Big corporations employ a lot of people.
That means a lot of jobs of course! But when you get a lot of people in one place,
there’s always the chance that something…illegal might happen. Let’s face it, the more people
work together, the more crimes there’ll be, from tiny little ones, to big and serious
crimes. Today we’re talking about detective level riddles and puzzles! Let’s see if you
can help these companies solve these master-level riddles and catch all the criminals! A director decided to reward his best employees…and
also to fire the worst. He made a list, and of course, he didn’t show it to anyone.
He left the list on his private desk, so as not to forget this important task. Then he went
home for the night. The next morning the list had disappeared. The director questioned everyone
who was in the office. Cleaner: I washed the floor and didn’t touch anything on your
table. Brian (IT-specialist): I didn’t need to steal the list. I wouldn’t have
been fired. I was in the office, typing up the weekly report. Richie (designer):
It’s so embarrassing. I went into your office, thinking it was mine. Still, I immediately
left when I realized my mistake. Who’s a liar? You have 10 seconds to find the
first criminal! Answer: obviously Brian is lying.
He couldn’t have known what kind of document was missing. Plus, it looks like he read
the list! I’m pretty sure he’s on it now though Mr. Smith’s office was robbed while he was
on his lunch break. The police knew that only 3 people were in the office, the rest
were at lunch. There was Mr. Smith’s assistant, a janitor and a postman. The police questioned
all the suspects. Postman: I brought the magazines Mr. Smith ordered. I put them on the
table in his office. Janitor: I was watching football on my phone and I didn’t see
anything. Assistant: At Mr. Smith’s request, I watered
the flowers in his study when he was out. The police immediately realized someone was lying. Who? I’ll give you 12 seconds to spot the liar Answer: It was assistant… Check it out,
there are no flowers in the office. Several employees in a small office were
found unconscious. A detective questioned the remaining staff.
Joanna (the manager): I had the day off, but I came in for a few minutes to grab
some documents. Jerry (an accountant) : The office was being sprayed for rats. That’s
why everyone got three days off. Today is the first day our mini holiday! Jessica (the receptionist):
I usually go into work at noon. I got a call from Joana, and rushed in to work.
It’s terrible what happened! So…what happened? Think carefully, you’ve
got 12 seconds to come up with an answer. Answer: It was the first day of the rat
spraying, so the poison was still in the air. The employees must have breathed it in. When a bank director came into his office,
he found his safe busted and wide open. There was a note inside! “If you call the police,
you have only yourself to blame!” The director was furious! He asked the police to question
his sworn enemy: Jack. Police officer: Did you write this? Jack: My arm’s broken.
Anyway, between you and me, I haven’t done anything illegal for a long time. The
policeman left Jack’s apartment and decided to have lunch at the cafe across the road.
After lunch, he saw Jack leaving his house. The policeman arrested him immediately.
Why? Your 12 seconds start now. Answer: Jack’s right hand was in a sling
when the cops questioned him. Leaving the house…he had his left hand in a sling. Mr. Samuel was in a bad mood. His company
was going through hard times. He had to fire one of his employees. Mr. Samuel called his
worst employee to his study. Employee: My wife had a baby a week ago. She isn’t going
back to work for a while, and we just bought a new house…You can’t fire me! Mr. Samuel
felt really bad for his employee and fired someone else instead. That new father really
needed this job. Mr. Samuel went to tell him the good news.
But when Mr. Samuel looked at the employee’s table, he realized that he had lied to him!
What did the employee lie about? Look carefully The answer: the employee said that he had just bought a new house. But that was a lie! Congratulations!
You solved all the riddles so skillfully. Hey, here’s a question: Would you rather
work in an office or work from home or not work at all

92 thoughts on “Why Do People Lie? 🔉 BOOST LOGIC WITH AWESOME TRIVIA GAMES”

  1. People lie for different reasons


    To cover up their other lies

    Besides nobody can say that they have never lied before

  2. If it’s is to easy for you than do this riddle

    You want so share me but if you share me I will be gone
    What am I
    Type your answer in the comments

  3. If it’s is to easy for you than do this riddle

    You want so share me but if you share me I will be gone
    What am I
    Type your answer in the comments

  4. <iframe width="853" height="480" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/Bunz6dBLnnE" frameborder="0" allow="accelerometer; autoplay; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture" allowfullscreen></iframe>

  5. People lie to get attention and care. For example, rumours. They make rumours to make others believe them and get attention to their rumours. Another example, faking something to make others believe you. Pretending sick so someone will care for your needs and give their upmost attention. Yes, that’s why.

  6. I would rather work in an office then at home for a plenty of reasons but basic 2 are that because I can actually go out and communicate with the sume people and Ⅱ reason is So I can actually get fresh air.
    I didn't even include not work at all because that is not gonna happen LOL😋😀😁😊

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