Zac Seljaas on BYUSN 11.29.2019

Zac Seljaas on BYUSN 11.29.2019

wins they gave us to watch.>>Yeah. In studio is Zach seljaas. They call him Larry on the team. First off, congratulations on the wins. You were in Hawaii. That was about as good as that experience could be?>>Yeah. It was awesome. To be in Hawaii to do all of that is even better.>>Fantastic. You got in 1:00 A.M. This morning. Here you are 10:38. Thanks for coming in.>>Thank you.>>Why do your teechl mates call you Larry?>>I don’t think my teammates have called me Larry?>>It is the older group?>>My dad called me it when I was little. My high school teammates called me Larry.>>Why did your dad call you Larry?>>I wasn’t paying attention and he got mad and he yelled Larry and I turned around.>>I thought it was a homage to Larry Byrd.>>Everything thinks that. But it is not.>>Let’s talk about more of the performance in maw eye. You beat UCLA by 15, you have the chance to play Kansas second half, Virginia tech, 17 threes. How did you feel about those three games?>>They were awesome. Going into UCLA, we were super motivated. We were so hyped to be in maui. We felt good in shoot around and everything and we just wanted to win. That is all we cared about. Going into that game that is all we did. Going into Kansas, there is nothing better. Playing the number four team in the nation, they’ll probably go up to in the rankings. It was awesome to have that experience. And they were a good team, a really good team and we couldn’t hit some shots, but then going from that game to the Virginia tech game, we learned so much through those two games and being out there and not having practices in between. No time to do anything or prepare other than just watching film. You are just so kind of angry from losing. You just wanted to play again. We had this fight. Let’s just go play. Let’s just go have fun, enjoy this time being here and just win. And that’s what we did and it was awesome.>>Is that what happened in the second half against the hokies? You are down two at halftime and come out in the second half and shooting the lights out. T.J. Was going.>>T.J. Went crazy. He was on fire. One person starts hitting shots and you watch that ball go through the rim, you are just like, all right, it is time for everyone else to do to same thing. T.J. Got going and got everyone else going. It showed how amazing T.J. Is as a player and how great our team is together and it was awesome. It was a fun second half. First half was great. It was time for us to get our motor going.>>17 made threes ties a BYU record. In the second half you put up 55 points, shot 66%. Made nine threes in the first half, eight in the second half. Was that second half the type of team that this can be? Did that give us a taste of — I know yoeli Childs comes back in two games, but that looked pretty stinking good?>>Yeah. For sure. That is definitely a team we are trying to become and everything. One thing we are really focusing on is we are going to get better each time. Our next game we are hoping to be better than that. And after that being better than the past game.>>Good. That is the Utah game.>>By the end of the season we should be better than we have been in this preseason. It is an awesome season and it is exciting for all of us.>>The game tomorrow against Montana tech is the last game you will play without yoeli. Is it crazy you have made it through the first nine games of the season. It was talked about so much. It seemed like so many, honestly, it is because it was unfair he had that many. It seems crazy we are through nine games.>>It is wild how fast this season goes. That is one thing for these younger guys that they don’t realize is it is hard. It takes a toll on your body. It goes by so fast. I’m already a senior. It is crazy. We are through nine games and we get yoeli back. It is awesome. It will be so fun.>>Do you get to interact with bill Walton? We all interacted with him.>>I didn’t. I stayed away. He is interesting.>>I love his comedy.>>It is must see TV because you don’t know what is going to come out of his mouth.>>There are some comments I don’t dare say on the show. It was fun. What a successful tournament. You took a picture with the fans, a nice showing from cougar nation. Which is the norm.>>It was awesome. Brian was telling the story he was trying to bring kids on to the floor, the security guard told him no. And Brian pointed and the security guard turned around and coach pope was telling them to come down. The security guard stepped aside. It was awesome to have everyone come down to the court and take a picture.>>How was the gym? I heard it was crazy humid? It is humid in Hawaii.>>I was sweating like crazy. I loved it.>>Hot yoga or something?>>Yeah. I don’t know if you remember chase fisher on this show he talked about how he felt he was in his homeland. That is how felt, to be honest.>>In his homeland? West Virginia?>>Yeah. He felt at home like a native. I felt like a native there.>>Lucky you have a sweat on. Lather.>>Yeah. Exactly. It was awesome. It was a shooter’s gym for sure. It was a cool atmosphere. You had to walk upstairs to get to the gym. It was different and fun.>>How do you feel? And you are leading the team in rebounding. Slight lead over Jake Toolson.>>Yoeli Childs has some catching up to do.>>Yeah. He has some catching up to do.>>What a senior year, you get Italy before the season, Hawaii, this tremendous schedule. What is it like do play this schedule and be the leading rebounder in the schedule?>>It is awesome. It is a great senior year, full of fun experiences. This team is awesome. It is one of my favorite teams. Everyone is so close and it is just a fun time. Who doesn’t love basketball and especially to go to places like Italy and Hawaii and now we are going to do all this stuff in conference and to be able to win more games. It will be fun to see how this team turns out at the end of the season.>>Let’s talk about that. We were discussing the tournament train, is it coming down the tracks. So far, so good in terms of how you have done without yoeli Childs. The committee will take that into account. How do you feel about nice tournament wins you put up, Houston, Virginia tech and others>>They are great. It is good to have those, to be able to put those in our back pocket and just have those wins, especially down the road and — but it is still just a one game at a time type of thing. We have to focus on Saturday and focus on this win. Nothing is going to happen later if we don’t focus on this one win. We have to keep on track of where we are going and hopefully not get ahead of ourselves.>>Montana tech tomorrow. A couple of days off before Utah. I’m assuming you were given a heads up on this. We are going to have you settle a debate.>>It is not a debate.>>Look, your mustache is tremendous. Your wife is in the room. Thumbs up or thumbs down on the mustache?>>That was a slow thumbs up.>>She gave the thumbs up. You clearly are a mustache oficianado. We have pictures of jarom and myself with mustaches. These are legitimate.>>Yours is better.>>I know it is. But I want to hear it from him.>>You want validation.>>Let’s put these on the screen. So are you going with Jason or jarom on these mustaches?>>Do I even have a mustache?>>I was going to say, is that chocolate milk.>>I sent them three other options. Those were not used.>>I think you need a better picture for that one.>>That is not a bad mustache. That is like two weeks.>>It is really good. It fills out nicely. The fact I’m 22 years old.>>I’m thinking more like 16.>>Is there a debate?>>There is no debate.>>Yeah.>>No debate.>>That mustache is freshman and senior Zach seljaas. Is this staying the whole season?>>Yeah.>>Hold on. Zac said yes, Kate, is this mustache staying this season? You need to talk about this. Fourth game this week. Are you going to have the legs tomorrow afternoon?>>Yeah. For sure. It was a fun tournament W. Hea. It is almost an au week. We are playing multiple games a week. It has been super fun. To be able to have this day, to be able to prepare and yesterday, I think it is going to be a fresh start to be able to go into Saturday. I think we will be good.>>We are giving you the BYU sports nation karma. 18 made threes and six for you. Good luck against Montana tech.


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