X1, FLASH [THE SHOW 190903]

X1, FLASH [THE SHOW 190903]

[PREVIEW] X1- Flash ⚡️ [YOHAN] Like I’ve been bewitched somewhere 🎭 [YOHAN] I follow my awakened senses 👣 [WOOSEOK] To the place where you are, I can feel it ⛺️ [WOOSEOK&SEUNGYOUN] You’re my savior, my desire [HANGYUL]Your sparkling gaze sets my heart blazing🔥 [EUNSANG] My heart is beating faster,
like it’s going to explode ♥️ [HYEONGJUN] Now it’s growing little by little, my gauge [DONGPYO] There’s no need to wait,
I’m already prepared 🧳 [WOOSEOK] I can take you higher 🏔 [WOOSEOK] Now the time is here 🕚 [SEUNGYOUN] To that higher place 🌎 [SEUNGYOUN] I’ll take you there 🚀 [SEUNGYOUN] Oh Baby [JUNHO] The moment your eyes blink 👁 [SEUNGYOUN] (This moment) [JUNHO] We’ve become connected 🔌 [SEUNGYOUN] (Connected) [SEUNGWOO] Only you complete me, I complete you ⚤ [All] Fly high high high high-er 🦋 [YOHAN] FLASH!⚡️ [SEUNGWOO] Fire up!💥 [ALL] Fly high high high-er 🦋 [WOOSEOK] Fire up! 💥 [ALL] Fly high high high-er 🦋 [MINHEE] Like I’ve fallen into a state of ecstasy 👄 [MINHEE] My mind is clouded with you 🌫 [DONGPYO] That split second when I was confused 🧭 [EUNSANG] In a flash, you’re my thunder,
my lightsaber💡 [EUNSANG] Yeah [DOHYUN] I’m going to make you shine my way [DOHYON] I’ll take you higher than the clouds 🌁 [DOHYUN] This moment will be our memory [DOHYUN] Gonna flame to the clouds☁️ [DOHYUN] Way up high higher [SEUNGYOUN] You the one only get me fire 🔥 [SEUNGYOUN] Light me up and I light you brighter🌟 [SEUNGYOUN] Call it “we” like time has stopped 🕰 [SEUNGYOUN] Burnings the fireworks, light up 🎆 [YOHAN] I can take you higher🎢 [SEUNGYOUN] Oh yeah [YOHAN] Now the time is here⌛️ [SEUNGYOUN] Can’t take it, no [SEUNGWOO] To that higher place🗽 [SEUNGYOUN] Oh~ [SEUNGWOO] I’ll take you there 🤝 [SEUNGWOO] Oh baby [JUNHO] The moment your eyes blink 👁 [SEUNGYOUN] (This moment) [JUNHO] We’ve become connected 🔌 [SEUNGYOUN] (Connected) [YOHAN] You & I we make it right ✔︎ [YOHAN] Our final moment, rally point🚦 [YOHAN&HYEONGJUN] Yeah we run it run it🏃🏻‍♂️ [YOHAN&HYEONGJUN] We burn it burn it burn up 🔥 [WOOSEOK] FLASH! ⚡️ [WOOSEOK] Fire up!💥 [JUNHO] Fly high high high-er 🦋 [WOOSEOK] Fire up!💥 [EUNSANG] Fly high high high-er 🦋 [YOHAN] In that empty spot in the deep dark sky 🌌 [YOHAN] For a moment we graze it with a sparkle 🎇 [HANGYUL] The fireworks go up,
they shine so brilliantly 🎆 [SEUNGWOO] We are fated🌱 [SEUNGWOO] Light up and fly higher💡 [HYEONGJUN] Show me your fantasy 📽 [WOOSEOK] The moment you were blinded 🌑 [SEUNGYOUN] Yeah [DONGPYO] I’ll fill you up completely🍯 [MINHEE] I cannot deny it ✖︎ [SEUNGYOUN] At that higher place ☾ [SEUNGWOO] Yeah [SEUNGYOUN] We are shining brilliantly ☀︎ [SEUNGWOO] (Ain’t nobody can stop me now) [WOOSEOK] Only you shine on me, and I shine on you🌓 [SEUNGWOO] You light up my life 🕯 [YOHAN] Flash!⚡️ Subbed by: OneCanadianElf🧚🏻‍♀️

100 thoughts on “X1, FLASH [THE SHOW 190903]”

  1. Okay but i just want to thank nctzens for keeping their lightstick on 🥺
    X1 shined so bright on stage 💖💖💖
    I wish the cameraman/woman was as good as X1

  2. I would love too see people going crazy for Hangyul because of his abilities and not his body, yes he's freaking hot but he's so talented and his personality is amazing

  3. Finally a good version of this night. Woosoek in this black & white suit is so elegant. The brown hair suits the white suit. Thank you the stylist to make him outstanding. The cut makes his movements so powerful. Amazing voice and eye-catching dance.

  4. let's pray for Yohan's fast recovery and for X1's safety during performances. Seungyoun and Wooseok slipped during this performance. Hope that it won't happen again.

  5. Han seungwoo i love all about you…
    Your vocal ,dance and performance , all about you are so agsgdydjbdudhdofkj
    Fighting itu seungwoo-niiee 😘😘

  6. I'm proud of my jowa huhuhu Hangyuuul bebe! I supported u since day 1 and seeing your performance and how the people appreciate you now makes me cryyy! I love you!! u deserve everything! I love you all X1 members! Thank you for working hard! Yohan please rest well and get well soon! u still shine bright our center!

  7. Yohan you will shine on forever, get well soon <3 They are a real talented group unlike all these other just goin viral by usin Authentic views com to get their views up… SMH seems like anyone can go viral these days

  8. 3:29 Appreciation for Wooseok for sliding yet managed to pull off his line and dance move nanoseconds later. 👏👏👏👏👏 I only saw it through the fancam version and went back here to see if the camera caught it.

  9. Yohan makes me soft. He so cute and precious but can be very disrespectful in his live stages. Just him sitting in a chair makes me love him idk why.

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