorry, Billy the Kid.
Alright. But you are a more Wanted criminal in this bank. So draw your two cards. Four, in fact, for the Sheriff. Ah, four, alright.
Okay. Ready?
Yep. Three, two, one, draw. I cancel out the effect of whatever you do. Ooh, nice.
Ooh. You’re good, then.
Yep. So I’m good.
You’re good. Wow.
I was so happy when you walked over to me, I’m like, I don’t even care. Okay, so I still have two actions. Yeah, ’cause you just moved the Sheriff as your first move
I moved the Sheriff. Okay.
I like that you’re just a Marshal, like sittin’ in a saloon with saloon girls on you.
I am chillin’ in my own town, so, oh boy.
A different time. Alright, okay, so that was a bummer. Um, I’d rather get money, ’cause I’m gonna lose an LP anyway, I don’t know.
Yeah. I get two LP if I win, so that’s a better bet. So you’re moving —
So that’s moving and then I’m playing poker
Wait, at this spot? You are my dealer.
Alright, you get one card first.
Let’s deal. Thank you very much.
Oh. Dealer gets one, two —
That was such an authoritative voice.
Also, I was going kinda Yu-Gi-Oh in that. It was excellent.
That’s cool, I like it. It’s time to deal.
Okay, ready? The flop is queen, seven, seven. Oh.
Hmm. The bank has chosen.
And I am ready. Three, two, one.
Bwomp, two pair. Ah, um, I am doing queen two pair. Yup, that beats.
And it beats. Good.
Alright, pair of queens and a pair of sevens beats a pair of sevens and a pair of fives. Yes it does.
Sure do. Great, so I will take that money and I will take my two LP.
Ooh. Thank you.
Boop, there you are. And I think that’s the end of my turn and I end the day with my wound that I walked in with. Alright, guys.
Okay. Well, uh, let’s, let’s uh, let’s get some points, shall we? So first things first: everybody turns in, every $60 is gonna get you one LP, so if you’re maxed out, that’s two LP. That’s two LP for me.
Alright. I get one for me as well One, I get two, Jordan gets one. Okay, turn in your money, don’t matter no more. It done got turned in.
Then, uh, your horses and your, uh, I’m sorry, your mounts and your weapons, please. Okay, I get three.
One, two, three. I get two.
One, two. I take three, one, two, three. Mounts and weapons?
I get three. One, two, three.
I made it over the 15 mark. Yay!
That’s what’s important to me.
Alright. Now, uh, the most Wanted.
That’s me. One, two, three, alright, and um, and I get one LP because it says one LP for each other Wanted player. Nicely done.
Thank you. And now Marshals, two LP for Marshal Jordan. Woo!
Well done, Marshal Jordan, and three LP for — Oh, look at you.
Marshal Gina. Now one more thing to consider. Yeah.
Yes? Minus one LP for every wound. I get one negative.
I have two negatives. That’s two for me.
Oh my gosh. And two for me as well. This time, the dentist wins. The dentist won.
The dentist takes the pie, there’s a pie to be won.
Who knew the good guy wins? Alright, final score, Gina 27. Yes.
Mica 24. So close.
Becca 21. Jordan, because you don’t have an A at the end of your name, 16. Ooh, yeah, that’s what it is. The shame is overwhelming.
Yeah. Okay, uh, Gina, how’s it feel? I feel pretty frickin’ great. The double kings saved me in the end. And so, I’m, I’m, I’m gonna move to England and I’m gonna serve under the king now. Excellent, there’s not a king there right now. But it’s fine, maybe there was. Well, clearly I had two, so.
You’re the new king, that’s the rule.
Okay, king me. I gave myself a crown.
That’s how it works.
Alright. A dentist joke, ah!
You’re a dentist. Mica, final thoughts?
You need to move backwards on the checker table. Mica, final thoughts.
Uh, I was close. I wish that I didn’t screw my roll and if I got more nugs, I could’ve won, but it’s fine, y’know, prospector’s luck, is that a saying? Oh, yeah.
Well that’s a saying now, prospector’s luck.
Prospector’s luck. I’m glad you went hard on the nugs. I did, I went really hard on the nugs. Yeah, uh, Jordan, whatta you think of this game? What, strategy, things you’d do different next time? I liked it a lot, I had kind of an early lead, which, uh, and I didn’t really get any more points after that for a long time. (laughter) After gettin’ Sherrif’d, uh, yeah, you know, I tried for some kind of risky lines that didn’t necessarily work out, but it was fun. Well, that’s all the time we have. Guys, this was really, really fun playing with you. It was so fun.
Yeah. Thanks for coming.
Yeah, I really like this game.
Me too, actually. This is, I would definitely buy this game in a heartbeat, I love this game a lot. Well, thanks so much to you guys for watching at home. We’ll see you next time on Game the Game, bye. (upbeat groovy music)

76 thoughts on “Western Legends | Game the Game”

  1. Mica Burton cheated at 1:12:03 she discard a poker card on top of the poker card stack and than she draws it again from the 9!!!!!!!!!!

  2. As I've sold off my Avalon Hill Gunslinger game which was very rules heavy ( more of a simulation.), this looks like more fun. Plus being partially card driven helps to remove the constant rules check, which puts this game in my most likely to pick up list. Thanks for the gameplay.

  3. Thanks for showing the game. Theme sounded interesting for me, but the game tries to do everything Western ending up doing little bit of everything, which weakens the game a bit for me. Thanks again, great job Game the Game team.

  4. With the rub some dirt story card it said may take a wound to draw a poker card so she didn’t have to take that wound . Just letting ya know

  5. That was more intuitive and fun than it seemed from the initial rules. It helps when people get into the characters like that.

  6. Spoiler:
    The Sheriff did have some gambling problems from the start then goes to rob the bank.

    Wow. did not see that coming.

    Also, it is nice to see this show improving over time. The first episodes I watched felt weak, but the later episodes I think I do get a feel for the game.

  7. Also, a lot of money won om poker and no money spent in the Cabaret. instead you just gave the money away to "charity". And why this aversion to medicin? Gettting shot as the doc is not at all bad, you can spend one action and ten dollar to get a bunch of poker cards.

  8. This looks great. A bit confusing at times, but simple enough overall without sacrificing player agency.
    In a fight where one of those disregard cards isn't played, do both cards' actions need to be resolved, or just the winner's?

  9. The whole “hand limit” thing seemed useless. Almost all of them just stayed at hand limit the whole time, and drew up to like 10 cards instantly at the start of their turns by the end. What’s the point of a hand limit if you get to ignore it and carry 9-10 cards around for your entire turn?

  10. Tuberculosis is, indeed, the same thing as consumption.

    Also, I think Doc's special power should be to get LP from wounds since he was actively trying to die in a blaze of glory before his disease could kill him.

  11. I love the sandbox idea, but I think the players need to stick to their character concept or it just turns into a meaningless race for points. I was disappointed when Bass Reeves, possibly the best lawman in U.S. history immediately robbed a bank. Obviously, you're free to do whatever you want, but it would be a more interesting and cohesive story if people "stuck to the script". Also the story cards seemed too random, it would be more interesting if there were random events/encounters associated with the different locations; a bar room brawl, chased by an angry bull at the corral, etc. Great game concept, I think it needs a little work to make it more than…a poker simulation.

  12. I love the idea of this game, but the combat mechanics, and actually every mechanic involving the cards, is just not super interesting. Plus I feel like Poker gives too much money. You should have to work for your gear so you feel attached to it, but being able to buy and upgrade a horse in a single turn devalues the horse. And Imagine if outlaws could steal equipment? Like "Oh I had my lucky pistol, Lightning, but it was stolen. Now I have to track down the scum who wronged me and get it back". That would be awesome. Also I wish the story cards were closer to encounter cards and had… IDK… Stories. I want to like this game, but with a $75 MSRP, I think I'll pass.

  13. Ugh!!! Why would you house rule the 2 LP Story Card… and then not play the house rule consistently.
    No need for any house rules, especially if you're teaching the game on YouTube. The game has been play tested 100s of times, play it as it was meant to be played.

  14. I can not believe how bad you guys' poker games are. You guys totally forgot the: "Turn" & the "River" the 4th open card & the 5th open card. Not to mention that when you guys did the flop, you guys should have discarded the top card before putting the 3 first open cards/the fold on the table. xD lol

    This game needs a rematch with proper Poker rules!! xD

  15. I normally do not like western style games, however the combination of mining for gold, cattle rustlers, playing poker, looting or going after bandits won me over. This game provides different options and plat styles.

  16. That was a lot of fun to watch. One question though: With players always being maxed out on money, is there anything preventing them from just getting easy points at the saloon / brothel (Or whatever it is called)? And is there a reason why it wasn't done more often here?

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