Yu-Gi-Oh! The $40 BOOKS-A-MILLION Challenge! Can We Profit?

Yu-Gi-Oh! The $40 BOOKS-A-MILLION Challenge! Can We Profit?

100 thoughts on “Yu-Gi-Oh! The $40 BOOKS-A-MILLION Challenge! Can We Profit?”

  1. Tumpal Leonardo h Sinurat

    I think this series is better than open pack channel

    Open pack is kinda… You know just open and there you go, this one kinda put how ygo player think before buying and feel the joy and pain pulling the cards

  2. A book store that sells cards?

    3:16 5:15 Whale Force 😄 If Joe watches y'all I hope he sees this vid

    7:09 A fan at the register now that's cool

    8:28 Hell yeah me too! Honestly I would of bought that if it was $5 or less

    The Dragonmaid/Generaider Packs were worthwhile. Also I've never heard of FYE, time to google.

    BooksAMillion has alot of stuff I'm going to have to go there at some point. Apparently there's one near me well I know what I'm doing tommorow.

  3. Paul no offense your camera work is bad and shaky and you zoom randomly im trying not to be mean but please work on it to improve your content and videos

  4. I remember an old store borders before Books a million became a thing and got a ghost rare stardust. Good Times, Good times

  5. Books A Million is where me and my friends used to play Yu-Gi-Oh when I was in my early teens because we didn’t have an LGS. Good times😊

  6. This pack opening on immortal destiny reminds me of my own. I think I must have opened like 20 packs or something until I managed to pull a Malicious Bane right when I was about to stop buying packs. Still waiting on that Sinister Necrom and Adusted Gold though.

  7. I wish my local bookstore would sell Yu-Gi-Oh! products. I mean, with some of the card effects nowadays, they would fit right in with all the novels and other books.

  8. Fucking True King of All Calamities. That card shut me down SO many times,that I want to punch the genius that thought it would be a good idea.

  9. I think do a local store next, then restart the cycle.
    I was gonna say FYE, but people said they're overpriced. Maybe you can try if you really want to push your luck.

  10. Maybe we should start setting up the carry near larry sk we can see the cards. Looking at them from an inverted angle isn't ideal.

  11. I dont think you'll find anything at best buy my local one im pretty sure is yugioh barren maybe try this hut with second hand cards like a dudes selling his old shit without pricing it and then you randomly stumble upon a 1st edition blue eyes he forgot he had

  12. Never buy packs online and you should do at least one random place before you restart the cycle. Then a different random place next time.

  13. i had an idea (if you guys have not done it before) what if you took a deck building set like the one with math mech and each built a deck from that set and then had a duel?

  14. Fun little story I where looking over a site here in Sweden to buy some Yu-Gi-Oh cards when I found that they had a Kaiba 2012 Tin on it, but the price was insane. 6900 Kronor who translated into Dollor is around 690 dollors, my jaw dropt could not belive they would have a tin for that kind of price, No I did not buy it I aint crazy, though the price tag certanly was, considering that they had the old Egyptian card collection binder on the site for 130 dollors as well as a 2014 Star Pack Booster box for 76 Dollors the fact that the 2012 Kaiba tin was over 690 Dollors just looked crazy.

  15. Paul, Jasco Games is releasing the first set of their MHA ccg early this year. If you’re familiar with universal fighting system, it’s an extension of that, but will also be treated as a stand-alone game with multiple sets incoming. (To answer your question from the video.)

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