Wind Creek Games: Rakin’ In the Bacon

Wind Creek Games: Rakin’ In the Bacon

Did you know that each year the average American consumes up to eighteen pounds of bacon? If your someone who loves bacon then I have something just for you on this weeks Wind Creek Games . This is Rakin’ Bacon one of the newest games here at Wind Creek. This game not only has a beautiful 4K screen with cool artwork, it also features an awesome Free Spin Bonus, match three or more Pots of Gold and and you’ll be sent to the bonus game where you can select up to fifteen spins! The pig symbol pays out the most and it drops a coin in the big pig on the top of the screen. You can watch the pig fill up until it finally pops sending you to a match game where you have a chance to win a Jackpot! Rakin’ Bacon is already a hit here at Wind Creek were recently we had a lucky guest win one hundred and thirty three thousand dollars, Could the next Jackpot be yours? It just might be! To find this or any of our other great games check out the game finder on or ask a friendly red shirt. Now lets check how you did on this weeks Jackpot Report. Thanks Shamekia. In Atmore Nine hundred fifty seven jackpots were hit paying out over two point four million dollars. In Montgomery, one thousand one hundred and eight jackpots were hit paying out over two point five million dollars. And over at Wetumpka over eighteen hundred jackpot paid out over four point three million dollars. So that puts our totals at three thousand nine hundred and nine jackpots hit paying out nine million, four hundred twenty three thousand, seven hundred and seventy two dollars and forty nine cents. Congrats everybody. Remember you can check out how your favorite games ranked by checking out Well, it’s time to bring home the bacon Check back with us next week for another episode of Wind Creek Games. Until next time.

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