Wonder Zoo – Launch trailer

Wonder Zoo – Launch trailer

94 thoughts on “Wonder Zoo – Launch trailer”

  1. Чё вы все на англизком пишите чёрт вазьми ёпт на русском не льзя?

  2. On my little pony, please add me! My name is raspberryponies and I am on EVERYDAY! hurry up and add me and get a chest from me! ♥▪♥

  3. I'm watching this to get gems on mlp but how do you get back to the game but it saves like I go back to the game but it didn't get my gems it won't save! Please help me

  4. Maria Manuela Sagrario Cervantes Ricardo

    hola cuando hace otra vercion de wonder zoo con bosques y un nuevo lugar de tiempo a la era pleistoceno

  5. Ah, what a pity here in Brazil is no longer available … I wanted to kill myself … Gameloft makes the game available in Brazil, it would be a pleasure.

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