Xenocell: A multiplayer sandbox action-strategy game for the PC

Xenocell: A multiplayer sandbox action-strategy game for the PC

Think of Xenocell as a sandbox game meets MMO meets Battlezone. Hi. My name is Konrad Kiss. I’m the lead developer of a science-fiction game called Xenocell.
I’m also a co-founder of Bitgap, the studio behind the game. We are working with a small team of
professionals over the internet to create the game that we want to play. It plays on a faraway planet, and the player is a survivor of a failed terraforming mission. Each player gets an entirely different play experience.
There are no starting zones in Xenocell; You start from where your life pod crashes into the ground. All structures, weapons, vehicles and
equipment can be broken down into and created from core materials. Your initial goal is to explore and find a place
where you can build your home. Then you gather resources and start building other things – like a faster vehicle – or you can create better equipment. You could create an entire city if you like. Players can optionally form clans.
Clans have the advantage of being able to claim a given zone for themselves, but
usually not without waging war – on another clan or the zone’s natural boss creature. All of these neighboring zones are
connected by warp gates: arrival and departure gates
at two remote locations within the zone. Whoever controls a zone also
controls the gates to it. So clans win zones and then build
mining structures to gather resources. When filled up, these buildings
cause the zone to automatically open in order to be emptied. At this time even enemies can enter the zone, so this is when fights usually happen. There’s a wide array of objects that players can build. Decorations, buildings, turrets, alarms, even NPCs. Everything you build is persistent;
it stays there, but they’re also destructible. So you need to protect your buildings
and there are some great ways to do that. You can of course build
strong walls around them, but you can also add mercenaries which are
in fact NPC units that protect your belongings when you’re offline.
You could also place stationary turrets both indoors and outdoors. Or you could build a secret alarm system
that will post a tweet or send you an email. There are over four thousand zones and every zone is unique. The game is very close to completion. We still have a number of bugs to fix
and some features to test, still, we plan to launch this year. Launching a massively multiplayer game is very expensive. Although we created our backend to save money
where possible we still need to be able to provide a stable and fast
gaming experience During this over four years of working
on the game, our funds have been depleted. To tell the truth, we thought that it
would only take about two years and it took more than four. Since I’m the only programmer right now,
I’ll need some help with fixing bugs and working on new features. Finally, soon after launch, the game needs
to be able to support itself. This only depends on a single variable – the number of players We plan to advertise, get in touch with game
magazines, find interested publishers and integrate their code. Okay, so what happens if we do not reach
our goal with this campaign? Well, we’re not giving up easily! It could take years for us to be able to
save the money required to pull this off. If you help us now, then it could only take
as much as a few weeks. If you have any questions please let me
know. Use these channels, and I’ll be very happy to answer! Please support this game! If you cannot
afford to spend any money, you could still tell others about it and the campaign. Just by waiting to play this game you
are giving us something that we value the most – your time and
your will to share it with us. So if you want to help us even more,
be sure to tell your friends about Xenocell! Thank you.

43 thoughts on “Xenocell: A multiplayer sandbox action-strategy game for the PC”

  1. Can't wait for it to come out, ever since I quit Face of Mankind I've been looking for a good, new sandbox to play.

    I just hope its free 🙂

  2. @kemita Thanks. Kickstarter project payouts are only available for US/UK citizens. We're a Hungarian studio. We can work something out, but the taxing nightmare made us first give the easier way a try. If that doesn't work out, we might try Kickstarter – we'll see.

  3. @pedroparsbr Once we have a stable game, yes. This will only happen after release as we want to be sure that we can handle the traffic Steam would land us with.

  4. I didnt know about this game…it seems very interesting…the only thing i didnt like its animations…i have seen many indie mmo failing because of bad animations…(i know its still in development)

    I really hope devs gets more advertising…i mean this only have 7900 views and 56 likes.
    And i wouldnt find this unless i was bored looking in mmorpg.com games list.

  5. Thanks! Development came to a halt recently. We're still working out how we can get back to finally finishing and launching the game.

  6. 2:38 I own that building. 1:40 I own that one too. 3:00 I own all of those buildings. You've done a good job improving the textures on them though.

  7. 3drt.com are the artists behind these models, so I'd be very surprised if Ethan would have any proof – unless 3drt licenses these buildings from them, which they don't, I'm pretty sure.

  8. Thank you! Good luck with your game dev journey! Creating a game is a lot of fun in itself, but starting / publishing it – now that is a whole different story. 😉

  9. Nekem csak most tűnt fel hogy magyar…. Ez a játék király , rakjatok bele építési lehetőséget mint a minecraft ba akkor nagyon király lesz.

  10. hello sr. i looked this project and i like the idea but i need some better things like building and weapons (i guess) and i want to colaborate in the project if you are seeking people. i speal 3 lenguages and i design intems like weapons and tools (and buildings :3) if you want me in your team contact me :3

  11. when you build a game,you have to do a plan from 0 untill the grand opening,the game security,stability,mobility, if you couldnt even do that,i doubt your game will have any future. good luck

  12. You will be able to play for free, but items of a certain level and above will only be available to subscribers. We're still working out the monetization policy. The basic rule is, it should not be unfair, because we also kinda want to play it badly. 🙂

  13. Little Caesers Higo

    Will you be able to build your own custom houses or will they be pre-made? Also when you die will you lose your items? One more thing will it be open world pvp with some safezones or a server pvp thing. This is what I would like of those questions. Custom and pre-made. Losing items, but some items like your weapons are not lost. And a server pvp. I would like to pvp but I know some people like to not pvp. Also I hope you can raid and rape! P.s this looks fun!

  14. Little Caesers Higo

    Good I was a player of Star wars galaxies and when it closed I was waiting for a game like it to come back. It's been years and someone has made a game that we have all been waiting for. Then it fails! All I can ask is why!!! I think this game will be the best of 2013!

  15. Houses are pretty much pre-made, but you can add your own cosmetic items. Or turrets. When you die, you only lose stuff when you die in your vehicle as it explodes. Then there's a slight chance that you lose some vehicle parts – which are used to craft vehicles. 🙂 PVP is controlled by the game mechanics. The game is all about PVP but there's no out-of-the-blue PVP. It's a different idea, hard to compare. You raid other player factions after a string of tasks that your faction must competes.

  16. The game graphics don't look fantastic, but the gameplay looks really original and innovative with this action-strategy mix, can't wait to play this.

  17. Where are you from Konrad?

    I might try this out if there is some sort of open test, it looks really promising.

    Edit: Damn, mid-december, oh well I guess it is gonna have to wait xD

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