What made Plants vs. Zombies so great?

What made Plants vs. Zombies so great?

2019 marks the 10 year anniversary of some my favorite games ever made Growing up I didn’t really have a lot of full-feature games at that time all my time was spent playing flash games most notably tower defense ones So when I got introduced to Plants vs. Zombies through my cousin a full-feature tower defense game that didn’t have scary zombies inside to say I was hooked would be an understatement Released on May 5th 2009 by PopCap Games, it started a franchise that I’d personally consider a one-hit wonder Don’t get me wrong, I did play my fair share of Garden Warfare when it released but every other entry in the franchise just didn’t have the same magic that the original PvZ brought with it It’s a fairly simple game – zombies want to get into your house to eat your brains so you plant plants to stop them from doing so With each level you complete, you earn a new item or a plant and can expect stronger zombies to appear But that still sounds like a typical tower defense game What PvZ mastered is the pacing Whenever the game starts getting even a little repetitive it throws you into a mini-game that completely changes everything and oh – they’re small now Every single time I’ve booted up this game just to play it for a few minutes I end up spending hours due to how it sucks you in and all of this is backed up by one of the best soundtracks ever Seriously, while there are so many greatly composed albums out there I would easily put this at the top After hearing it for hundreds maybe even thousands of times I still get excited when a horde is coming, due to how seaminglesly the music transitions from a calm beat to energetic one and the only game that has come close to doing this since has been DOOM But what really makes the game work is it’s goofiness and how it embraces it Appearances such as Crazy Dave or the letters zombies leave you before the final level of each stage or really anything in this game makes it such a fun experience that fills you up with joy that simply hasn’t been replicated in any other game in the franchise or really anywhere else Even when you beat the campaign there’s a lot of post-campaign content to keep you engaged, such as the Zen garden or a number of different mini-games and puzzles and re-playing the campaign from the start with all your progress kept from your previous playthrough is also an option It’s still as exciting as ever when Zomboss stomps up on your roof for the final battle and once beating him, you get one of the best credit scenes in history While Plants vs. Zombies definitely isn’t the only game celebrating their 10th anniversary this year it is the one closest to my heart *throws Minecraft* Besides it’s resolution and graphics it has held up great over the years and I consider it to be the greatest tower defense game of all time It is easily recommended and worth getting a decade later for the five bucks it costs on steam for the pure joy alone

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  1. I'm gonna be honest I've always sucked at tower defense games. Whenever there are a ton of enemies I panic and make a dumb move. The video is great, unlike my skills towards tower defense games.

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