When You Play Too Much Yu-Gi-Oh…

When You Play Too Much Yu-Gi-Oh…

100 thoughts on “When You Play Too Much Yu-Gi-Oh…”

  1. "Why do you have 3 of everything?"

    So when I feel personally attacked by another video I know I'll open at least one

  2. Coworker telling his sob story.
    Me get up to leave.
    Coworker: Dude we got work to do where are you going.
    Me: To my Lair of Darkness.
    369 days of waiting for good Lair of Darkness support.

  3. I haven't played yugioh since i was little but, I love watching your guys vids! I see the love and passion you guys have for yugioh and how a card game made your guys friendship stronger!! Its beautiful!!

  4. The Magicians' Souls in the pile of stuff that fell out of the bag. Definitely placed there to make us hurt a little inside. I see you. lol Good work

  5. Detective Dragon001

    Whilst waiting for my friend to get out their deck out. I shuffle my deck and after they get out their deck i still shuffle my deck

  6. One lightning storm 2 lightning storm I'm at work at the hospital literally dying 😅😅🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂 love you guys

  7. Would of made my day if the 3 of part also had 3 monitors, 3 mouses, 3 keyboards, 3 speakers, 3 PCs and every PC running YGOpro with a volcanic deck up there with only 3 ofs in it.

  8. YouTube plays Evenly Matched on not YouTube friendly videos, banishes all monetization face-down except for the one video they like.

  9. Absolutely classic skit gang, especially that one reference to a very loyal fan of a red hot archetype.


  10. Thanks for watching the new skit, guys! If you liked it, please SHARE it with a friend! You'd be doing us a HUGE favor! 😄

  11. Messages In a bottle

    I like that he wasn't talking about maiden with eyes of blue he was actually talking about vanilla blue-eyes

  12. I started getting back to Yu-Gi-Oh Not so long ago it has been around a year. I live in a country where Yu-Gi-Oh Is not so popular, but there was this store that had Yu-Gi-Oh cards and i got most of my collection from there. I learned how to play from an online game, but i never found anyone i could play with, there weren’t any locals or anything. Anyway i moved to Denmark 9 months ago witch was a big transition with school and all but i got the hang of it, and not so long ago i found a locals about 40 min from where i live, so i went there one day hoping i could get some information about when they played Yu-Gi-Oh and all of that, so i did and i also bought some packs from there. I went home to organize my collection(right around the time i started discoverd your channel ) at this time i had about 300 cards, some very rare. I wanted to build a deck since i was going to start playing with other players for the first time and i started looking through my cards and building my deck. And now we get to today where i was going through my almost finished deck, and i noticed something, the cards that i bought from the card shop were not the same as the cards that i bought from the other country, and so i sarted watching some vids about fake cards, and i discoverd that the cards from the other country witch were 90% of my collection were all FAKE. I am very sad right now and i don’t know what to do, i have to build my collection up from the ground again, i don’t know why i am telling you this story, i don’t know anyone that playes Yu-Gi-Oh and i guess I just wanted to say this to someone that would understand or have an idea of how it would feel like. (I know this was a bit long and has nothing to do with the vid, but i have nothing else to do) SORRY IF MY WRITING IS NOT SO GOOD.

  13. >Counting 100s as Lightning Storms
    Nah man, gotta pair those with 20s at least. And that's assuming it's a Secret and not Prismatic.

  14. @team aps

    I hope this message reaches you. I love watching your guy's videos and I think you guys are cool enough to understand what I am about to type. The CDC just declared corona to be a global pandemic. They want us to limit the amount of social interaction between individuals to prevent the spread. Events like regionals and YCS only increase the potential spread. I hope you make some kind of statement about limiting your play time because one could be a carrier and not even show any signs for like 2 weeks. Hopefully you take this into consideration.

  15. Even though I play magic this channel is awesome. I play old school yugioh and I can’t compete with this new stuff. Anyways one thing I’ve noticed about this channel is, these guys don’t spread fear amongst the community. These magic the gathering channels are spreading fear. Always complaining and everything the company is doing is wrong. The team APS guys are funny and give so much knowledge about this game. This skit made me laugh out loud. I’m this way with magic and I totally get this. I remember getting the Yugi and Kaiba starter decks when yugioh came to America and the joy you get is definitely memorable

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