Why Players Hate The Epic Game Store – Forge Labs

Why Players Hate The Epic Game Store - Forge Labs

video game launchers and stores they're everywhere now there's steam The Epoch store origin you play fucking mick launcher they're everywhere now and for the longest time the top dog was steamed but over the past few months Epic Games has decided to take a run for the top position and become the new top dog by offering developers a bigger revenue cut some have decided to exclusively release their games on the epic game store this caused a little bit of an uproar from fans when publisher Deep Silver announced that they would no longer be releasing their upcoming title Metro Exodus on Steam instead it would release exclusively on the epic game store frustrated fans took to steam to vent their frustration by reviewing two of the previous games in the franchise that had nothing to do with the current controversy and while I don't condone review bombing I at the very least understand why people are doing it they want to make their concerns and criticism heard in an impactful way but unfortunately it harms the individual developers who worked on the game I genuinely feel bad for those developers because they have nothing to do with the business decisions they're just making cool games in the wake of all of this controversy a lot of the valid criticism towards the epic game store is unfortunately being reduced down to and interpreted as people getting upset over having to buy the game from a different store or just having to get another launcher when in reality people don't like the epic game store for many different reasons this video aims to make those reasons more known and clear one of the most useful features in modern gaming is cloud saving no longer do you need to store your progress locally instead your game is saved to the cloud which means that if your computer crashes you need to reinstall or simply just want to play the game somewhere else your progress is always there it's tied to your account and not your computer the feature is missing on the epic game store meaning if you forget to backup your saves or your computer breaks or you uninstall the game your progress is gone it's an important feature that simply isn't present on the epic game store remember what Xbox was going to release a console that required you to be connected to the Internet in order for it to work and how much everyone just loved that idea well everyone loved it so much that Microsoft got too worried that the console would sell too much so they scrapped the feature because that was just gonna go super well well guess what if you were a fan of that feature you're gonna love the epic game store because the epic game store has that exact feature you must be connected to the Internet in order to play games wow that's pretty good I like that so let's say you downloaded a single-player game to your laptop and you're going to the airport or you're in the back of a car or trip or whatever and you just wanna play a game on your laptop and you don't have internet too bad you can you got to be connected to the Internet or let's just say you're at home playing a single-player game on your computer and all of a sudden the internet goes out too bad fuck you you're not playing it because you got to be connected to the Internet it's a really really annoying thing to be forced on players keyboard and mouse is the primary input source for PC but there's some games that just are better with controllers and people prefer to use them well guess what those people can fuck off because there is no controller support on the epic game store you have to use a keyboard a mouse if you want to use a controller there also is no regional pricing in the epic game store meaning if you live somewhere like Australia you have to pay more for games that's just how it is or you chose to live in Australia with giant spiders and koala bears so you got to pay more you got cool stuff where you live you gotta pay more that's just the way it works let's say you want to meet some free on the epic games door well guess what you can't you can't meet friends on there you have a friends list and you can talk to people but it's very basic there's very limited social features one of the best parts about seme is just how social it is there's community hubs forms there's a lot of places where you can congregate and talk to you and meet other people who play the same games you you can also do stuff like share screenshots which you can't do in the epic game store by the way there is no in-game screenshots you can also share game clips your videos you can upload artwork there's a lot of spaces that steam provides you with so you can meet and talk to you and get to know other people who like the same games as you not on the other game store there is no social spaces on the epic game store you just have your friends list and that's it so do that somewhere else steam videogames are very expensive and often times their marketing is can be a little bit misleading so reading reviews is very important for consumers to make sure that what they're buying works and is worth it and steam has a really good system for reviews you click on the game you're thinking about buying and then right there at the top of the screen directly below the game description there's two review options you can see recent reviews which tell you how the game is currently performing and then below that is overall reviews so you can see what the reviews have been like over the entire lifetime of the game and then if you scroll down the page you can read all of the reviews and seem does a wonderful job of making this very digestible and giving you detailed information about reviews you're able to sort through them you can sort through positive reviews negative reviews most helpful fucking useless ones it's a very powerful way to tell how a game is performing because maybe when the game first came out it wasn't very good and then it got better or maybe a recent update to the game has people concerned you can see all of that right there on the store page and it's very useful for the consumer to track how a game is doing and see what people are saying about it very easily reviews are a highly useful feature for consumers yet the epic game store says not and we're not gonna have reviews there is no review system on the epic game store you click on the game you want and that's it you can't see if people like it you can't see if it's dog shit what you see is what the developer presents to you and that's it there's no option to see what other people think about the game however Epic Games has confirmed that they are working on implementing a review system to the store but it doesn't sound so good the company's founder Tim Sweeney said that the system they're working on will be developer opted in obviously that is a very problematic for a multitude of reasons off the top of my head let's say there's an early access developer who makes a game knowing full well that is dog shit and they released a cool trailer that everyone gets excited about then pushed the game out to early access everyone buys the game but that once they find out the games bad they can't warn anyone else because I've disabled reviews so I don't want anyone say anything bad about my game just watch the trailer if you liked the trailer by this early access game it's very problematic or developers who are not confident in their games or knowingly release an unfinished game or something that they know isn't very good they can just disable reviews and shield themselves from criticism that may harm their sales the entire idea behind a review system is broken the moment it becomes opt-in because if a game's good they'll leave on reviews if it's bad they'll turn off reviews it's very easy to understand how broken and problematic this idea is the entire point behind having a review system is that it puts accountability on the developers to make a game that people like and enjoy playing because if it's bad people are gonna see it's bad and then that's going to appear on your store page so you want to make a game that's good and not cut corners in addition to all of this there's a laundry list of other missing features from the epic game store like user profiles achievements linux support streaming to other devices broadcasting screenshots wish lists the list goes on and on there are tons of missing features that make people feel like the epic game store just isn't ready yet there's plenty of reasons why people don't want to use the epic game store and a lot of their valid criticism is being reduced down to simply not wanting to have another launcher yeah I didn't know they did that until I was recording b-roll for that video and it was really cool when I noticed it and I should have included it in the things that I liked but I figured showing the clip it kind of did the same thing it's a really cool little extra thing and it does have gameplay implications so I like that a lot of course my man of course some people have been getting this idea that I hate Halo now because I haven't been playing it or showing videos of it but when in reality I love halo it's still one of my favorite games that's why I like to use sound effects from it because I like the game and I like the sound effects so also there is a halo video coming it's gonna be a big boy so stay tuned for that quite a big halo one coming ps4 controllers lights are really cool I wish that the Xbox had that and more I wish my PC did that I'm sure there's a way I can do it with my RGB keyboard and whatnot but I think that feature in in ps4 controllers is awesome and I would love to see that come to Xbox somehow because but the first time I used the ps4 controller and I saw that I was really really into it thank you my man thank you thank you thank you my man I I appreciate your support so much it means the world to me and I thank you I hope to keep making videos that you enjoy thank you for watching

36 thoughts on “Why Players Hate The Epic Game Store – Forge Labs”

  1. i live in morocco and the games are way cheap like subnautica under the ice is 5 dollars XD so they have regional pricing but not for all but other things were true

  2. And now rocket league is moving to epic store at some point and if they don’t allow controllers (which happens to a majority as I am aware of the community) so rocket league will just get butt f ed

  3. Epic Games. Tim Sweeney. Thinks the customers are stupid sheep with pockets of money for em to pluck like fruits.
    Nope. I don't want to support a company like that. Epic Games: Welcome to my "avoid at all costs" list, just behind EA games.

  4. I wouldn't download Fortnite for free even if somebody gave me $2,000.

    you deserve more subscribers mate. you are like scrubby except you talk about games instead.

  5. this no truth epic game suport controller i try controller in the fortnite is work the maybe store but for the is inside the game worcks

  6. You only have to take a good hard look to Tim's Mugshot… this is a bully, unreliable piece of shite, that is aiming to ruin PC gamers experience. I will NEVER buy a game on Epic, and i will never buy a game that was Epic exclusive, not even if the exclusivity has ended… Dev's, you opt for Epic exclusive ?.. you lost one buyer… simple as that. I will NOT be supporting this kinda bullcrap.. ever.

  7. get it right. they arent going esclusive for a better cut, they are going exclusive because epic is giving them fat bags of cash. the cut is a red herring.

  8. FYI epic is just as unsecured as any type of technology 🙄u can get hacked through your phone your pc depending on sites u visit or just playing online on console 😱😱 shocking I know 🤯 get the fuk over it people it’s not just epic 🙄🤦🏻‍♂️ sadly this is the world we live in where people don’t think before they speak 😂 EPIC isn’t secure as much as your phone 😱 wow mind blowing huh🤯😂 common sense isn’t common no more 😂

  9. Gamers in a nutshell win Day See the game they like has gone epic store exclusive: City Riot
    Epic Fail Store: Making Dorknite Moolah and XXXclusive Deal to "Rape in" Awesome game we like a Corporate hooker Cosplayed by a Snake-in-a-grass goon And I can picture Tim Sweeney as a swine. enter, Tim Swiney. MY OG Nickname for Him. First I would not gonna download and use epic game store Because of the fan base So toxic So immature. So butt hurt. So peasant-like. To the point, That EGS Is now became a villain.

  10. Glad I found this video. I was kinda confused about why people hated the Epic Store so much until I heard about all this stuff. I just thought people were overreacting to minor inconvenience. Clearly that's not the case. I'll wait the 6 months for Borderlands 3 to be on Steam thank you very much.

  11. I’m not a pc gamer, but I was wondering why so much people hated epic game store …. wow 😮 you niggas got it bad if epic store buys The exclusivity of all future games

  12. So since epic games is owned by Tencent why hasn't trump imposted a tariffs on it? Or will a higher sales tax or etc be put on it since it's based in china?

  13. I wanted to get Anno 1800 a few months ago on steam but then they only allowed pre orders because once the game released it would only be available on the epic store. Ya no thx I'm not gonna do a pre order. Its all because the devs made some deal with epic to exclude steam.

    Edit: lets hope that Epic doesn't use the steam summer sale/grand prix debacle to their advantage. Despite that craziness, I'd still rather use steam.

  14. didnt watch
    here is reason
    for vetern fortnite player like me:
    it shows that epic is now a greedy fucks instead of the goo ol passionate studio
    like..ok..they got enough money from this 1 supposed to be a failure game..fortnite:br even after month and year of fucking over the game..ok..
    oh what this?..they are going to same direction as …valve?..making it own version of steam but in EARLY ACCESS
    so now you telling me they wanted to fucking ditch this game out instead of fucking fixing it?…fuck you epic..

    for people that isnt fortnite player
    1.chinese investment
    2.that TOS
    3.alpha stage store front
    4.their favorite game and the studio or publisher behind it sign a contract with epic so it only avalible here..
    now that is a dick move

  15. Great explanation. Its not just that its a launcher. Its that the launcher is so broken and in June 2019, they have barely improved a single thing. I've already been attempt hacked twice. Epic Games has showed me that they are a terrible company that doesn't give a single shit about their consumers. But, when the company doesn't treat their consumers like dogshit, i'll support them. I preordered Cyberpunk 2077 on GOG because CD Projekt Red is all about listening to their consumers and providing the best possible experience they can. Maybe Epic will learn, but I doubt it. I mean damn… not even adding a shopping cart is in their priorities. Says 6+ months undecided on their Trello…..

  16. Thanks for going thru all the problems with Epic. I admit that previously I thought it was simply blind hatred for Big Money. I have been educated.

  17. The impression I get from the amount of information I've collected on Epic (really wanted to know WHY they are bad) is that Sweeney really hates the user/community friendly nature of steams and the finnicky nature of gamers. He hates that this pretty solid platform is taking away easy money.

    So in order to hurt steam Sweeney basically bribes studios for exclusivity. Ironically in his attempt to break a monopoly (a monopoly that exists on good will btw) he's willing to CREATE a monopoly on games. I honestly thought epic was just a different vendor. Apparently using them is a big dildo in a butt to all PC gamers. And all Epic has to do is just match Steam's user friendly/community friendly/non-DRM policy which doesn't even sound that hard to do. The fact that they don't care signals they're pretty scummy

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