Xbox One Kinect 2.0 tear down and repair guide. Cleaning out dust.

Xbox One Kinect 2.0 tear down and repair guide. Cleaning out dust.

Alright, today we have the Xbox Kinect 2.0
for the Xbox One. This is Microsoft’s camera. And first we have to find the screw. So underneath this void black tape that actually
says ‘Microsoft’ on it when you peel it up, we’re going to find eight screws that
line the bottom. Once you get those screws out the back plastic
piece pops up and out, which shows a bunch more screws that we have to remove. And if you’re just taking this apart to
clean out the lenses, you don’t have to take these screws out so don’t worry about
that right now. Once you get the screws out you can take apart
the back grill for the fan. And then the side grills also pop out. You have to remove the side grills because
there are two more screws, one on either side, holding the front face plate or lens cover
to the actual device itself. So once you take out those two screws the
top will lift up and the front will pop off the actual Kinect device. It’s all nice and shiny and you can see
the little lenses that cover the infrared and other sensors on the front. I have the actual device right here. And you can see the main camera here, and
the motion camera and the other sensors and lenses right there. Now the top motherboard is held on by all
these screws. And the fan connector is here. It’s just your normal 5 volt dc fan. And there’s one more screw that holds on
the little circuit board on the front that you have to remove. Then that exposes the little white ribbon
that you can unclip from the main board and then that separates the motherboard and heat
sink from the actual device itself. This is just the bottom plastic. And then you have the two big wire cables
holding the cameras onto the motherboard. So I’ve unclipped both of those. And you can see it also unclip down there
at the bottom from the other diodes in the center there. And I found it interesting that they have
a foam covering over the processor. So instead of using thermal paste they have
a thermal foam that connects the motherboard to the heat sink. The heat sink is massive. So right here you’re going to see a bunch
more screws that hold each individual component onto the heat sink itself. And each one of those…so here’s the main
camera with its own little thermal foam attached to it. Then we have the motion camera. And then we have the rest of the diodes and
each of them have their own little processor that also has its own little foam attached
to the massive heat sink. Anyway if you have any questions leave them
in the comments. If you like this video don’t forget to “like”
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55 thoughts on “Xbox One Kinect 2.0 tear down and repair guide. Cleaning out dust.”

  1. i hope i win i be sharing all you video i would just get a job and buy but my parents want me to get done with school plez pick me

  2. Were you able to find anything out about the connector on the Kinect it's self. Are the pins identified on the PCB. Trying to figure out how to make an extension cable.

  3. My Road to Thailand

    Hey Jerry, My grandson physically pushed my sons Xbox Kinect unit meaning he moved it when it was off. It was fairly new at the time and it hasn't worked since. Anyway to fix it or is it toast? BTW This is the first Kinect the 1st year they came out. Not sure if that info matters. Be Well.

  4. Jerry come watch some of my videos when you get a chance , ya I got a finger print on the Kinect and I am trying to figure out whats safe to clean off finger prints without scratching the glossy finish.

  5. Anybody know what's actually going bad in this when the kinects die? Aka the problem where it randomly won't turn on and says "Kinect Unplugged" on the xbox.

  6. @JerryRigEverything I was just wondering if you were able to actually unplug the cable directly from the back of the Kinect device itself.

  7. what a waste of time ????? what was the point of recording this… any1 can take some tools and dismantle items!!!!!!! would have been helpful if you knew which diodes or resisters etc need replacing for it to work ffs

  8. when you take it apart on top of the board there is a white fuse like thing that is the problem with most of them you can see it when he talks about the first heat sync

  9. For those of you that can't get your Kinect to work by hard restart the prob is in the hardware on the mother board there is a small square white fuse you can unplug it once you have the unit apart and see if it's good or bad it's your prob most likely if the restart doesn't work 👍🏻

  10. Can someone please help me. I unplugged the cable form the back of the kinect and cant seem to get it back in right. now the kinect wont power on.

  11. Parabéns por compartilhar seu conhecimento! mas se eu não quiser apenas soldar, onde posso encontrar esta peça para substituir? vale a pena comprar para substituir? Quais são os riscos de apenas soldar os fios? Obrigado!

  12. thanks for video. my kinect work normally for about 10 minutes and then it's restart frequently and when i touch the kinect it's Almost too hot and I did not see the fan spin . You think the problem is that because of the heat? please guide me. It is possible to repair?

  13. I turn my kinect on and after less then 30 min it turns off. Wont respond or anything. I unplug then plug the kinect and it works. What you think the problem is?

  14. my kinect stopped working. The xbox light would go on and off and it would completely shut down after a few seconds. I'm not sure if is broken or i just need to clean the dust.

  15. What model camera is that? Curious about upgrading mine for better 3D scan resolution. Would be nice not to tear it down to pull the model number.

  16. Seems really well made, nice and modular, lots of screws, minimal use of glue/ adhesive, nice heat sink size, good use of thermal foam on most of the heat producing components, elegant layout. Its evident that Microsoft invested a ton of R&D into both generations of Kinect. My wife & I love the fitness gaming aspect of both the 360 Kinect and the Xbox One Kinect V2. Sad to see microsoft discontinue it entirely. I hope their next generation (the one after Xbox One X) features a 3D VR Kinect system or something cool like that!

  17. mine says cant detect depth sensor ! what can i do i made the knict to be a 3D scanner got 12v 2.5amp and a usb 3.0

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