Your Laptop Will Never Be The Same.

Your Laptop Will Never Be The Same.

– Hey guys, this is Austin. This is the RTX 2080 Ti
liquid cooled Thunderbolt gaming box. Now, I have three questions. First of all, what exactly is the point of pairing the most powerful consumer graphics card available in a Thunderbolt enclosure? My second question is, does
it make any sense whatsoever? I mean you have the
bottleneck of Thunderbolt, you have the bottleneck
of whatever thin and light laptop you connect it to, and finally, and probably
most importantly of all, is this worth the massive $1500 price tag? Let’s find out, shall we? So up front, we have a USB 3.0 port, and if we flip around to the back, we actually have a pretty
decent selection of ports. Including all the graphics outputs. We have Type C, Thunderbolt
USB as well as ethernet. This is a very weird concept, because on one hand you
have an RTX 2080 Ti. You have the ridiculous
overkill capabilities of what you’re going to
get out of water cooling. So, realistically you
should be overclocking it. On the other hand, you have
limitations of Thunderbolt. Now, they do have what
seems to be a pretty decent liquid cooling set up here. So we have a 240 mil radiator on the top, and a waterblock over the GPU itself, as well as the VRM. I mean you’ve got the dual 120 mil fans, which are exhausting straight out the top. It has a dedicated 450 watt
power supply right down here. I mean, this looks like a
pretty solid gaming setup. I guess there’s only one way to find out. So for testing we’ll be taking
advantage of my daily driver, a 2019 Dell XPS 13 2-in-1, with 10th gen Core i7, as well as importantly Thunderbolt. As when you’re using one of these GPUs, you need Thunderbolt 3
built into your laptop or desktop or whatever. Now another reason why
I’m using the XPS 13, is I think this is sorta the sweet spot. So obviously there are much beefier, much more powerful gaming laptops that do take advantage of Thunderbolt. However, if you’ve got something
that thick and that bulky, you probably already
have a decent GPU anyway. Whereas this, while the
integrated graphics are fine, they’re certainly not
up to hardcore gaming. Which is where this supposedly
will come in huge handy. (music stops)
Huge handy? – Wow.
– Mm. – Mm.
– Mm. – Huge-handy, I don’t like that one. (laughing) That’s something you have
to pay for, I’m sorry. – Hey, when you pay $1500 for a GPU, you get a huge handy. (guitar music) I feel not particularly happy
with this monitor right now. It is freaking really
hard on this display. Argh, damn it, nothing works. Uh, so one slight issue that we’ve had is that it does not like
running on the internal display. So I just disable the internal display, but Battlefield doesn’t understand that I have two screens connected because generally
speaking with Thunderbolt you don’t want to run with
the internal display on because it’s soaking up your bandwidth. Can I please kick it over? Oh, look at that! Okay, this is not respecting
me at all right now. (banging on desk rhythmically) (clicking keyboard) (banging on desk) – How’s tech support in the forest? (laughing) – I don’t think this is
necessarily the game box’s fault. This is just a matter of
Thunderbolt and this XPS are really not agreeing. It just doesn’t understand
how to deal with this monitor. – Do you think another
Thunderbolt laptop would work? – Maybe. – So it’s another day
and surprise, surprise, switching to the Razer Blade, a laptop which is actually designed to work with an external
GPU, is working flawlessly. So the setup is exactly the
same as it was yesterday. So we have the Blade. The screen is turned off to
get the maximum performance. Now let’s see if this actually works. Wouldn’t that be lovely? Okay, we are up and running
with a very cinematic 23 FPS. (laughing) So I am not particularly surprised considering that we are running it literally with everything
completely maxed out. Let me bring a couple settings down to something reasonable
and see what we get. Oh, look at that! Literally just by turning my
ray tracing from ultra to medium we went from 20 to 40 FPS. I mean you can see it looks incredible. This is definitely a scenario in which we are getting some real
performance out of the 2080 Ti. So next up we have GTA 5. Now this might not seem like
a really obvious choice. However it’s actually still
a pretty good game to test. Specifically DirectX 11 and,
very specifically, CPU usage. So this is a game, which,
once you crank it up can still actually be fairly demanding. So this is mostly maxed settings at 4k. So we’re in like the mid-30s right now and we can certainly
turn the settings down but I actually think this is where we’re starting to run
into some bottlenecking. So even though the Razer Blade is still a fairly powerful laptop, it’s still using a mobile chip. Which mean that while it will boost up to a fairly high clock speed, over time as you’re hitting it with a pretty sustained load, that clock speed will start to drop which will start to hurt our performance. This is fine and we can very easily turn the settings down just a little bit and probably be well above 60 FPS. But I do think this is
probably the first real example of a game which is starting
to run, not necessarily badly, but this is nowhere
near what I would expect a 2080 Ti to do if it had a better CPU and wasn’t being
bottlenecked by Thunderbolt. So for reference, I have
this same graphics card paired with a Core i7-9700k getting 12,750 points
in the Time Spy test. Now, we’re not going to hit that. But I’m curious to see
exactly how close we are obviously with whatever
bottlenecks that exist. CPU I’d think is definitely
going to be one of them. Okay, and our score is, ooh, 9600. Okay, so that’s not terrible but we are certainly losing performance, not only on the CPU
score, but specifically, even the graphics score
is a little bit down than compared to what I would expect. For reference, though, that
is still over three times more powerful than the GTX 1650
which is inside this laptop. So there’s no doubt that we’re getting a huge performance gain. It’s just that a water-cooled 2080 Ti is obviously going to be bottlenecked running over Thunderbolt. Now what I’m curious about is if we actually start overclocking it can we get that much
higher, or are we just fundamentally limited by
this setup that we have here? Let’s, uh, let’s see. So Gigabyte does offer some software that will supposedly
autoscan for GPU boost. I don’t know exactly how
good this is going to be. I assume not great, but let’s see what we can actually get. – You see what I would do is get it to whatever the slider lets
you go to and work it down. – Is that the School of Ken Overclocking? Crank it up to 11 and figure it out later? – Yeah. – Or you could go maximum at all times. So it, wait, no, that’s dumb because if I had it set to this it only goes to a higher clock speed when it gets hotter!
(laughing) Fan speed is fine. GPU voltage will not let me unlock, oh I can unlock, okay, cool, yeah. Give me a hundred more. I’ll leave memory alone and
I’ll do manual GPU boost of– – All the way! No, I’m not gonna… It’s not gonna work if
I do it all the way. – Why not? – Why not? It’s just not gonna work. – We’ll never find out. We’ll never know if you don’t do it. (laughing) – Why do I let you talk
me into these dumb things? All right. (laughing) Wow, Ken, I can’t
believe that didn’t work! No way! (laughing) – As Wayne Gretzky said, “You miss 100% of the
shots you don’t take.” – How is that a shot? You crank something up to a million and it doesn’t work, the end. Like, that’s not– – We also have the most powerful laptop on the face of the planet.
(laughing) I’m just gonna restart
the whole system now. God damn it. Okay, so we have now done
the auto overclocking tool with the 2080 Ti. I did manually bump up,
not only the power limit, but also the GPU temperature.
And let’s see what we’ve got. So again, for reference,
before we overclocked we had a score of 9,628. Let’s see if this
actually made a difference or whether our watercooling is not useful. The suspense is real.
Ooh! That’s very slightly better.
So 10,072. Look, if I’m gonna be real for a second this actually is pretty impressive. So we’re getting most of the performance out of our 2080 Ti using Thunderbolt. And you have to consider that there are two major bottlenecks. So first of all is the Thunderbolt 3 port. Now while, yes, it’s quite fast, you still are only getting about a quarter of the bandwidth than using a PCI slot on a desktop motherboard. It’s not the end of the world but it does hurt performance. But probably our biggest bottleneck here is the mobile Core i7 inside this laptop. Now, don’t get me wrong. The Blade Stealth is a very nice laptop and you do get a lot of
power for a 13 inch laptop, but at the end of the day you have severe thermal limitations
and power restraints compared to a full desktop. So if I was using a Core i7 on a desktop I could easily tune it to go well over 100 watts of power, lots of
cores, lots of clock speed. But on a laptop, you’re really limited. I mean, we’re realistically
using, like what, a fifth that power budget, and it can’t boost anywhere near as high. And when you combine those two it totally makes sense that
we’re losing some performance. But 20% based on all that is
actually not too far to drop. However, I have one more
thing I want to try. So this is the AORUS 2070 gaming box. So they actually make a couple of these. So this is the one that I think is probably the best bet for most people, or at least that was my assumption before starting this video, as essentially what you get here is still a very high-end graphics card but it is significantly cheaper. So that’s actually one of the things that I haven’t really touched on too much. $1500 for a RTX 2080 Ti gaming box sounds excessive and extreme, but when you actually start looking at it, it’s not a bad value. So the 2080 Ti, if you just want to buy that
graphics card, is $1200. So if you consider that the extra $300 goes into the enclosure, all
the Thunderbolt peripherals, as well as stuff like
the ethernet and USB, you also have watercooling, RGB. That’s not cheap. And when you consider that Razer is one of the companies who makes a lot of these gaming enclosures,
these GPU enclosures, they’re charging usually
about $300 for it by itself. This is actually a
pretty respectable deal. My real question here is
that, while this is good, should you just save yourself
a few hundred dollars and buy something that’s
not quite as powerful? I think that might actually
be a pretty smart move. So now we have the RTX
2070 gaming box connected. The nice thing is they all
use the exact same cables and drivers are all set up, so it’s literally just a
plug and play kind of thing. So again, for reference,
the 2080 Ti got 9,628 whereas the 2070 got 7,117. Hmm. So essentially, the pricing
difference is almost double. So this is about $800 versus
$1500 for the 2080 Ti. So right now, while yes,
the 2070 is what 25% off, it actually isn’t wildly
off of a normal RTX 2070. So while, yes, this is cheaper, so we’re looking at an $800 GPU enclosure as opposed to a $1500 one, you’re not sort of seeing that doubling of performance by any stretch. This is a lot smaller and it’s cheaper. I would argue it’s better for most people. However, the real question
here is not so much is this a practical good idea
to spend this much money, but rather should you buy an RTX 2080 Ti and push it to the absolute limit? Not counting your overclocking, but like, something a little
bit more grand than that. (clears throat) (upbeat electronic music) So this is the culmination
of our Thunderbolt setup. So we have three 4k
displays all being powered by the RTX 2080 Ti as
well as that Razer Blade which is connected with a
single Thunderbolt cable. Or at least, that’s what
I’d like to tell you. So yes, this set up is currently running on our 2080 Ti Thunderbolt
gaming box, but the issue is, well, nothing really wants
to work well together. And actually, I will say that this has really nothing to do
with the Thunderbolt side and much more more to
do with the fact that between our T.V.s, our cables and adapters going into the 2080 Ti, as well as Windows and the
NVIDIA software fighting, we’ve had a real issue trying
to get any of this stuff actually up to full resolution. So it is currently playable. You can see I have the
wheel up and running but I did have to turn the
resolution down to 3840 by 960. Now performance, no problem
with that resolution but it doesn’t look anywhere near as sharp as it should across three 4k displays. Realistically this is
the upper limit of what anyone would really be
doing with Thunderbolt. While, yes, this is a perfectly
reasonable gaming setup there are a lot of issues. The way I would really prefer
to this is if I was using three gaming monitors
instead of the T.V.s. While the T.V.s work,
there’s too many issues with the adapters we
have to get over to HDMI for this to be a viable setup, but it does do a good job of showing off that while yes, we’re losing
a little bit of performance compared to the 2080 Ti and
a full dedicated gaming PC, even something like this is totally usable considering we’re running on a 13-inch thin and light laptop. Also, I’m really really trying
hard not to crash right now and it’s not easy. (mimicking car wrecking) No! (banging on wheel) (laughing) It’s so hard, man. – So, um I don’t know why
I’m playing this game. – What? What do you mean you don’t know why? – I just got brought into maybe play better or worse than Austin. We will find out. – I have a lot of faith in you, my friend. – Um, you probably shouldn’t, but… – All right, well, let’s see what you got. What are you doing? Shift faster, you’re
gonna blow your motor! You only get four of those a year. – (laughing)
Do you really? – Yeah.
Ken you need ABS. – Oh, Jesus Christ.
– And traction control. – And traction control. – Oh!
– And I died. I died. – So, Ken, would you like
to sum up your experiences as a world class Formula One driver? – Um, yeah. I am very bad at it. (chill electronic music) – Oh, and it crashed. – No, no, no! My beautiful racing set-up! – Oh, and it just shut off. – Wait, the game crashed. Wait, no, the computer’s
fine, the game just crashed. It couldn’t handle our excellent Formula One driving capabilities. Anyway, thank you very much
for watching this video all about this ridiculous gaming box. Make sure to subscribe to the channel for more content like this. And until next time, Ken
and I are going to Monaco. – Really?
– No. – Oh. (upbeat electronic music)

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  1. "your laptop will never be the same", tried it, my onboard GPU disabled itself and disabled the laptop monitor, then locked up when the external GPU was plugged in. Thanks eGPU, my laptop will never be the same again, at least until I run a full recovery.

  2. Just ran a Time Spy test on my own system. 2080 and TR2920X managed to hit over 10k. If such an expensive external GPU can't manage 2080 non ti numbers, it isn't worth buying.

  3. I wanted to buy a 1070 e-gpu for my laptop for my laptop but unfortunately I learned that I didn't have a thunderbolt port. However if you've got one and your PC has reasonable ram and an unreasonable graphic card is definitely recommend you to buy it.

  4. My Aorus game box has been nothing but trash since I owned it and now doesn’t work at all. Recently plugging it into my razer blade stealth it sparked and now my laptop won’t charge either!!! DONT BUY ONE!!!

  5. Not only are these enclosures not new, they have been doing this for years. Facepalm

    You could build a smoking desktop for the same money, add the laptop and you lose point of the card.

    It’s cheaper and more performance beneficial / effective to just buy one of each.

    The 2080 provides like an 18% perf gain for 75% cost increase vs available alternatives and that’s in a Desktop.

  6. Naw austin I took your advice I play google stadia and game on the ipad they're clearly superior to everything like you said

  7. Austin, this will never be a solution for people, no one is willing to buy a really expensive box to house a gpu just so they can then either have a cheap laptop with a good cpu that would still bottleneck the gpu box or an expensive laptop, still with integrated graphics, that will still bottleneck the external gpu… this just doesnt work… thats why u dont see this concept taking off… no one wants to have like half a desktop that can only be connected to a laptop to work…

  8. The idea of a mere enclosure costing 300 dollars on top of 300-500 dollars gpu when right now prices for computer hardware has never been better with ryzen out in the market and GPUs that can play most games at 1080p like 1650 super for cheap. These things are obviously meant for people with more disposable income and niche needs, but i feel like even they are scamming themselves if they got enough money for a 300 dollar enclosure or 1500 for an enclosed 2080ti
    Besides it's almost paradoxical, if you get an enclosed GPU for your laptop then it's likely you'll just leave it at home when you go somewhere, on a trip or a visit somewhere, at that point you would've been better with a desktop, and if you want your gaming system to be mobile then you should've opted for a gaming laptop instead of a $1500 box, nothing is more mobile than an external GPU acting like a power brick and taking up space in your luggage

  9. hey Austin, I want to ask something.

    if I put the gaming box on my laptop, will it increase its performance?
    like the really really low spec laptop

  10. Austin: Your Laptop Will Never Be The Same.
    Me: looks at the Thunderbolt 1 port on my laptop looks up eGPU compatibility for my laptop realizes it's $1,500
    Me: OK I guess my laptop will be the same then…

  11. This is stupid, what about the cpu? Your cpu will get bottlenecked by the gpu and that should not happen, your cpu will freeze a lot when trying to get the most of the gpu.

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  13. For 1500$ you can buy a full desktop pc to use at home, and it will perform better than this external gpu. Also you don’t need to plug in the laptop every time.

  14. Seems like the rtx 2080 would probably be the sweet spot for such a setup. You might get similar performance to the 2080ti due you thunderbolt bottleneck. Also the gpu enclosure is similar size to desktop mini itx builds that are all watercooled.

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  17. Bottlenecked by thunderbolt? Why even run it over thunderbolt if you’re gonna bottleneck it? This product is for niche applications apparently.

    Edit: thunderbolt 3 is rated for like 20 or 40 gbps. There’s no fucking way that cord is bottlenecking a damn thing.

  18. 10000 in timespy? on the most powerfull laptop on the planet and with an oc-ed desktop 2080ti? i get better scores with an i3 8100 and a 1080ti (desktop pc)

  19. For 1500 dollars you could build a 2080 super gaming pc easily that would likely match this performance without having to plug your laptop into it. Heck with a bit of shopping around you may even be able to squeeze a 2080 ti into the build and get better performance as you don't have to deal with the bottle neck

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  21. Gaming on my 2016 MBPr 15“ via Bootcamp and Aorus GTX1080 since 2017…. works well, but nothing new….
    Thunderbolt3 stops beeing a bottleneck when you put the load primarily on the GPU: 4k, big textures, shaders etc…
    With that you may loose 5-7% compared to PCIe x8/16, so great to have one Laptop to do everything

  22. I was wondering how Thunderbolt could be a bottleneck.
    It's actually surprisingly easy.
    TB3 has a bandwidth of 40 Gbit/s or 5 Gbyte/s (minus overhead). I don't think you can stack Lanes the way you can with PCIe, but correct me if i am wrong.
    PCIe has a bandwidth of 1 Gbyte/s per Lane, usually GPU slots have 16x Lanes attached which leads to 16 Gbyte/s (minus overhead)

  23. Personally I'd really only care & want a GPU enclosure that doesn't cost a ridiculous amount.. I can't fit a 3rd GPU left over from when I had SLI 980s but definitely would benefit from additional GPUs since that's how OctaneRender works..

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    A Desktop Grade CPU on the move with a so so Mobile GPU
    And when I get home, dock it and pair a Desktop CPU with a GPU on fully wired connections

    I imagine it docking over PCI link on the back of the laptop, like a Switch.

  26. It seems to me that you would be better off using the same set up but with a lower rated GPU so that it would not cost $1500. I bet a cheaper GPU would give you the same performance as this grossly over priced Nvidia GPU. In my opinion NO GAMING GPU IS WORTH $1200. Nvidia is just screwing their customers. I guess that they can get away with it because there are enough gamers who are buying their over priced stuff.

  27. No point unless your laptop is deliberately bought to be low powered gpu with long battery you need on the road but when you get home you want to game HARD. If you have 2060 and above on a laptop and buy this. You have to question why you spent so much on a all in one to make its core part useless using this add on.
    You’re just wasting money

  28. A built in 2080 laptop does better than TB3 with 2080 ti. I’ve seen 10k plus on timespy
    That’s just to give you that example of what you lose going this route. But it’s good to see what you gain over something like a 1650

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