Zelda Breath of the Wild 2 Gameplay Trailer at The Game Awards 2019?! + OTHER Rumored Games!

Zelda Breath of the Wild 2 Gameplay Trailer at The Game Awards 2019?! + OTHER Rumored Games!

All right what’s up everyone
OJ here welcome back to another video and it is time it is time you know the
game Awards is right around the corner so here comes the rumors in terms of
what’s gonna be announced at the show pretty much do this every single year
and usually from some of these like 4chan or these internet leaks most of
them turn out to be wrong but some of them turn out to be right and it’s
always interesting to go back and look and see what was right and what was
wrong but I wanted to bring you guys this information but before we get into
it remember guys this is 100% rumor some of it could come true some of it could
be false it could be all false I’m simply talking about games with my
awesome audience so let’s go ahead and get right into it
so there was an anonymous leak in terms of what’s going to be shown off at the
game Awards for the new reveals and here is the list I’m gonna go down it and
then I’m going to give you guys my thoughts on some of the more interesting
things so we have a Batman Arkham legacy is revealed and it’s scheduled for
holiday 2020 crash bash remake revealed scheduled for June 19 2020 resident evil
3 remake revealed and the release date is unknown Banjo Kazooie remake titled
banjo redo ii is revealed and scheduled for fall 2020
PlayStation all-stars battle royale 2 is revealed scheduled for April 17 2020
Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1 & 2 remakes revealed scheduled for summer 2020
Metroid Prime trilogy revealed for the Nintendo switch and oh man Metroid Prime
trilogy we’ve talked about this game haven’t we
sly 5 is revealed and the release date is unknown
Grand Theft Auto 6 is finally shown off release date unknown gameplay of The
Legend of Zelda breath of the wild 2 is shown off with a scheduled release date
for holiday 2020 and then last but death not least Phoenix right is revealed to
be they challenger pack number five for Super Smash Brothers Ultimates and yeah
the person also says you can screenshot this if you’d like see you at the game
award so I have a number of issues with this anonymous leak here now Batman okay
crash bash okay whatever banjo-kazooie whatever on that one resident evil Jeff
Keeley I think he did come out and say that that’s not gonna be there but who
knows he could be lying Tony Hawk pro skater stuff we’ve heard rumors about
that PlayStation all-stars battle royale – that’s interesting
PlayStation all-stars battle royale – do you really think after what happened
with the original PlayStation all-stars that they’re going to do this one again
especially what a super smash brothers really is I mean I’m just not sure if
there’s gonna be any competition that they can put together that’s gonna make
places two all-stars like do they have the developers to get the job done are
they gonna be able to put the characters that people want people were complaining
so much after the first one I mean it’s very possible it’s very possible that
maybe it could obviously because there was a position all-stars one but for
them to put it together again and to have something I just don’t know and
that be for the ps4 at the end of the lifecycle that might be something that
they just say hey let’s just wait for ps5 to do I don’t know I don’t know
about all that but if they put in like their horizon zero dawn like main
character like a low if they put in maybe the new god of war if they put in
like Joel or whatever from the Last of Us I mean that could be cool I mean it
could be but I don’t know they just there’s just something about places and
characters that just don’t give it the same type of alert at least to me in
that style of game to where it would be to where players and fans will just go
out there and pick it up no matter what so I’m not so sure about that but we’ll
have to wait and see on that one now I’m not thinking I want to talk about
Metroid Prime trilogy oh gosh this game again so much of primatology is a game
that we’ve talked about shield feels like forever oh no it was like we’ve
talked about this game forever and I do feel that much of primatology is a thing
I do feel that Metroid Prime trilogy probably would have been out by now or
we would saw at least if metroid prime for did
not get canceled then restarted development if everything went smoothly
on that game I think Metroid Prime trilogy would have
already been announced at this point because why are you gonna have Metroid
Prime for and not have much with Prime trilogy for gamers to play that’s like
way too many games to just sit there and say okay you know we’re gonna have much
was probably for play that switch gamers and oh you know what I just missed
metroid prime one two and three or just not have access to those games on that
same system so that just seems to be like it’s coming right but we just don’t
know when we just don’t know when and it could be at the Game Awards I remember I
talked about it last year at the game awards and that was a big video that I
did and people watched it and it wasn’t there so I don’t want to sit here and
say it’s a hundred percent confirmed for the Game Awards I mean it didn’t look
good hold back and wait for it they could wait for it to where like let’s
say we get a trailer for Metroid Prime for and then they say also coming
Metroid Prime trilogy one two and three remastered in Tanny PhD or something
like that so whoo man I don’t even know what to say at this point we’ll up the
wait well I played on that but I do feel that much of prime trilogy is a real
thing now let’s talk about the slide 5 that’d be dope I’m into the Sly Cooper
games I mean they’re not my favorite I like them back in the day boy and
remember I played it like on the ps3 the remastered ones or whatever ps4 and like
it was okay but it was just like not what I remembered them to be but if
slide 5 is revealed and it’s cool that’s great I’d be down to check it out grab
the bottom 6 I don’t know about this one because like Rockstar and take 2 they
always do their own events for grand theft auto reveals them I mean they
don’t even go to e3 and stuff like that so for them to be at this show for grand
theft auto 6 and sharing the spotlight with all these other games and these
announcements I just don’t know about this I really don’t know about this and
yeah I’m not so sure all right next up is the Legend of Zelda breath of the
wild 2 is shown off okay so the game Awards has a deep history with The
Legend of Zelda for those who don’t know The Legend of Zelda breath of the wild
that one was shown off at e3 2014 mister Anubis on showed off that game and then
later was Miyamoto son and it was also ANOVA
that also showed it off at the game board so they were inside that room in
there playing the game and the link was riding around though or is it everything
like that and those like oh my gosh it’s not the game Awards so that was pretty
cool so there is a history now you fast forward a few more years to 2017 the
reveal of the DLC at the game awards and it dropped that night right so the DLC
and everything just dropped at night and the legend is all the breath of the wild
one game of the year so it was a pretty special night so there is that
connection between the Game Awards and The Legend of Zelda and I would be
really hype if they did show off a gameplay trailer or something with a
holiday 2020 release though this is what makes me kind of just saying I don’t
know about that are they really going to announce the release date at this event
instead of like at a Nintendo Direct or something like that I don’t know if
they’re gonna be seeing there and announcing the release date a year
before it’s ready to go or a year before the game is going to be released so
don’t know about all of that don’t know about this whole is I’m actually more on
the not believe it then actually believe it side but some of this stuff obviously
is going to happen just because it’s just general stuff that like we’ve known
about or it’s already been rumored right so not so sure about that but if breadth
of the wall 2 was shown off it wouldn’t surprise me too much because there is a
history of the Legend of Zelda and the Game Awards and to be honest the legend
is all the breath of the Wow that game in particular there is a history now
let’s talk about this here Phoenix Wright is shown off to be the
challenge of pack 5 for super smash brothers ultimate Phoenix Wright Phoenix
Wright so a face Attorney games now there is some history with Ace Attorney
in fighting games I think he’s like in like Marvel vs. Capcom 3 years something
like that and Ace Attorney is an interesting character because Ace
Attorney or Phoenix Wright I should say more like at Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney
the game that game has a very strong and a long history with Nintendo like the
BA or like the DS I mean the 3ds we’ve seen Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney on so
many Nintendo platforms in the past and it’s got a connection with Nintendo fans
and a lot of Nintendo fans do like that character now would they like him to be
in Super Smash Brothers I think initially people would be like what the
heck Ace Attorney in Phoenix right this is
stupid but then it’d be one of those characters that ends up being and eared
because it’s such a different type of character that you wouldn’t expect to be
punching and kicking people and stuff like that now do I think Phoenix Wright
is coming no I don’t think Phoenix Wright is going to be the Challenger
pack number five we already have a number of Capcom characters and I mean
I’ve talked about like Leone or I’ve talked about other characters that could
be in there but then something makes me say you know what they probably want
that type of weird character to be in there and they want Nintendo wants to
associate Phoenix Wright with the brand so I don’t know that just something rubs
me the wrong way about it I’m not really sure like we’re to put my finger up but
at the same time like it does seem like Nintendo those madmen are crazy enough
to get a character like Phoenix Wright in there and I do think that Phoenix
Wright is deserving of that spot if he does get it some people might say well
you know he doesn’t deserve to be in there there should be other characters
but no Phoenix Wright does have a long history with Nintendo and he does
deserve to be in there and heck they put Joker in and Joker hadn’t even appeared
on a Nintendo platform only like one time with like I think persona q2 on the
Nintendo 3ds so that was essentially it but Joker was still in there because
Joker’s a cool character they wanted him in there and then of course we have
persona 5 scramble coming to Nintendo switch so if Phoenix Wright gets in I
don’t think I’d be too upset with that and I think it’d be kind of cool to have
him in there but I’m not so sure about all this I don’t really believe this
list this list like I said some of this stuff could happen obviously but not
because they got it right but more because like it’s already been rumored
and this is the next big thing to cap off the year so that’s the reason why
but you never know maybe it’s true maybe it’s false but we’re gonna
have to wait and see but some of this stuff is definitely very suspect and I
don’t really believe it but once again I’m just bringing you guys the
information out there and of course the game Awards goes down next week so we’re
gonna see what happens so what are you guys is thoughts on all this when it
comes to the game awards these rumors I’d love to hear what you guys have to
say in the comment section below alright guys that wraps it up for this video
here it’s got the links in description below we got Facebook and Twitter gonna
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Nintendo gaming news thank you so much for watching and we’ll catch you guys
for the next one pace

38 thoughts on “Zelda Breath of the Wild 2 Gameplay Trailer at The Game Awards 2019?! + OTHER Rumored Games!”

  1. nah I don't see BOTW sequel at The Game Awards I think E3 2020 is more likely I think Bayonetta 3 will be at The Game Awards

  2. I honestly hope they don't show it that early. The game probably won't release until holiday of next year. The reveals should be stuff for the first half of 2020.

  3. The only way A Playstation All-star sequel would work; is if it was a completely different style from Smash Bros. Anytime I play a game that is like Smash Bros (even if it is decent); it just doesn't have the same level of polish, care or attention to detail that Smash has. There is a certain Spirit in which Smash is done in; which is immediately felt. Not just the characters in the game; but the care put in. Brawlout, TMNT Smash UP, and other clones are good on the surface, but they lack this essence to them. They should make it a full 3D brawler instead.

  4. This is 100% fake there's no way the game awards is going to announce all these classic non AAA non first person shooter games especially since it's the game awards also there's no indie games they like to add at least one or two indie games alongside huge big-budget games or Nintendo games and PlayStation All-Stars are you serious I mean you could have at least added a couple first person shooters or huge AAA action adventure games this list is just full of things that a group of the community's been asking for like a new Banjo Kazooie game a new Sly game Metroid Prime Trilogy none of this fits with what the game awards usually announces and you could have added more Nintendo games they usually announce two or three where is Bayonetta 3

  5. Sounds awesome but I don't think so. Two, maybe three on that list will happen. But I'd love to be proven wrong in this case.

  6. I'll keep my expectations low to avoid disappointment. I don't believe a word of the rumors.
    My hope is to see Fighter 5 and something else Nintendo related. Even then I'm expecting to get some disappointment. We will see in under a week.

  7. I don't think the prime trilogy was originally planned for the switch, it was a last minute decision for several reasons. For one since prime 4 was pushed back significantly and Nintendo kept hearing word of mouth from fans that they wanted the game, the decided to work on the release just to tide us over until prime 4 comes out. Knowing me it'll take me forever to beat all three games so by the time I even play through them prime 4 will be out. I only liked the 1st prime and 3rd one

  8. That’s a lot of wild rumors! I want almost all of this, but I’ll have to wait and see because I don’t want to get my hopes up lol

  9. This is fake AF. Maybe something BoTW2 related or new smash character revealed and playable soon after but so many FREAKING HUGE reveals? No way in the 7 hells man, not even close. It would immediately become best game awards in history and surpass even many E3s. I mean, Metroid, GTA 6?? Are we stupid?? Well, lm not.

  10. I hope most of this is false. Metroid Prime Trilogy would be cool, GTA yuck, PS allstars 2 yuck, I think it might be too early for Zelda, RE 3 remake yuck and it’s been confirmed that it won’t happen. I hope there a few Nintendo announcements, plus ones that are on all platforms and not mostly PS or Xbox stuff. There’s gonna be a state of play soon too so they can announce most of their stuff in that. Sorry but I don’t want to see another FF7 remake trailer at the VGA when they have a state play the same week. The announcements need to be good to make up for the horrible voting by the jury that only played Control and DS

  11. Banjo-Redooie might happen! Why wouldn't Rare bring them back for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate without a reason?

    I'm hoping that PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale 2 rumor is true. Sony has the golden opportunity to steal some of Smash's thunder with a sequel. This time, givee us Alucard from Castlevania: Symphony of the Night, Aloy, Amaterasu, Cloud Strife, Crash Bandicoot, Dante (the original), Dart Feld (word is that Legend of Dragoon is getting remade), Jaster Rogue, Joel and Ellie, Lara Croft, Mega Man Volnutt, Rayman, the Resident Evil heroes, Rudy Roughnight, the Slayer of Souls (Demon Souls is also highly rumored to getting a remake), Solid Snake, Sora from Kingdom Hearts, Spyro the Dragon, and Tidus from Final Fantasy X. Also, this is being rumored as a PS5 launch title, so it's highly unlikely it'll appear on the PS4. But hey, as I said, Sony might as well strike while the iron is hot and give Smash Ultimate some competition. Just as long as they do it right.

    I don't buy the Tony Hawk's Pro Skater remake. Didn't they just do that a few years back?

    Phoenix Wright can work. Four words: Marvel vs. Capcom 3.

  12. Good video PE Ninja Master.

    These Game Awards Leaks sounds interesting, alot seems wishful thinking and educated guesses.

    I wouldn't mind seeing another All Stars Battle Royal cuz there is new Characters that can be added too make it but it's not gonna Smash tho. Metroid Prime Trilogy is what we all want lol. Phoenix Wright the last Smash Ultimate DLC Fighter nah I don't think that will happen but looking forward too seeing what will be shown at the Game Awards this Year.

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