Will This Catfish Pull Off the Ultimate Fake Out? | Singled Out | MTV

Will This Catfish Pull Off the Ultimate Fake Out? | Singled Out | MTV

On this episode of MTV’s S1ngled
Out, we have 25 single women. These are the IRLs in real life, but over here we have
25 dating profiles. They are the URLs
on our URL board. All 50 of them are competing
to be picked by one hopeful who won’t see any of them
until the final round. What do you think? And, just like
on any dating app, these URLs could be catfish. We never said
this would be easy. Our hopeful on this episode is Kwasi, who you might remember
from season seven of MTV’s Are You The One? I don’t always want
to be a beast. I’m Conceited and here’s
your host who’s freestyle skills are as red hot as her hair, Justina Valentine
kicking off round one. We would love to keep all
25 of these lovely ladies, but we got to narrow them
down to eight or less using these categories.
We have age, height, music, commitment, goals,
and social media. C-O-N, did you get the answers
from all these lovely ladies? You know I got all the answers,
Justina, but I did something
a little better. I had posted their answers
right on the front of everybody, so none of them can cheat
or change their answers. Okay. So, Kwasi, we got your back,
and don’t worry, the URLs are also locked in. Now, first of all,
women don’t cheat, right ladies? So, don’t worry about that, Con.
Alright. Now, Kwasi,
the ball is in your court. Today is the day. What category
are we starting with? Let’s go with height. Oh, alright.
You trying to be like Fat Joe
and get all the way up? Or you trying to be like
Lil’ Jon and get low? I do love my tall women. Uh-huh. But, let’s get low. Let’s get
rid of all the way up people. You want to get low?
Yes. All the giraffes gotta go. Giraffes, get up out of here.
Long necks. They belong on
the basketball court. You gotta go. Go shoot hoops. That’s a tall glass of water. She could help Lebron
in the playoffs. Woo. Ay, ay, Kwasi.
Eyes right here, buddy. They’re gone.
Alright. Where we going next? Let’s go with goals. Goals. Okay. You want your shorty to be doing
the most or doing the least? So, my girl she has to, you know what I mean,
have her goals on point. Right. I need someone that’s going
to run the world with me. Okay. So, whoever was doing the least,
get rid of them. You’re doing the least, peace. Get rid of them. Peace.
Get rid of them. Instagram modeling
does not count. Instagram models, so long. Even the URL board is dropping.
Alright. Y’all doing the least. We making some progress, Kwasi. Now, Kwasi, you have one
more category to choose, so choose wisely. Let’s do commitment. Commitment. You feel me? Okay, Kwasi. Is my man looking for an eternal
flame or disposable lighter? Just like the show
that I was on- Uh-huh. I’m looking for the one. Woo. Get rid of that disposable
lighter, man. Y’all gotta go. Peace. That was your last flame, baby. Look at the board.
We lost three on the URL. Now, we have three left also. Wow. Alright. That’s it. We’re down to three IRLs
and three URLs, which means
it’s the end of round one. Conceited, tell us
about our IRLs. IRL number one
introduce yourself for Kwasi. Hey, Kwasi. My name’s Deanna. I know you haven’t
found your one, but I could be your 10. She’s talking that.
She’s talking that. I like that. IRL two introduce yourself
for Kwasi. Hi Kwasi, my name is Sophie
and I want to be your trophy. Last but not least,
introduce yourself for Kwasi. Hi Kwasi, my name is Faith
and I’m faithful, so what more could you ask for. I’m not going to lie, Kwasi,
she’s cute. Let’s see what we got
on the URL boards. Brianna says,
“Hey Kwasi, I’m Brianna, but you can call me future
Madam President. Wanna run the world with me? It might be a young
Michelle Obama in the making. Jenny says, “Hi Kwasi,
I’m Jenny. You wanna a real woman? You’re in luck
’cause I’m plenty”. She’s got a monkey on her back. Monkey. It might be a lot
of monkeying around. I don’t know if you’re into
that type of thing. Molly says, “What’s up, Kwasi? I’m Molly,
but my only drug is you…”. So, listen. In round two,
Kwasi’s got to challenge for the IRLs
and a challenge for the URLs that’s going to help him decide
who he wants to keep. Now, only one IRL
and one URL can stay and make it to the final round.
You ready, Kwasi? Let’s get it. Let’s get it.
Let’s get it. Alright. Let these IRLs know
what you want them to do. Okay. I really appreciate
a woman who’s in touch
with her creative side. Draw me a self portrait
to show your artistic skills, and I’ll pick the one
with the most talent. You got 20 seconds. On your mark, get set, go. Let’s go. Let’s go.
You only have 20 seconds. How they looking?
How they looking? How they looking? 20 seconds. Number one can’t draw.
It’s looking like stick figures. Number two’s drawing a selfie.
All I see is a head. Okay. I’m seeing a Mrs. Potato Head,
Kwasi. I see a Mrs. Potato Head. How’s number three looking? Number three’s looking aight. Time. Time. Time. Time. Time.
Markers dropped. Rip it off. Rip, rip it off.
Markers dropped. Justina, we got some drawers. Let’s see. I’m going to say … There’s no Picasso’s
in the building, but let’s see what we got. Okay. I see the hips. Yeah, you know what- As a matter of fact- Con kept this one on the front because I think he wants
to actually take it home. Yeah, let me take this, Kwasi. Alright. We got number two. Okay. Alright. That one’s a little- Number two got like a- Yeah.
That’s how big her head is? Hey, big head. Alright, and then
we got number three. I like that. That one’s kinda cute?
Okay. I like that. I like that.
Number three. Number three. Alright. Number three, those
art classes paid off, baby. Conceited, get the other
two broads up out of here. You, you, get to stepping.
Go ahead. Peace. Kwasi, enough about the IRLs.
You have your IRL. What are we going
to have the URLs do? Okay. So, URLs, not to be cocky, but I do get a lot of girls
that slide in my DM’s. Talk it. It’s hard to keep up
and keep track. Show me how you’ll slide into
my DM’s to get my attention. Playa. Playa. Con, what we got? Brianna, let me see
what you would do. Alright. Oh. Wait a minute.
Actually, Kwasi. Pizza and a pussy. My kind of date.
Pizza and pussy. That’s my kind of date. Pizza and pussy. Okay. Let’s go to the next one. Jenny, what you got?
Oh. Oh, hold on. Wait, wait, wait.
Ah! 16 tongue emojis. So, she’s trying to get right. She’s right to it. Let’s see, Molly. “I’ll give you 10 bucks
if you respond”. Oh, well, listen. I mean, I don’t know what
Are You The One? paying you, but I know
you ain’t hurting for 10 bucks. 10 bucks. Alright, Kwasi. Which URL got
your attention the most? The first one. I think she was
talking about some pizza and- Some pizza and some pussy? Yeah. Aight, P squared, he’s feeling
the pizza and pussy, so that’s what it is.
URL number one it is, and now we’ve made it
to the final round. We have one IRL and one URL, so now you have
a big decision to make. I’m going to turn you around,
show you your two options, so we can get it popping.
Con, come give your girl a hand. Dope. Whoa. Okay. Give us a quick brief
about these two ladies. Now, remember Kwasi,
you picked her because of her beautiful
self portrait which obviously this
is it in real life, and now you picked her because she had the kitty cat,
the pizza. Sounded like a perfect,
perfect date, but you know
this could be a catfish. You see her in real life.
It’s all up to you, man. We’re going to hit you
with a little more 411 to help you make
your decision easier. Help me out. Okay.
Help me out. You answered five questions
before the show. We wrote them on these cards. Let’s ask these ladies
the questions and see who’s
the most compatible. Okay. You ready?
Let’s get it. Ladies, you ready?
You ready? I’m ready. Okay, girls.
Early riser or night owl? Night owl. Brianna? Night owl. I’m a night owl. I already know. I already know. Let’s go. Sex on the first date,
yay or nay? Nay.
Nay. She’s a good girl. Yay. Freaky deeky. Don’t lie. If the vibes are right. If the vibes are right.
If the vibe are right. I knew you would say yay. Okay. The end is near,
repent or party? Repent. Okay. Oh my god. Party. It’s party, baby.
YOLO. My man Kwasi is not playing.
Aight. Ha Ha Ha or LOL? Ha Ha Ha. Brianna? Ha Ha Ha. Neither LOL. He’s a LOL man.
Last question, y’all. Is it pronounced
cara-mel or caramel? Cara-mel. Brianna? Cara-mel. Cara-mel. Cara-mel. Me too. Okay.
Me too. Cara-mel. Alright. Now Kwasi, our IRL,
she’s beautiful. She’s faithful, but she only got
two answers correct. Now, our URL, also beautiful, answered four of
the questions correctly. The pressures on. You didn’t
find love on your first show. Don’t fail us again, Kwasi. I know. I know. You have to decide
who you want to single out. Take one last good look and let us know
who you’re going with, Kwasi. Help him out. Help him out. She- She look. She’s bad. And, that could be catfish too? Right.
Could be. It could be. It could be not. I’m going to go with her. He’s going to go with the URL. Brianna. Come on, Kwasi. Let’s meet your woman.
Bring her out. Let’s go Brianna. Come out. It’s a catfish. I mean, say hello. Yo. Alright. Alright. What? Oh, Kwasi. Today was not
your day to find the one, but you know what live to die
another day tomorrow. Just remember for all those
of you at home, if you can’t find love, you can always pay
for it like Conceited. Whoa, whoa, whoa. Listen. Hey.
Hey. That’s our show.
Thank you for watching. Listen, catfish is really real.
We will see you next time on- We out.
S1ngled Out. Peace. New York City, you want
a little freestyle real quick? [inaudible],
hit me with a beatbox. Come on, Kwasi.
Come on, Faith. Ready? Shout out to my man Kwasi.
He got a nice body. He on the show when he
looking for a real hottie. He want a girl
who got a lot of cake, but Kwasi messed up
’cause he should’ve had Faith. Picked the wrong dude.
Now, he’s in trouble. I respect your rhyme,
and I really like your hustle, but you couldn’t find love.
You about to be lonely. Got to call your man
’cause that’s your new homie. See or when you know
he couldn’t do it. When I rap,
you know it’s so fluid ’cause when I do it,
yeah, I do it one time. C-O-N, Singled
Out, your girl Justina Valentine. Singled Out.
Thank you for watching. Thank you. See you next time
on Singled Out.

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