What Wedge Should You Hit? Top Tips to Hitting the Right Shot

What Wedge Should You Hit? Top Tips to Hitting the Right Shot

mmm-hmm look where we are today
it’s gonna be awesome let’s do it alright today we’re doing now how to
pick the right wedge for your shot and we’re at a pretty cool facility today my
good friend my good friend your good friends at Titleist have given me free
run in the place for the day it’s like a whole bunch of videos and this one is
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right now okay ah so what do you do now let’s say
you have 52 I have 52 and 66 yards for these two shots I have what do you pick
what club do you pick do you just go with your most lofted you pick something
different like how do you decide when you have a short shot a medium shot
front pin and a back pin that’s what we have facing us right here right now now
if I have 100 yards or so I mean that’s pretty 100 yards beyond it’s usually a
full swing or almost a full swing so those are like easier to choose but it’s
those in-between yards what do you do I think we’re making a lot of common
mistakes that can save us if we choose the right option we’d save a lot of
strokes so let’s figure this out right now okay 52 yards we’re starting with
the 60-degree sm8 Voki wedge K grind and 14 degrees of Bounce pretty standard
let’s say lob wedge that you would have in your bag 52 yards let’s see gonna
give it my best to see how she performs I didn’t do that on purpose okay so what
happened here is normally you know you’re used to a full swing so I have to
adjust this a lot in order to get the right feel and I went long on all of
those one I hit pretty thin and so it just doesn’t for me it’s not feeling
that comfortable just those few shots so let’s go to the next Club which is gonna
be the 56 degree ass grind so it’s got a little grind up the heel and the toe and
my recommendation is always to mix up your grinds in your wedge set so if you
have a big full sole you might want to have some healing toe grind off on the
next one and just kind of have a little bit different each time so that you
always have something to work with the K grind is is good for the wide sole 60 so
there might be something you want to stick with but great for the sand but
when you’re off the fairway going to a tricky pin might not be the best
solution for you so now we’re going on 10 degrees abouts a little bit less
bounce 56 degree pretty standard again in terms of your gapping and s grind it
slightly different now I’ve got to take a little bit more up to swing but maybe
it’ll turn more into like a long pitch or something let’s see okay just those four shots ahead a three
– were really good one was a little pretty good and one
wasn’t that great and so it’s a shorter swing more control with this really felt
good last let’s go even less loft and see
what kind of performance we get with that option so again keeping our gapping
at four degrees meaning we on 60-56 now we’ll go fifty two this is an eighth
degree so little less bounce in the previous one F grind so as I get for me
as I get closer to my normal set so there’s B gap wedge and I’ll go in and
let’s say my pitching wedge I want more of a similar Sol grind that matches my
set of irons which would be the F grime so full sole so I don’t know for me
personal preference when I go to the gap wedge I like the F grind so and I like
to get a little less bounce since a you getting your real clubs it’s like eight
to ten so here we go gap wedge tricky distance not one I really want to leave
myself let’s see what happens all right not bad not a bad choice 50 to
it for me I feel like if there’s nothing or there’s a hard you know fairway or
something leading up to the green I’d probably go with this and balance it up
there but if there’s a little bit of rough or something I grab it and I
probably wouldn’t use this for me it definitely seemed like that 56 was the
best option so what I want you to do is practice different shots to find out
what the best option for you with this particular distance is because it’s not
always going to be your most lofted Club it’s 52 now let’s go a little bit longer
66 pins in the back what do you do here the answer might surprise you let’s
figure that out okay now we’re a little bit farther 66
yards pins in the back of the green so very similar to what you might see on
the golf course what would you do now for me that yardage is very close to
what like a perfect I say three-quarter sixty degree wedge
would be so let’s see what happens when you do that because it’s more of a full
or swing not quite but uh I like that number check it out okay not bad my distance control was
pretty much spot-on with that that’s what I like on these types of shots flew
it pretty much to the hole stopped right there 60 degree conventional thinking
would be like oh let’s run it in lower which you can do but let’s see if that
performs better for me we’ll find out next club can’t won’t back to the 56 now
we got a dial in my fear is this swing is very similar to that second swing or
my sixty degree wedge shot on that first flag that’s kind of how I have to dial
it back to that now I was kind of uncomfortable in that zone but let’s see
now that depends in a different position what happens not horrible but my concern was
corrected in the fact that I feel like I have to slow the club down a little too
much through impact and it causes me to be it more inconsistent with my release
point so I’m looking for the one where I have the right rhythm for me the right
tempo to get the the most consistent result let’s go to the third option all
right so we’re now we’re at that 52 now this for a back pin in my mind I think
hey this is going to be this is something I like so let’s check it out
nice smooth everything everything good here we go all right so for this second awkward
distance the winner for me is either the 60 which was really pretty spot-on in
terms of my distance the swing I like the distance of the swing I like and the
the results I’d like this I liked a lot too
it was just uh it’s gonna take a little more practice to dial in and get a good
feel for where I want the ball to land and understanding the release of where
this is gonna go but this went incredibly straight so that’s a good
that’s good to know come on okay so if you can see those
those are my 56 is right to this short flag
I like those I mean I can make two out of three of those party three out of
three you know I’m putting well that day so that’s a really good option don’t
don’t um just grab your most lofted Club at
the shortest flag and don’t always grab your least lofted for a little bit
farther flag it’s all about your rhythm tempo and timing and your comfort level
in the shot but what I want you to do is I want you to do the same type of
testing on your own so you know what to do because this is my sixty here on the
far flag that’s my 60 and that was my sixty and then the others you know they
just ran off a little bit these are okay so it’s not always about what what you
think it’s about just write that down you’ve got to test it out to see what
it’s gonna perform best for you so do some testing and then you’ll you’ll
learn like oh hey I’m good at that distance with this club never never even
knew it might be a pitching wedge might be a nine or eight iron just really
depends on what swing you’re comfortable with so test it out so you know for sure
make sure your gapping is good make sure you’ve got the right bounces and grinds
that are going to perform best for you and the conditions you’re working with a
little testing video how to pick the right one something you can do to figure
it out so you are dialed in we’re here for you hope
you liked the video please smash that like button subscribe to the channel
love you guys see you real soon you

19 thoughts on “What Wedge Should You Hit? Top Tips to Hitting the Right Shot”

  1. This is something I went through late last year doing a lot of testing – and that is, of my 3 wedges (52,57,62), I decided that I was best to 'always' chip with either the 52 or the 62, even though the 57 was often the best choice – this was because with practice I developed 2 very different and confident swings and images of the flight for each club and my brain was better able to gain comfort and then apply this approach when faced with a shots around and into greens. I save my 57 for full swings at my yardage number and bunker play.

  2. I use 50°, 54° and 58° and I hit half and three quarter shots with each depending on the distance. Of course I know my distance on each one.

  3. Always great videos. You never make things over complicated which translates into watching the entire videos👍 thank you for sharing the knowledge

  4. Spruce Creek Golf Academy

    Great video as always Matt. Love the advice about the grinds on the wedges as that is something we tell our students to do as well. One thing at our academy is work very hard at these shots and use the Bender method used by Masters and British Open champion Zack Johnson. The technique is details and will post a video soon but basically we put the ball far back in the stance and hit low spinning shots with a little draw. Good stuff!

  5. Matt…shame on you….you jumped around on the range and chewed up too large an area….watch how they do it on TV, a lot easier for the superintendents to fix ……

  6. What matters most is loft and bounce. It's easier to make a fuller swing than a shortened swing, especially for people who don't practise that. When you are on the fairway you want less bounce than when you are in the rough or bunker because there is less room for getting the club head underneath the ball and you increase the chance of skulling it. I have a 60-05 and a 54-08. I would rather error on the side of chunking it.

  7. Charles McCormick

    No reference to "9 o'clock, 10 o'clock"; fuller swings ball lands deeper, & roll-outs likely longer with less loft. Good energy with your edits and instruction!

  8. Thanks. What's your take on slope of green to the pin? I find if it's uphill or severely uphill I want less spin ie less lofted option . Vice versa for downhill. Also I find the more speed required the more variable the spin of the more lofted club? Ie the club with the least spin variability for slightly inconsistent strikes helps distance control? Landing on a flat part of green is also helpful so a back pin on a plateau might require you to throw it all the way with more spin?

  9. Whats the thinking behind 14 degrees bounce on a lob wedge? Doesnt that take away the ability to manipulate the face on short shots , also will be very challenging on tight lies.

  10. Great content as always. For 45-60 yard shots from the fairway, is it bad that I've been using my 50*/7 Miura Tour Grind? I just feel more comfortable than I do with my higher lofted wedges mainly because I don't really get to practice much off of grass with my 54/58/60. Everything is off of a mat up here, and its just not a goof feel when I practice.

  11. Try and take your next holiday in Ireland so i can get a few one on one lessons. The more I i try to learn the worse I'm getting. When does it become natural. I'm overthinking ever shot these days now that I know what i'm supposed to do. Playing only a year and love the game but instead of improving i'm literally getting worse. Love the videos by the way. And greetings from Ireland.

  12. These are great tips. What i hope you can show to beginners is to explain more details like step 1) feet distance to the ball; 2) grip (choke down club) pressure 3) weight distribution….

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