Who is harder to go against? FlaSh or Bisu? By Zero [subbed]

Who is harder to go against? FlaSh or Bisu? By Zero [subbed]

Who is harder to go against out of FlaSh or Bisu? From all the way back then, I had this train of thought Even from the old days It feels pretty comfortable to go against FlaSh Why? It’s because of the difference in playstyle By style, I mean, FlaSh puts upmost importance into optimization FlaSh places most importance in optimization, so rather than harassing the opponents, his train of thought is “let me do my own thing, and let my opponent do his own thing as well” for example, Bisu just relentlessly harass you zealot poke, corsair, DT…. shuttle based harass and then is a type to go for a strong push after all that so their styles are very different from one another for me at least I am a lot more comfortable with FlaSh’s style of play let me be honest though, my winrate against [FlaSh] including professional days its much worse [than vs Bisu] but discounting the winrates but instead when you look at him as an opponent it feels a lot more free to go against [FlaSh] why? because I am able to do everything I want to do along with my plans for example, think of that match, the 108 turret match when you see the famous 108 turret match, I was able to do everything I wanted to what can you do? Its pretty chill to go against FlaSh to go against FlaSh executing my planned builds? if I prepare 10, I can do all 10 of them against FlaSh fine. but FlaSh defends every single one of them but Bisu on other hand I get 9/9 2gated, timing attacked I need to adapt and match his plays but I usually can’t keep up so because of that, there’s that playstyle difference other than comparing between Bisu and FlaSh There’s people like Fantasy or Leta Leta for example was much much unnerving to go against because… You never know what Leta will do at all during his pro days Leta has strong connection to 2port builds He doesn’t only use 2port he can mech after putting up a factory… or do high ground rax FE do the same old marine medic after rax fe but… he builds his CC on high ground and do a fake-out pretending to do 2port he uses a lot of mindgames so against players like Leta who plays more dynamically was a lot harder to go against for me at least well each person has their own preferences so its just that sort of difference [harder to go against] It’s not strictly proportional to skill levels to be perfectly honest, in terms of skill, FlaSh is miles ahead of other Terrans in terms of pure skill when you judge it just purely from playstyle differences this is my own preference and opinion but It’s much easier to go against FlaSh It does feel much more comfortable It’s just that I lose… everyone knows what FlaSh will do It’s just that they just lose even when they do know people go into game knowing what he will do so its only a problem because of the losing part I mean, in a way, that’s even a bigger problem since it means you are behind in skill really it doesn’t really matter if the word goes out since you are losing even when you know what’s going to happen It’s not like I said FlaSh is ez I am not saying this because I’ve been winning recently, but this is what I’ve been saying from before

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  1. Jinjin, you're the best! Really appreciate these translations. They make it possible for us foreigners to get an unfiltered glimpse of the scene in Korea, and I can't thank you enough for that! 🙂

  2. Makes sense, Flash just slowly suffocates you. He lets you execute your plan often, it just doesn't work. Someone like Bisu I imagine you feel unhinged and off-balance constantly.

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