What lurks beneath the wastelands? — Encased RPG Dev Update 6

Welcome to the new Encased development update! Today we’re going to talk about a treasured feature of the traditional RPGs: the random encounter! How many of them are there, how do they work, and how can players influence these events? We’ll also talk about Easter eggs and unique rewards! Let’s get started The world of Encased is filled with characters, quests, stories and locations to explore. Right now the project is in Early Access, and although the latest version represents less than 30% of what we’re planning for the final release, it still takes many hours to explore all the available content, and there’s much more to do than just discover new locations and talk to NPCs. Random encounters inject excitement at moments that would otherwise be boring and routine, like when a player is resting or wandering through the wastelands. If you’re an experienced RPG player, then you’re already familiar with typical random encounters. During world map travel, you get ambushed by bandits or attacked by hungry wolves, or meet a merchant offering fantastic goods at reasonable prices! To this set of well known events we’ve added a few new ones. Some are complete mini-stories in the spirit of the “Kaleidoscope” bunker; in some you will study deadly anomalies; have interactions resembling a game of Russian roulette; and some are short story events that require you to make a difficult on-the-spot decision. As you can imagine, each type of event merits a separate and detailed description. Let’s start with combat encounters. To the usual array of fights, we’re adding unique battles handcrafted by our designers. These encounters play out like tactical puzzles to succeed, you’ll need to make use of your abilities, use terrain to fire from on high or to provide cover and, of course, counter the strengths and exploit the weaknesses of your enemies. Each combat encounter is preceded by a brief illustrated dialogue that lets you not only avoid combat, but also provides useful options, such as the ability to spy on your opponents with binoculars to see what you’re up against. We call the illustrated dialogues vignettes, and we’re striving to make them as interesting and diverse as possible. A few examples: traveling through an anomalous field, talking to a strange traveler, wandering the shores of a spooky lake, or visiting an underground gambling house where the stakes are the lives of the gamblers themselves. Some of these are intentionally funny, and some contain references for old school Fallout fans, as well as to post-apocalyptic books and movies. Investigation events will let players search for rare items or resources. We’re doing everything we can to avoid the standard scenario, where you’re dropped in an empty patch of wilderness beside a chest full of loot. In Encased you’ll have to go through an anomalous zone, solve a puzzle using Forefathers technology, or have a device to assist you in finding a rare artifact. Such events will give players a chance to acquire useful items, meet new people, or die alone in the wastelands. Some of these items are unique and cannot be obtained otherwise. Some random events occur when the player is resting or using the “wait” function. Thus the player who sleeps on the ground far from civilization could be robbed by bandits or stung by a poisonous insect. If you’re playing as a scoundrel with a tainted reputation, sooner or later a group of rangers will track you down. You may already have seen events of this type at Magellan Station, the Nashville Object, and other locations in the current version of the game. We consider random encounters an important part of the game, and we plan to add new ones with each patch. Global Patch 2, coming out this spring, will be no exception. If you want to know more about Encased’s development, please post questions in the comments. We will not only answer all your questions, but also create a separate development update on the topics most interesting to you! Don’t forget to subscribe to the channel and our social networks in order to stay up to date with the latest project news. All useful links are in the description 🙂

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