Why you should expect MORE BUGS in 2020?

Why you should expect MORE BUGS in 2020?

Hello everyone! You guys thought 2020 was the year of the Rat? Well it seems more like it’s gonna be a year of the Bug You think I’m joking? Well…
I’m sorry to tell you, but you should prepare yourself for this.
Yesterday it was announced that League of Legends boards are getting removed. From 9th
March you won’t be able to post anymore and from 16th March boards just go completely
offline. You won’t even be able to access any previous posts. To me boards was mostly
the place that allowed you to report the bugs or any sort of issues and trying to get the
solution there. It was a place you could find people to play with, share something cool
or just anything. But not anymore, it’s getting removed. Yes all boards are getting
removed. Report a bug boards are also getting removed. And… PBE Boards are also getting
removed. In this video I’m gonna be focused on talking about bug boards in specific – as
I think those were the most important for the game. Do you know why boards are getting removed?
me think. It probably has absolutely nothing to deal with the fact, that people who reported
bugs and issues were getting ignored over and over. Vast majority of posts never got
any response from a Rioter. Many issues were never resolved after months and months I may be delusional, but maybe maybe people that get ignored multiple times may stop posting there later? Riot is like Nah, that’s impossible. This
decision will have pretty big implications and will lead to more bugs and issues for
players, than we already have (if you thought it couldn’t get worse, then joke’s on
you). This will lead to a worse League of Legends experience for us all. But riot is like – if we don’t have the place
you can report bugs, then there won’t be bugs 5 HEAD THSHSHSHH
2 hundert iq – taps their head I was pretty vocal on twitter yesterday trying
to get more information about the whole thing. Riot is currently thinking about some alternative
for the pbe boards. Yes only pbe boards. So if you have any issues on the live servers,
well then f*ck you, we didn’t care about you anyway so whatever. And as for the PBE boards, a place that is
made to test everything in game before release, a place that is suppose to stop gamebreaking
bugs like this from coming to the live servers, we might get an alternative. But of course
they didn’t figure out that alternative yet. Potentially a subreddit where you could
post the issues. So the biggest game in the world is gonna use an external forum website
to have their problems shared. It’s totally not gonna discourage people from reporting
issues even more. Even games with few thousand daily players
and just few employees usually have forums that you could post to. And it’s gonna hurt you – players the
most. Especially people that are the most passionate about the game. It’s yet another
downgrade in recent league of legends history. I can’t wait to see bugs like this one to
hit the live servers. I can’t wait to see gamebreaking bugs appearing even more in the
professional games. I am not the one that’s gonna suffer from it, I don’t mind. League
of Legends will suffer and you – players will suffer. But at least Riot is gonna be able to save some resources and again, be successful at setting the lowest standards in the industry.
(client downgrade being a wonderful example). So often i get these messages from you guys
that the champion that you play has some bugs, but since they aren’t visually attractive,
I cannot really make videos about them. I often suggested posting on boards to have
this issue resolved, but from what I’ve seen you guys just kept getting ignored. Well
now at least you won’t be ignored because you won’t be able to post anything, f*cking xD Yes, I am aware you can still use the button
report a bug in the client, although most of you probably don’t even know where it
is. Because it’s the size of the Vatican in comparison to the entire planet But it’s not just about getting help from riot. You see, someone is having a problem
with client of any sort – and a lot of the time other people would help them through
boards so for example one person posted on the boards other person had the same problem, they maybe helped each other or maybe it will at least show to some people that there are other people with the same issue, so they would be aware that they aren’t the only ones with this problem. Now you will have 0 control about it. You of course won’t get any response
to your bug reports aswell, so don’t count on that.
So what if you encounter any issues now? Good luck is all I can say
If you ever encounter any issues or bugs you can send me an e-mail with a short explanation
and replay about it to [email protected] I do get a lot e-mails, and even if I don’t
respond it still usually means I read the message. If you want to be sure I’m gonna
respond to you quickly, join my discord server: discord.gg/vandiril and then you can just
send me a private message. I’m always trying to do my best to respond to your reports and
concerns. I’m trying to make my videos to entertain you guys, but also to help fixing
some of the issues you guys are struggling with Because I know for all of you this is a pretty big deal If you main a champion that has some crazy problems then helping fix that improves your gaming experience, Therefore it’s very sad for me to
see boards being removed. I appreciate the Rioters responding to me
on Twitter, it’s not their fault that this thing is happening, so please don’t go ahead and attack them or anything. They are actually the good guys. Thank you guys so much for watching, let me
know what do you think about this whole thing in the commands below. Have a good day, and
may the bugs stay away from you. You will need it this year 😉

100 thoughts on “Why you should expect MORE BUGS in 2020?”

  1. How about they just remove every tool for us to give feedback on the game.. I don't want to have an opinion either way.

  2. Vandiril standing up against Riot removing boards is like Faker standing up against tournaments or league e-sports in general.

    If even the Bug King is complaining, you done fucked up Riot.

  3. Riot thanked their moderators for maintaining the boards. Ugh, I'm sorry, what moderators? Most of the toxic/rude posts and comments on boards are just sitting there, not getting removed even after reporting them. The small indie company apparently doesn't have money to maintain their boards? Btw hello from the "You're posting too often" boards bug that basically says "Don't you dare to post/comment/upvote here".

  4. Dominion: "Abandoned"
    Nexus Blitz: "People stopped playing it"
    Twisted Treeline: "*the same as Dominion*"
    Boards: "Popularity has decreased"

    Coming later this year…
    Promos to get out of Gold and below: "People get hard stuck anyways"

  5. Refer a Friend got removed, 1v1 and 2v2 got removed, Project map got removed, Dark Star Tresh Map got removed, Nexus Blitz got removed, Twisted Tree Line got removed, Runes got removed, IP got replaced, Good Old client got removed, Boards are getting removed, soon probably Aram will get removed, then TFT and last place normal select in 5v5 probably… Amazing Game!!!

  6. lmao same shit they did with twisted treeline
    “no one plays it and it has nothing to do with the fact we ignored it for 5 years so we gonna remove it. have a nice day”

  7. Vandiril saying I will suffer is one of the scariest things in 2020 yet
    Jokes aside thx for all the work you've done for us so far, and good luck with the things 2020 has for you!

  8. im reporting for master yi double strike+ old 2 hit guinso bug since its release and it was fixed last year but ….:) 5 Years ignorance
    i still can spam the shit out of the ticket system on the support but they seem rly brain damaged because they don't understand even i have recorded game applied + pictured

  9. I'm not tryna be racist, but maybe Riot just doesn't want to hear players' complaints so that they believe themselves there is nothing wrong with their game.
    Big sad.

  10. Bring Back Old Aatrox

    "if we dont have the place where you can report the bugs… There wont be bugs! 5head. SPSHSAOH-400 IQ, Taps their head."

  11. And for the players, people will find some game breaking bug, will play around with it (maybe not even abuse it) and get banned for abusing the system.

  12. Removing community contribution is how you kill the longevity of your game. Look at TF2. Valve hasn't touched it in years and it's still going strong because of how involved the fanbase is. Pretty much everything that gets added to the game is fanmade content and a good chunk of the balance changes are based on community feedback (however rarely they happen). I really worry that Riot is going in the direction of being this massive game giant that doesn't really give a shit about player experience as long as it doesn't lose them money.

  13. Sometime ago I sended vandiril and riot a bug with Ohmwrecker disabling the turrets for 6 secs instead of 3 when the item was… not a part of turrets… just to see that it took almost 6 weeks to fix it (not that i didn´t enjoyed it because I was one of the few that used the item…) yes… now with boards getting removed… what is next? more mordekaiser bugs?

  14. Well even when the boards were active for some reason I was never able to post or answer anything, the website just would not let me 😀

    "You need to be X level to post" Level on what? League of Legends? I am way past lvl 30 The forum itself? How do I gain level on the forum if I can't interact on it?

  15. 2019 was the year of Riot's budget cuts, but only because we haven't seen much of 2020 yet. Now the company owning the biggest game in the world can't even afford to host a forum anymore. I'm sure they will retire patchnotes soon as well, just like champion spotlights. In the near future you'll get to know about new champions and removed mechanics of champions in the game when your team mates yell at you for not having figured that out 10 games earlier.

  16. I feel like this is not THE main reason because there were a lot of people that bitched about riot’s problems instead of providing some kind of constructive criticism

  17. Riot is nothing but a company of scammers now. All they care about is squeezing as much money out of people as they can while putting in as LITTLE of an effort as they can. Fuck Riot!

  18. Riot games before buyed by Tencent
    Great game
    Good comunnity
    Best Friends
    And patchs maked with love
    Riot games after buyed by tencent
    Generic game
    Worst comunnity
    Bad friends
    And: a very and simple clone of ActiBli$$ard

  19. i think uplay is worse than riots client but they are both honestly terrible it's actually hilarious that every single game dev recently has been making there own clients and every single one has been completely trash.

  20. Warwick's W not giving you a speed boost to low hp targets when there's a high hp target in between you and them is such a game breaking bug that's been ignored so long people are calling it a feature.
    Guess that's never being addressed.

  21. The toxicity has also gotten worse. Afks in every ranked game aswell as inters. And I have met the most toxic people I have ever seen in my 9 years of league of legends. Ranked has become unplayable as you cannot possible climb out of gold once you are stuck in it, just because of those people.
    This is probably my last season of lol

  22. Riot has taken really stupid decisions, i remember reporting someone outside client. They took almost ONE YEAR to answer because they were working on a "better report system". I didn't knew the same people that works on the report system are the ones who reads the tickets so they just randomly decides to ignore them because well fuck players, better report system where inting, going afk, fucking up lanes and staying afk in base again to keep flaming is allowed, no banned people means no one breaking rules 5Head.
    Oh but we have eternals, game is saved.

  23. I stopped playing league since my pc got this problem three weeks ago: only on my pc (tried with my girlfriend's pc and it's fine) i have a huge packet loss only on league. I also main top and i only miss the company of my friends in the evening when i used to play. I don't miss the game because it suck so hard.

    Even the new balance politics is fucked up, it's clear that they don't have a clue on what's going on inside their own game and i'm not sure they even care

  24. I used to report bugs on the board but I stopped when it didn't do anything. After months of getting annoyed I just messages a Rioter on something more personal and they fixed it within a week.

  25. THIS ETERNALS THING IS DOG SH*T AND I CANT POST ON THE FORMS ABOUT IT BECAUSE THEY GOT RID OF IT !!!!!!! I’m a very well of League of Legends player as far as Blue Essence goes. I’ve played way to much league of legends. So why the f**k do I have to buy some of the stat trackers for my champions? I already got the “Starter Series Eternal Pass” because I’ve got shit tons of BE. I can’t get the Series 1 Eternal pass with BE at all? Not even for my main champions? This is dog s***. They are also trying to bait players saying “oh it 93% off, if you get the pass for all the champs” and it’s like ok yea that’s true but why the f**k is it 600Rp for 1 champion, and why the f**k can’t I get it with BE for my main. Or even I know crazy idea, but let me get it with one with some of my Champion Shards.
    Dog s**. F**k riot. Pu**y a* mother f***ers.

  26. Idk why but hearing vandril say "fuck you" feels like my ears are now blessed.

    Here's a free reply button:

  27. Game Company: removes a good feauture
    Also Game Company: ''It wasn't popular enough, sorry.''

    Riot has said the same shit with Twisted Treeline, Dominion and Nexus Blitz

  28. I don't think that there will be more bugs without the boards than with boards. If they aren't even looking into their own boards (and they said this in their own article) there was just the illusion for the bug reporting players.

  29. I hate that report bug button in the client.. Opens the browser after a solid hour because the client is hogging my ram, then i have to login, enter my age, dick size, number of chromosomes. The page then eats all the info and reloads like i didn't enter anything and asks me to do it all over.

  30. had a smurf account. after a certain level i couldnt play anymore because the client wouldnt let me pick a champion to keep. took them 2 weeks to reply with the only other way to report a bug

  31. i know this gets tossed around alot but i seriusly think riot will kill League if they continue in the direction they're going, they deleted twisted treeline because it wasn't popular, messed up rotating game modes, they deleted their forum because it wasn't popular, they stopped doing anything special with events exept some free missions for a chroma and a epensive yellow chroma you can get if you buy event pass.

    These features might not make sense in a short term buisness plan so yea, they remove them, however these features aren't supposed to make money, they're suppose to support and help the game. In real life the goverment doesn't remove or stop maintaining a road because the road isn't that popular or they don't make a profit of it but apperently Riot do, why? because they lead somewhere. The supporting game modes are important to keep people playing leuage, even if they're not playing SR or making a profit of them they still attract people trough friends and genral activity.

    Riot removing these features will cause some people to leave the game, causing other game modes and outside activity (such as talk in school, work and on places like reddit or forums in this case) popularity to drop leading to further shut downs untill there's nothing left but summoners rift, and there's nothing left supporting summoners rift untill they close that down too

  32. Nothing against you, love the videos, just you kinda sound a bit toxic and kinda used a lot sarcasm… well, guess it is sort of affecting you the most because of the bug reports that people were posting.

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